Living In America And Chasing The Dream

By | July 16, 2018

Living In America. Apple Pie and Baseball, is that what you think when you think of America?  That’s cool, during the 1950’s and through the 70’s America was going through some historical times and changes. Furthermore, be it good or bad that change gave Americans the vision to the value of free will thinking.

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Living In America Aloud

In that sense, the phrase the “American Dream” is alive and well. However, that is not all to the American Dream.

While holding serve as the superpower nation against the other power hungry nations of the world.

America had the “no more of the status quo” attitude of its people to deal with.

Furthermore, in America, you can start from anywhere and become anything.

In America, you can rise to the lifestyle that you imagine no matter your situation. However, the American Dream, as the catchphrase suggest is not a dream for all Americans. Living In America And Chasing The Dream meant for many: suburbs and the single-family units.

Living In America And Chasing The Dream

Let us fast forward to the 21st century.  Is the America Dream alive and well today?  With the economy as it is, the cry for a higher minimum wage, fluctuating from good to bad. That is on a quarterly, if not monthly basis. Living In America And Chasing The Dream has shifted from what it was. 

Living In America Freely

Times have changed and the dream has changed also. 

The American dream today is such a relative concept, It could be really accomplished in different ways for all people.

Wall Street Journal, asked about the American Dream and found that;

  • 84 percent said being able to get a high school education was very much a part of it.
  • Having “freedom of choice in how to live one’s life” ranked second (80 percent).
  • September 2013 Washington Post–
  • For three-fourths of Americans, “to have freedom of choice in how to live one’s life” was “very much” what the American Dream meant.
  • The second highest response was “to be rewarded for hard work” (68 percent), followed by owning a home (61 percent).
  • At the bottom of the 2013 list was becoming wealthy. Twenty-nine percent said that was very much what the American Dream meant.

The stats above, are dated, but they show how the way of thinking in comparison to today has changed significantly.

Is the Dream Still Alive

According to 

More Say College Doesn’t Bring Prosperity

Living In America Silently

Many voters are also losing faith in the power of a four-year college degree to bring them economic gains.

Rural Americans are among those least likely to say a four-year degree is worth the cost, as are those who already lack a degree.

Economic Divisions Become Political Divisions

The pessimism of rural Americans and those with lower educational attainment has big implications for politics. These groups have been leaving the Democratic Party and identifying as Republicans, while urban and upper-income people increasingly identify as Democrats.

Americans are living in different economic realities based on geography, education, and income, adding new force to the polarization of the two political parties.

A new WSJ/NBC poll shows that rural residents and those with less education are pessimistic about their economic lives, including retirement prospects, the value of higher education and the benefits of the online shopping revolution.

In two questions asked 27 years apart, 68 percent in 1986 and 61 percent in 2013 said that the term “the American Dream” had real meaning for them. 

Which sums it up for me; the American Dream is seen by Americans, relatively speaking, as being very much in turmoil.

Below is some of the research I did, so you can see what they say to the America Dream Alive and Well debate. 

American Dream Living In America Is Not What It Seems

Erin Currier is director of the financial security and mobility project at The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Pew Charitable Trusts uses two different measures: absolute mobility and relative mobility.

Absolute mobility measures whether people have more (or less) income or wealth than their parents had at the same age.

On the income side, 84 percent of American adults today have surpassed their parents. But that hasn’t translated into greater wealth.

Which are all the financial assets a family has minus its debt — a strong measure of economic security? Only half of Americans are wealthier than their parents were.

Relative mobility, which looks at whether Americans have moved up or down the economic ladder compared to their parents, indicates similar cause for concern.

Forty-three percent of those raised in the bottom fifth of the income ladder remain there a generation later, and 40 percent of those raised at the top stay there.

Just 4 percent raised at the bottom rung of the income ladder make it to the top a generation later, highlighting the unfortunate truth that rags-to-riches stories are more common in movies than in reality.

Recent polling shows that Americans feel increasingly financially insecure, perhaps in part because of this lack of mobility out of the bottom rung of the economic ladder. It’s no surprise, then, that for many the American Dream may feel out of reach.

Obstacles to the DreamLiving In America Can Be Trying


Living In America isn’t easy, however. Nearly 70 percent of respondents say it has become more difficult for middle-class people to live the American dream in the past five to 10 years.

A lack of job opportunities, rising costs of living and increasing personal debt are seen as the top obstacles. Asked to get more specific, respondents cited the mortgage crisis, banking institutions in general and Wall Street as impediments to reaching the dream.

While younger Americans are less likely to believe in the traditional American Dream, they’re more optimistic overall than older Americans and more satisfied with how their interpretation of Living In America is going. In fact, their satisfaction has actually increased since 2008.

How can your small business’s branding and marketing benefit from the transformed American Dream?

Acknowledge the hard times. Recognizing your customers are having to do more with less while Living In America. Especially if they are middle class. Show that you care and are paying attention. Position your brand as helping consumers cope by saving them money or providing better value.

Promote an optimistic marketing message. Americans still feel positive—nearly two-thirds believe America is a place where anyone can achieve fame and fortune, and the majority of us still think the U.S. is the land of Living In America Is Dream Overopportunity—so negativity won’t fly.

Create community. We’re hungry for community. Though part of the traditional American dream, many in the survey believe we lack community today and lament its loss. Can you create a sense of community in or around your business?

Do your part. Speaking of community, are you contributing to relevant causes, getting involved in your town’s organizations or otherwise helping to make the world a better place? Then let customers know about it.

Play up your American credentials. Are your products made in the U.S.A.? Do you employ workers from the local community? To resonate with consumers today, you need to show that your business is part of the solution and not part of the problem. You have a voice. Be it a service, message or product, share all that you have to offer.

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    Thank you for responding, your input is valuable and I agree that one must keep the government out of their life as much as they can

  2. Melinda

    I hear a lot about the American Dream, but as I analyze our government, I realize that this country has many flaws. The government is corrupt in a different way than other governments. I do think that to survive for now we should all get into e-commerce as many retail outlets are going out of business.

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  4. Travis

    I agree the American dream is different for most people. The cost of everything is rising and that is hurting the economy. People get so far into debt it’s hard to get out of credit card companies and banks are making a fortune off of people that think living within their means actually means I can make the payment on this.
    Get yourself out of debt that’s the best way to get ahead in this world. If you want to be rich do what reach people do start your own business, buy real estate, and invest your money wisely. Don’t buy something unless you have the cash for it unless your buying a house.

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