Let Your Light Shine Before Men

By | July 4, 2018

Let your light shine before men. No, I am not going to get holy and write with any underlying religious rhetoric as the title might suggest. With that said, let me tell about what I call the shining light from within. It is a light that all of us possess. How do I know this? First, you have to understand that everything is energy.

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Let Your Light Shine Before Men to help othersHowever, all energy is not equal or the same spiritually, scientifically, or physically no matter the form it takes.

Also, in the three forms mentioned, energy is positive and negative. This is an all universal in capitulation.

Moreover, it is the dominant or stronger charge of energy that will shine as what I like to call “light.”

Look at the ways of the world specifically the human species, with an open mind. Moreover, look at the light each human possess.

Can you see how our differences have been shinning a light brighter than the light of our commonalities on society as a whole?  What can we attribute this too? Are we as a people acting like sheep blindly following the powers that be?

Let Your Light Shine Before Men

Opened Or Closed Minded

The rat-race or fast-paced society that millions live by and others strive to be apart of has an underlying aspect to it that negatively affect human nature, character, and quality of life. That superficial aspect of the situation weakens the moral and humane fabric of human nature. And it is only allowed because the masses are closed-minded or afraid to take action.

Let Your Light Shine Before Men and be heardMany of us recognize how the ways of the world are lessening the human factor in future society-centric development. To let your light shine before men can be the grassroots of a potential worldwide drive.

Your light can be what makes morals and humanity a priority when it comes to issues that affect our societyIndividually we think about many things. We make daily decisions on all of our activities and endeavors. 

Furthermore, when we have to make life-altering choices, we often times talk to that inner voice for answers. Moreover, we may also seek the advice of others for confirmation. However, when it is time, only you the individual has the final say. 

The Final Say

The everyday choices we make can be instantaneous, planned, an afterthought, or an action based on someone else’s point of view. That is what we all do. However, decisions as such, are determined with a “how to” approach. We as humans have been programmed to find ways to better our lives by stressing a “me first mentality.”

Let Your Light Shine Before Men a bible proverbsI would love to hear your comment on this topic. Personally, I believe one needs an extreme level of self-awareness and a true and unwavering belief in themselves.

That will be a task that will challenge you at every turn. That is the reason there is only a few who faced their fears and the onslaught of ridicule and scrutiny when they let their light shine.

To have one’s light shine bright, one will have to stand alone, be a free-will thinker, persevere and make the journey because they know it is the right thing to do. 

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See You On The Other Side

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