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By | May 31, 2018

The Landing Page Definition deserves an explanation along with the definition.  A landing page is the first impression you make when you begin interacting with consumers.  Furthermore, just like you want to look good, and be on your best behavior when you are meeting someone you admire or befriend.

Also, your landing page has to look good and interact in such a way that the customer wants to read or investigate more on what you have to offer.  Moreover, the advances provided by big data, marketers have tools that give them an advantage they never had before.  

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The Landing Page Definition

The Landing Page Definition is easily defined. However, when explained, it is a page best created by applying software that will give accurate feedback when used in conjunction with research and analytical data.  Therefore, one can make better decisions in the design, and type of content with usable software. Furthermore, the software allows marketers to have feedback that is more detailed which provides better testing.  

You can respond to specific quality content and better imagery directed at your target audience. Therefore, it is still a trial and error process, but if your research and analysis are on point, then you will hit your mark sooner than you think. Landing pages are supposed to deliver a summation of the product or service you are promoting punching an interesting, and an “I got to have it” type of flair provided within your quality content.  

Landing Pages Do Work  


      21 Quick Landing Page Tips

  1. Ensure the primary headline of your landing page matches the ad visitors clicked to get there.
  2. Make your call to action (CTA) significant and position it above the fold.
  3. Use directional cues to direct attention to your CTA (arrows or photos/videos of people looking or pointing at your button).
  4. For lead gen forms where the CTA is below the fold (e.g. due to a long way) – make the directional cue point down the page to the button.
  5. A landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message.
  6. Congruence: every element of your page should be aligned conceptually with the topic and goal of the page.
  7. Show your product/service in context.
  8. Use video. It’s been shown to improve conversion by up to 80%.
  9. Edit to remove unnecessary content. Be succinct.
  10. Use real testimonials for authenticity.
  11. Show social proof via indicators of your social status.
  12. Test new ideas using A/B testing. Let your customers decide which message works best for them.
  13. Provide a free trial. Try-before-you-buy is a standard and expected feature.
  14. Provide a guarantee to reduce/remove risk.
  15. Include partner co-branding to increase trust by association.
  16. Simplify your copy using bullets.
  17. If you are selling a book or giving away an eBook via lead gen, provide a preview to increase trust show that you are proud of your product.
  18. Segment by traffic source. Send your PPC, email, social media, organic and banner traffic to separate landing pages for better message match and measurability (which channel performs best)
  19. Segment by user type: don’t send offers about men’s health products to the ladies on your email list.
  20. Show your phone number so people know you are real and can interact with you on a personal level.
  21. Finally, don’t send inbound traffic to your homepage. Use a landing page!

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Landing Page Definition The ABCs


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