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By | October 21, 2017

To Make a Website Free and Easy, you must have access to templates and a variety of themes. But before we get to that, the question to answer is; what is needed to make a website free and easy?  I mean a quality and secure website?  You need a design plan. Your site will be the vehicle that delivers your message, product, or service to the world.

Remember the point is to present the content of your site to your audience.

It needs to be appealing, tasteful, professional, and compliment the content.

So don’t add too many bells and whistles. The design of websites is a significant component.

However, the theme of your site should have proper aesthetics about the content but the content is king even when you are designing a website.

There is software that website developers use to design sites for others which is okay. But if you are staying on the path of free and easy, you will be all right without them.

Later on in the article, I will show you the way to avoid paying someone to design your website.

Make a Website Free and Easy

Make a Website Free and Easy with Site RubixAnybody can make a website.  Without installing programs or depending on website designers.  The type of site you create will be a major factor in its design.

If you are building a site that focuses on one particular subject, your theme would be different from a website that gives reviews and reports.

With the onslaught of big data and the technology created from it. Sites need to be more interactive with visitors and offer a real-time experience, and they have to be mobile friendly.

We want a responsive website because it is what your visitors want, and they do come first. Big data can beam software that can provide in-depth information for an excellent CX.

To make your website your own, you will need your domain name. When you create your domain name, include in keywords that revolve around your content.

And as best you can, make your domain name appealing to the point that when one reads it, they want more.

Don’t make it to long because you want it compliant with SEO standards. Once you create your domain name, you will need a host that links it to the internet.

Don’t worry I got all this covered for you, as you will sell later on in the article. Owning a domain name gives you the opportunity to make your website with a  personal touch.

Since most sites derive from passion, it is an excellent way to tell your story and your persona.

When your site is built with your personal touch and viewed through the social networks, your visibility rises.

Your friends can grow your online reputation and your followers.  If you plan to monetize your website, your prospects can turn into leads.

Monetize Your Website

Make a Website Free and Easy-monetize your website

Monetizing your website mostly means to add things to it or make inevitable changes that will help your website make money. There are hundreds of ways to monetize your site, and some of them are simple while others are more complex and costly.

Generating traffic is the most efficient way to a high ROI. Because the more traffic your site has, the more likely, you are to make sales, get clicks on pay-per-click advertisements, and get purchases through your affiliate programs.

From search engine optimization (SEO) to joining affiliate programs. Here are a few ways you can monetize your website.

Placing keywords in your site’s content

Using Google resources for monetizing such as:

Signing up for Google AdWords, Google AdSense, and Google Analytics

Promoting your website by:Make a Website Free and Easy-free websites

Submit your website URL to online directories and search engines

Sign up for affiliate programs

Guest post on other sites

Sell advertising space on your website

Find products or eBooks to sell on your website

Add a donate button to your website. Only if your site represents a non-profit or charity organization, your organization- org will

Networking on social media streams allows your site to reach more potential prospects.

There are much more ways you can monetize your website; these steps are the most popular and will get your website up and going quickly and cost little money to start up.

Make that Site

Now that you see what it takes to create a website, you’re ready to make your website.

As I mentioned earlier, I have all things in place and ready for you to take action.

Whatever direction you choose to take to create your website, here is the program that is the best “bar none” has to offer when you are starting an online business. You can review the program here.

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If you want to make a website free and easy, this program will start you on your journey to becoming an online entrepreneurJoin my marketing team Now!  And you will get two free websites along with the trial period of intense training on how to set up a home business. Furthermore, when you become a member, we will teach and continue to train you to run an online home business.  

See You On The Other Side

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