To Keep It 100 May Be A Challenge For Most

By | October 11, 2017

“Keep it 100,” for me it could not be put into words any better.  Speak and have the knowledge that will allow you to bend but not break your core beliefs. Have the character and integrity to stand tall in your life challenges. That, in short, is keeping your thoughts and actions 100 percent true to your beliefs.

Many people say they keep it 100, and maybe they are, but more than likely it is directed at a particular incident. Those who believe in themselves are bound for greatness or reaching the pinnacle of achievement by believing in themselves.

To have success in anything you pursue, will be hard to accomplish.  I do not know how you may value the use of colloquies.

However, there is one that I put much value in; it is the one that says “Anything worth having is worth working for.”

To “keep it 100″ one fights through the obstacles. 

Keep it 100

it is hard to always keep it 100

Obstacles are not always apparent.  Therefore, they may be in disguise as an honest pursuit.  

Another colloquial that defines this for me is  “the devil in disguise.”

Those who have honestly kept it 100 are a rare breed; they stand out from the crowd often standing alone for their beliefs. Many may call you odd, crazy, and unreasonable because of your ideas.

Furthermore, if everyone followed the “norm,” life would not have progressed as we know it.  Those who challenge life standards are those who changed the world.  I challenge those who say you never know what life has in store for you.  

Saying you never know what life has in store for you is waiting for things to happen. Instead of making things happen while going through a daily routine.  Moreover, if you are keeping it 100, your daily routine will be about discovering your destiny.  

How do you discover your destiny?  It certainly does not fall out of the sky, and I do not think you are born or inherit it. Positive and negative universal energies, life experiences, your environment form your core beliefs. Being self-aware will lead you to make decisions leading to your destiny.

Decisions must be made with you controlling your mind, not your mind controlling you. There are different ways of meditating to stay focused or centered while you discover your purpose in life.

Take Action

Keep It 100 is realWhen you take action, you create circumstances, and some people call it good or bad luck.  Taking action is taking control of your life.  It may look like success was an automatic occurrence, for some people.

However, I assure you that every one of them will talk about their journey and the ebb and flows that are a part of the mission.

Call it propaganda, media influence, or trickery.  Do not let it manipulate you. If you let that take over your thoughts, you have lost your way.

People accept life as it comes, with no clue to how to make a change in their lives, or make a difference in the world.  What’s your destiny?  Don’t ask someone; no one can answer that for you.  Follow your beliefs passion. Moreover, let your love be with integrity at its core.

Make A Difference

Making a difference in life means you followed what you believe. Sticking to your guns is commendable.  Have integrity and hold firm when everyone else is against you?  Carry your torch. Do not be vulnerable to manipulation, the devils in disguise.

You may or may not have seen the many articles I have posted about finding your purpose in life. I want to help you give your destiny to the world, and this is if you ask me to at the next level. You have an obligation to give it back. Helping others is priority one.

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2 thoughts on “To Keep It 100 May Be A Challenge For Most

  1. Adrienne

    I like the part about where you said, “keeping it 100 is often directed to a certain incident”. That’s so true. Not many of us apply that phrase to every aspect of our lives. Only a small percentage does. For me, keeping it 100 is also failing at keeping it 100, that is if you’re honest at recognizing that failure. Just dust yourself off and attempt at it again tomorrow. Thanks for this article. You’ve really made me think.

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