Lately In Review A Marketers Dream

By | June 20, 2019

Lately In Review. Lately is a Marketing Dashboard that offers an overall analysis of your website. Also, Lately offer automated control for your outsourcing many of your daily duties. Efforts are pointed at scheduling, publishing, task management, analytics and more, in one place.

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Even more, CEO, Kate, is a former marketing agency owner. And she initially created the idea for Lately out of spreadsheets for Walmart. Likewise with United Way Worldwide, National Disability Institute, and tens of thousands of local, small business and nonprofit affiliates.

That’s because they all had: widespread redundancies, no visibility no coordination, and no organization. Hence, with Kate’s spreadsheet system the former marketing agency owner achieved 130%, year-over-year ROI for her clients.

However, regardless of industry or company size. Kate found similar success with all of her clients,  So, along with one heck of a superhero team, she created Lately. Most noteworthy is that Lately will eliminate the “overwhelming” feeling that every marketer she’d ever met had complained about.

The Fastest Way to Accelerate Your Social Media Marketing.

Scale your business with Lately’s Autogenerator™.

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Increase productivity by up to 80%

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Reduce social media marketing costs by up to 60%

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Cut creation and posting time by 90%

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Boost traffic by an average of 5x

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Supercharge reach by up to 700x

Lately In Review A Marketers Dream

It doesn’t stop at social marketing…

Lately constantly adds new and innovative features. Here’s just a few.

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The autogenerator repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers, and other evergreen content. As a result, they automatically parsing them into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-short linked social posts. Sample Lately’s Autogenerator for free!

Content Library

Automatically store and organize all the content you create for easy reference and reuse. Search by keyword or phrase and sort by channel. Moreover, they will also monitor accounts, post date, approval status or whether or not social posts have been drafted, scheduled or published.

Bulk Scheduler

Automatically bulk-schedule multiple social media posts to publish out over daily, weekly or monthly intervals in seconds, no CSV file required.

RSS Feed Manager

Automatically publish your blog posts, podcasts, news articles or any other RSS feed to all of your social media channels.

Multi-Dashboard Publisher

Create, schedule and publish social media content across multiple dashboards and their corresponding channels from a single “Parent Dashboard.”Learn more.

Campaign Tags

Identify and tag campaigns with names, colors and a brief description and then filter any Dashboard by Campaign Tag so it’s easy to focus, compare or contrast. 

Lately helps humans write better. Marketing content in collaboration with artificial intelligence and software automation. Also, they build them confidence, stress-relief, time-savings and the satisfaction of marketing process organization through centralized software.

Therefore, leading by example, as marketers, is core to the product and their beliefs. Therefore, they celebrate authenticity in marketing communications and work to educate their customers on the benefits of human-to-human messaging.

Lately, tries to get to know each and every one of their client and make themselves available to form a better relationship. My Lately In Review post research a lot of geed qualities. Moreover, Lately prioritize relatability and listening so they are seen as humans, not software.

Above all, in partnership with their customers, Lately wants to be marketing software that humans truly love. Also, I have been using Lately myself for a while and not to the full extent of their portfolio. Yet I can testify that their CRM and their software is A+. 

Most noteworthy, is the setup and service options make using Lately for your business even easier. Kind of like having a Lately expert as part of your team.

Let The Experts Handle It for You

Lately In Review has a variety of products

Setup and Services Add-On Packages*

Full Setup & Training

Start if you wish with a 30-day free trial period or:

One-Time Fee

First of all, this is a one-time setup fee for Lately’s experts to fully set up and optimize your Marketing Dashboard. It also includes team training and marketing consultation.

* Available for Lately, Professionally and Corporately Tiers


Recurring Fee

* Available only for Professionally and Corporately Tiers

$500 /month                                                        

Recurring Fee

This is ongoing marketing consultation, training and complete optimization of your Marketing Dashboard.

* Available only for Professionally and Corporately Tiers

$1,900 /month

Monthly Service Package

Monthly Service Package

One Time Setup

Weekly Insights Consultation & Training

Speak with a Lately expert who will analyze your dashboard, brainstorm on strategy and recommend actionable insights.

Lately In Review is automated software

Speak with a Lately sales representative to learn more about our Setup and Service Packages’ terms and requirements and to see if you qualify. 


* Terms and requirements vary on a case by case basis. Speak with a Lately team member by submitting your contact info to see if you qualify.

Learn more about Privacy Policy here.

This Lately In Review post shows a good piece of the software capabilities. However, if you are a start-up or interested in starting a home business. I am inviting you to join my marketing team now. First of all, this is a program that will help you create an online business for free. 

Moreover, it is when you opt-in as a member, where you will learn to run your online business at its optimum level. Finally, as a member, you will have access to all that the program offers as shown in my review. 

See You On The Other Side

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