Living Life Fully Its Your Choice to Make

By | December 22, 2016

Living life fully, is a statement that probably can be defined in different ways for every individual.  However, there is one common thread that is woven in everyones definition of Liviing Life Fully; “Empowerment.”  Having a fulfilling life for some means being adventurous, stepping outside of their comfort zone or taking a “walk on the wild side.”

For me it is controlling every aspect of my mind body and soul.  Whatever floats your boat, it all comes down to challenging your energy to a frequency where it increases with awareness and clarity for the mission at hand.  Which means giving your undivided attention and commitment with an uninterrupted focus. It is also especially relevant and noteworthy to understand this quest is not one dimensional.

You Will Die So Choose Living Life Fully-mantras for living life fully

Furthermore, this quest for life fulfillment is not a selfish act either.  See we are talking about finding your destiny.  It is know ones destiny to live an isolated life.  We are social creatures.  And we are at our best socially when we can be charitable, loving, forgiving and encouraging in our encounters with others.  There is an aurora of peace, happiness, and self confidence that vibrates off everybody who is truly Living Life Fully.  You might ask, how does one emit such a vibration or energy?  The simple but true answer is; getting in tune with your true feelings about what makes you, you.

Hence it is my opinion that true feelings derive from understanding subconsciously the multidimensional makeup of who you are.  For some, this manifestation is found in various ways.  People rely on numerology, astrology, psychics or other outside sources to tell them about themselves. Although these outside contributions may put you on the right path.  An outside analysis of who you are can only be taken into consideration when you already have some semblance of what your core beliefs are.  It does you no good to seek guidance from others if you have no clue of what makes you you. I want to say that you know yourself better than anybody, but than again maybe not.

Living Life Fully

You Will Die So Choose Living Life Fully

The “walk on the wild side” may be acceptable.  And being adventurous can be rewarding, but rarely is it for the benefit of others.  I agree all these acts are commendable because all these actions require someone to push boundaries and go beeyond being ordinary.  Yes in some cases these personal actions spur spiritual and personal growth.

My question is; how does being great at discovery or being successful win challenging a dare can be ones destiny?  My answer; it is destiny or Living Life Fully when you can do all the above with the added connotation of doing it for the betterment of the world at large.  Please if you have a comment  share it below, you could be helping others.

Multidimensional Makeup

I think there is are three dimensions  in the living life fully dynamic.  The emphasis on the amount of energy you put in in each dimension will generate an equal or greater amount of energy.  Consequently, the energy you draw spurs better awareness and clarity on your journey to fulfillment.  My three dimensions that you need for empowerment are: the mind, body and soul.

Mind: empowering the mind involves monitoring and filtering the information you are bombarded with daily on the conscious level of awareness.  A daunting task to say the least.  The task is achieved best by repetitive practice in self awareness and surrounding yourself with like minded people and some experienced guidance.

Body:  The healthier the body the acute the brain.  Body and mind works hand in hand the better one performs will reflects a better performance by the other, and vise-versa.

Soul: empowering the soul bringing your core beliefs; embedded in your subconscious, to an energy level that is high enough, an awareness that is focused enough, and the combination of the two to win the battle against the consious energy and all the baggage it brings.

When you are living life fully your apprehension for business, family, others, and of course personal growth will soar with the vibrations of gratitude and an aurora of self confidence. Remember living life fully everyday is a choice but also remember you only die once.

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best in living life fully.  May you be bless and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or questions and I will get back in touch with you.

Finally in conclusion take this opportunity to reinvent yourself. Let it be your choice to determine your level of success. Moreover, become empowered to live the life you deserve.  People by the thousands are starting a home-based business everyday.  

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6 thoughts on “Living Life Fully Its Your Choice to Make

  1. Shadae

    Absolutely loved this!!! And I completely agree. Way too often we forget to choose life!!!

  2. Regina Medina

    Great blog! Living in wholeness (fully) is the way were are meant to live. This blog is definitely a topic so appropriate for this time as we close another year and relfect on what this year has been for us. Its also an important time to extend benevolence to those in need, taking the fcous off oursleves as you stated. For the coming year as we look forward we can start to live life fully by being the most authentic (truthful) version of ourselves. I can appreciate your call for people to find out who they are and evaluate their core beliefs. Its very important for.our evolution to be in complete awareness of those beliefs and how they effect our lives. Observe, evaluate, review, and get a clear vision is essential for fully living in your highest vibration. Thank you for sharing your insights and vision….be blessed.

  3. dan

    A cool thing that I always keep in mind is “90% of your life is your attitude” Anytime i’m having a bad day, I think about this and realize that if I pout, my day is going to end up like crap because I let something get to me.

    Great article about living life to the fullest. I hope my comment helps others!

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