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By | April 9, 2018

Mobile Ad Marketing. It is understandable and accurate that mobile ad marketing is a must for any online business. Hello to you all, in this day in age sometimes referred to in the marketing world as the “always on society” because people are always on their mobile devices.

Moreover, if your online business is not online, then you are not in business. I would venture to say without hesitation that you are viewing my site on a mobile device. Ten years ago it was a dream; now mobile devices are number one for consumers making purchases.

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Mobile Ad Marketing

Mobile marketers that understand the mobile behaviors of their customers are the ones setting themselves up for success. Data from Pew Research reveals that 64 percent of American adults now own a smartphone. Moreover, it is safe to say that these devices are impacting everything from the way consumers connect with brands.

Furthermore, they are discovering content with mobile devices on the Web. In fact, Google notes that more searches are taking place on mobile devices than on desktop computers in 10 countries, while data from Yesmail reveals that mobile now represents 45 percent of all email clicks.

Consumers Behavior

Now that you recognize that your website and ads must be mobile friendly, you also need to know the behavior of your consumers to better your marketing campaign.

Here are a few facts about consumer behavior:

Courtesy of Web Magazine 

  • Consumers using a mobile device within stores when seeking help on making a purchase-90%
  • Smartphone owners have leveraged their tool for discovering information about a health condition-62%
  • Consumers said that they would share personal data with a retailer via mobile app-34%
  • The West U.S. region has the most smartphone users-71%
  • Global smartphone video viewing audience watch TV less because they watch video on smartphone-22%

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Ad Marketing and your target audience

As the technology evolves to keep up with consumer expectations, mobile-ad marketing must keep up. Mobile-ad marketing has to improve in this ever-changing reality of pleasing this always-on society. Mobile ad marketers must be able to create a better mobile experience, understand usage, and to optimize messaging.

The ad management company Sizmek revealed that waste and inefficiency play a significant role in campaigns when ads make their way on to mobile devices. Moreover, more than 5.35 billion rich media impressions served to mobile devices were squandered in the first quarter of 2015 alone.

The most flagrant example of mobile ad waste is format compatibility when interactivity is dropped (or limited) by inhospitable browsing environments.  This format failure is a problem for the continued growth of click and interaction rates on mobile. Furthermore, Google will look at mobile ad capabilities before even considering it for SERP’s.

Embrace Mobile MarketingMobile Ad Marketing and automation

Digital enterprises have (for the most part) embraced mobile. Solutions are available now and continue to emerge, which promise to make all brands friendlier to the shifting usage patterns of consumers. Even as mobile ad revenues skyrocket at sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the mobile ad serving and tracking firm Medialets indicates that they work better than many advertisers thought.

Mobile Analytics

What surely hasn’t worked is the ability to connect the dots between clicks and views on a smartphone or tablet with “conversions,” adspeak for getting people to buy something, download an app, apply for a credit card or directly click over to a web page. Unlike on standard computers, the identifiers called cookies mostly don’t work on mobile devices.

So Medialets, which works with many of the most extensive publishers from Google GOOGL +1.93%to the New York Times as well as mobile ad firms Millennial Media MM +0.00% and Twitter-owned MoPub, uses other means (if you must know, HTML5 local storage and hardware advertising identifiers) as well as what few cookies it can use to track ad response with what it claims is 85% of the accuracy of cookies on computers.

The upshot of the report, which tracks activity in the first half of this year: Mobile ads draw not only clicks, no small number of which advertisers reasonably suspect might be accidental, but conversions.

“Mobile ads actually do Mobile Ad Marketing is always onwork,” says Medialets CEO Eric Litman. “People will do almost everything on their phone that they do on their desktop,” even filling out forms that take a dozen screens to get through.

The Top 10 from Website Magazine, readers will find many of the best free resources to make their enterprises more efficient and effective.

There are solutions for mobile analytics; providers are positioning their products in front of enterprises clamoring for more considerable success in the mobile channel including A/B testing. Robert Hof, contributor

Mobile Resources

Every enterprise is different and so too will be the approach it takes to make the most of mobile.  Let this the top 10 serve as a starting point as your brand expands its understanding of mobile usage, optimizes its messages for the small screen, and develops more productive and more meaningful experiences for users. Mobile Resources for the Digital Enterprise

Top 10 (Check and research for updates)

  •  (#1 – acquired by Yahoo in 2014)


5 Tips For Creating Effective Mobile Ads

Lisa Hoover McGreevy published in Content Marketing

Marketers, rejoice! According to a recent survey, consumers are more than just tolerant of mobile ads; they are receptive to them. A report released by targeted ad company xAd and call analytics firm Telmetrics reveals that almost 50 percent of mobile shoppers say mobile ads are “informative/helpful” and 70 percent have noticed mobile ads in the past 30 days.

Mobile advertising needs to be at the core of marketing campaign planning. However, what makes an effective mobile ad? Let’s take a look.

Rethink banner ads. Banner ads, the longstanding go-to for online ad delivery, aren’t ideal for mobile marketing strategies. Indeed, banner ads are being summarily dumped by companies like Yahoo in favor of a “mobile-first” approach.

Some marketers rely on ads that, when clicked on a mobile device, just open in a mobile browser. They are not formatted or designed for small smartphone screens and are frustrating for viewers. Native ads tend to fare much better on mobile devices. In fact, some studies reveal consumers look at native ads 52 percent more often than banner ads.

There’s no need to eschew banner ads altogether if your brand is committed to using them. However, they are probably best used in conjunction with other ad strategies to get the most bang for your buck.

A picture is worth… well, you know. When it comes to creating compelling mobile ads, imagery is the way to go. Eye-catching visuals make your ad stand out better than any combination of smart words or fancy fonts. Think simple, not cluttered.

National Geographic Channel made a big splash in 2013 with its Mobile Ad Marketing and the use of imagestablet-only campaign aimed at garnering viewers for a documentary about President Lincoln.

Heavy on portraiture and video and light on text, the ad morphed into an interactive viewer experience that began dynamically updating to match the program content as it aired.

Responsive ads are key. Mobile device users reflexively expect every click or tap to produce an action, so don’t disappoint. Make sure your ads offer the kind of interactivity consumers want. Navigation should be intuitive, and the best calls to action are easily executable.

Better yet, offer a few options that tap into a mobile device’s native features. Taco Bell scored more than 13,000 SMS subscribers in five weeks by asking customers to sign up for SMS messages on their mobile phones in exchange for a free beverage. Taco Bell reports the customer retention rate at the end of the campaign was a whopping 93 percent.

Go social. Done right, pairing ad campaigns with your brand’s social media presence is a match made in heaven. Pew Research estimates that 74 percent of all online adults use social networking sites and 40 percent access thoseMobile Ad Marketing and social media sites from a mobile phone.

Social sharing is the backbone of social sites, so it only makes sense to encourage your customers to share your ad content with their friends and followers.

Of course, that kind of request only works if the consumer gets something out of the arrangement. Whether a product discount, contest entry, coupon, or another type of incentive makes the most sense depends on your company.

Some brands have such enthusiastically loyal customers they will share content only for the chance to be featured on the company’s Instagram or Facebook page. Of course, free prizes do not hurt either.

K.I.S.S. In the end, make sure your mobile ads are simple and get the job done with minimal fuss. “Mobile should not be sexy,” said Rob Griffin, EVP and global director of product development at Havas Media, during a panel at this year’s SXSW.

It needs to work seamlessly and add value for the customer. Griffin recommends staying away from anything flashy or overly fussy. “Just because you can do it does not mean you should do it,” he notes.

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