Key Success Factors For Online Marketing We All Need

By | October 25, 2020

Key Success Factors For Online Marketing We All Need. The Factors for online marketing that leads to success could also be a list in other areas too. As you read on, you will see how the success factors of online marketing apply to other walks of life.  The success factors for marketers are in place early on in their campaigns.

Moreover, as marketers, we need to continue to stay updated on new technology, trends, and customer preferences.  Marketers often neglect Success Factors.  To have success is to have discipline.  For marketers, discipline is; doing what you have to, every time you have to.

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The basics, the fundamentals however you phrase it, are the Success Factors for online marketing we all need.  That is right, applying a strategy and a marketing plan leads to success.  Many marketers make the mistake of thinking the plan and the strategy are one and the same.

However, a marketing plan covers the overall objective and introduces a strategy to reach the objective.  The tactics used to achieve the goals of the marketing plan is the strategy.  Marketers often neglect the overall plan because of their concentration on the metrics devoted to tactics. Mainly because tactics are out in the front of a campaign.

First of all, in order to see how the tactical metric affects a campaign.  The tactical metric and the marketing plan should have a review quarterly, if not twice a year.  That type of attention is necessary to see if the overall plan is met.  Furthermore, this metric opens the door for another success factor; stepping out of your comfort zone.

S Elliot said: “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”  To stay within your comfort zone mean to stunt your growth.  Just like the boxer who is out for the count, suddenly rises and wi s the match with a TKO.

Your successes will be minimal if you do not step out of your zone.  Marketers’ biggest challenge is balancing their time between tracking their social factors and taking action outside a comfort zone.

Key Success Factors For Online Marketing We All Need

A successful marketing strategy is important to the success of a campaign. According to the Microsoft Business website, small businesses make the mistake of thinking marketing can be done sporadically.  However, for marketing to be effective, your efforts must be consistent and targeted to ensure success.

Success factors-streams-to advertise

Success Factors

  • Budget
    Your marketing budget should be included in the business plan. Having a budget sticking to it, will force you to watch how you’re spending your marketing dollars.
  • Target Audience
    You can not be all things to all people.  Use the uniqueness of your product or service and advertise to the people who would benefit the most.
  • Objectives
    Marketing can be used in various ways such as; increase sales, promote an event, or build a brand.  Determine your goals for your marketing efforts and direct your message content accordingly.success factors-why SEO is important
  • Study the Competition
    Watch what your competitors are doing.  Study their marketing ta tics and see what is working for them and who they are targeting.
  • Work Your Customer Base
    The Microsoft Business website report: it costs less to keep an inactive customer compared to finding a new one. Keep in touch with your customer base by sending them newsletters or coupons and reward notifications.  Ask for referrals by setting up a program.
  • SEO                                                                                                                                                                       Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of marketing.  Content and SEO go hand in hand and since the content is king, SEO is obviously an important factor as well.


If one were to visualize a plan, it might look like this one, for Product X— that is the same as its competitor, but with uniqueness  and a lower price:

  • Overall Objective. This is usually the revenue goal for the product—that’s easy (but not always something the team is happy with).
  • Strategy. This is, generally, the way to achieve that revenue goal.
  • Mission Statement. This should appeal, to all customers, but specifically to your target audience. The Product Promise should include strategic intent.
  • Objective. Should show how the strategy will be implemented for customer segments and in general.
  • Tactics. What you do to achieve the objectives.

success factors-marketing plan

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