Seamless Marketing For An Online Business

By | October 13, 2017

Seamless Marketing For An Online Business is offering a consumer an engaging experience and using the right content at the right time. Catching them with you can your content that is relevant to where the consumer is in the purchasing cycle. They need the type of material that you should be ready to deliver.  

Sounds complexed I know, to put it short and sweet: seamless service marketing is marketing that occurs without interruption, confusion, or hassle to the customer.

But with data software that you have access to in this era of online marketing, you have the tools to do it and much more.

Why would you want to provide Seamless Service Marketing?  Because the closer you can get to a seamless process of marketing.

The closer you will satisfy today’s consumer.  

Today’s consumers are always online, and nine times out of ten they are on a mobile device.  

They have a short attention span of about 6 seconds when trying to peek their interest, they have an instantaneous reaction and want an immediate response. All of which requires a seamless process.

Marketing For An Online Business

Marketing For An Online Business Seamlessly

An example of the seamless marketing process is  Über; they offer the ultimate customer experience that gets them from A to B seamlessly. You call, they come you ride, you pay. 

All done with the first interaction and nothing else. As good as Über is with their seamless marketing process, you can’t apply it as a model for all services providers.  

If you are in the service of training, offering courses, or marketing a “how to do it” type of service online, you need an entirely different approach.

Seamless service marketing is using software data that provides you with all you need to know about your consumer and integrate it with an engaging CTA at the precise time.

It’s not enough to know the channels your customers use; it is as essential to connect and understand the context in which people use those channels.

Make the Connection

Connected with your consumer by interacting with questions. Asking for feedback on a specific issue, let them know how their feedback helped in making your decision and so on. Opinions, and overall general comments relating to the goods you promote.  

It is what gives you the data to become more personal and the ability to solve their problems or answer their questions promptly. Your CTA should be short as possible and direct. All while tapping into the emotional, anticipating state of the consumer. Remember you are dealing with the mobile consumer more than any other.

According to’s  State of Marketing Report: “Marketers are making priority number one the mobile customer experience.  Sixty-eight percent of respondents in the report claim that mobile is now part of their marketing plans, a 20% rise from last year. The report also emphasizes the importance of a multi-channel strategy. The empowered consumer today wants a seamless journey across all marketing channels.” 

Suggestions for Seamless Service Marketing 

Seamless Marketing For An Online Business purchasing cycle

Learn the customer relationship as it relates to real-time management.  

The combination of the two delivers a very crucial part of a seamless experience. Consumers will trust your business when they feel that they contributed in some way.  

Every audience isn’t a right audience, make any engagement as personal, conversational, and contextual as possible while delivering your unique brand experience?  Although consumers are always online, you must find your target audience and the best time to engage.  

With every channel in your stream, there is a different delivery required from your content. An example would realize that your audience from your LinkedIn network is diverse from your Facebook network.  

The core message in your content can remain constant; it is the delivery from channel to channel that needs to change. Audiences need awareness before being asked to buy. You first want to inform, help, show, interact in the context of real-time management in a personal way.

Create seamless service 

To incorporate your contextual content, tell a story that starts with direction or instruction, followed by a solution, and ending with a call to actions. Start your training, or learn how to, or start your course now. And use a call to action as the beginning of your seamless service.  

You can then make the next steps seamless by taking them from taking action to becoming a contact-lead and all that it entails. And finally to payment if you can.  Seamless Service Marketing will and should be a part of every marketer’s strategy, make sure you are keeping up with the times.

Seamless marketing will be if not already a standard of online marketing. Therefore, knowing what is current and needed for marketing a home business online is best dealt with within a like-minded community. A community where you adapt better to this ever-changing technology. Join my marketing team now! 

Our team will give you free intense training when starting. Intense training will tell both you and we as well if you should continue with the training. If you proceed with the training, we do not expect you to wash-out.

Moreover, it tells us you are serious about being an online entrepreneur and ready for the next level. The next level consisting of bonuses and access to all the program offers as we teach you how to run a successful online business.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you have blessings and prosperity. Let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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    Wow, seemless service marketing is a concept I never knew about before stumbling across this website. It sounds like a very valuable asset. Thank you so much!

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