Mission Statement Why I Do This

Hey, everybody,  I hope all is well with you and yours. I have a confession to make.  My Mission Statement in life and business are intertwined. You may have read the about me page. If so, you know my purpose for this online business of mine.

Here I would like to tell you why I chose this vehicle to ride in my journey. I chose affiliate marketing to ride because affiliate marketing is the best way I can help many instead of a few. Helping others find success is gratifying and uplifting for me.

Mission Statement 

Affiliate Marketing allows me to help others help themselves. I can show people how self-awareness and business can go hand in hand. And ride affiliate marketing to the lifestyle they want.

Helping others is not only gratifying it is inspiring as well, not mentioning the education for all involved.  I want all to know they can be successful in life. That is my Mission Statement.

Even though my wife and I are comfortable with our lifestyles, when all of a sudden, (that’s the way it felt to me anyway) we have five grandchildren 4 to 7 yrs. of age.

These kids are the love of our lives; you can see by the pictures on my about me page why they are adored. And although my legacy to them isn’t much.

I want to be able to cultivate them into productive members of society. When you become a grandparent, you realize more so now than ever that you created a generation that created a generation that has the world’s future in their hands.

Although I can never teach them about their culture in an ancestral way, I can teach them about respect and be true to yourself, and the importance of faith, hope, and charity with charity being the most important of all.

Furthermore, we take pleasure in thanking the supreme architect of all there is, for blessing us with our grandchildren.- Zaria, Ava Rai, Naomi, Monae, and, Julius. My mission in life by any means necessary is having them be the best they can be.