Morality Is Fading Fast Too Fast

By | July 6, 2018

How wounded is morality-quote of inspirationMorality Is Fading.  How Wounded Is The Worlds Moral Compass?  We are in some trying times, to say the least. Hello everyone,  I want to speak about something that weighs heavy on my heart. 

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What is your answer to how wounded is the worlds moral compass?  It should raise the hair on the back of your neck.

I believe the World needs a gut check in morality. I have to be cautious when I say this,  because, I have been accused of getting on my high horse when I know I am right. l just passionately vent from a thought stemming from a subconscious belief.

My intention and I propose yours as well, should be on finding a solution that will better the worlds moral compass because Morality Is Fading Fast. While I an on my high horse venting, I steadfast in finding ways to better the ways of the world, it was a rage.

Consequently my arrogance and self-righteous rhetoric were not helping matters. With that said, world order cannot be fixed, it has to be changed.  It has been rumors of new world order.  If it comes to fruition I only pray that someone with a moral compass plays a major role with some input.

Morality Is Fading Fast

How Wounded Is The World Moral Compass- image of a moral compass in a sphereFirst of all, the importance we put on personal interest is embedded in our consciousness because of the powers that be. Furthermore, there is where the problem lies.

Moreover, when we get a narcissistic attitude, we no longer utilize our ability to share ideas.

Only until we bring our hearts compassion and our intuition to the table with an open mind, will we evolve into a powerful advocate for change.

Since the beginning of civilization, there has been a quest for power. Power brings control, that is the way of the world.  Moreover, it is the reason why the world is such a cruel and violent place.

Which makes me ask, why this power struggle continues. Why did world leaders choose to ignore their moral consciousness collectively when it comes to world decisions? There is not one country on earth that can claim it is the beacon of morality.  Morality is a lesser concern then greed. 

If you want to stop this backward way of doing things, we must first admit there is a problem. World leaders should not use morality as a means of persuasion within their propaganda tools anymore when their true agenda has no intention of addressing the matter.

The worlds moral compass needs to be a beacon beaming for all to take part. We need to vision the worlds moral compass as a priority. A moral compass value should surpass personal and political interest.

A Dull Conscious

The conscious mind sparks the thought process.  The thought process is where the moral compass intervenes in decision making, or it should anyway.  The thoughts of a conscious mind if not acted upon, will only offer reasons why it should or should not take action.  

I believe a conscious mind that is not put to use is existing and not living. Whatever thoughts you generate in your mind right or wrong should be acted on if it is for the betterment of yourself or others.  

If your actions help better you or someone else, great.  If it turns out that your action was of no use, you will have at least learned how to make right where you were wrong.  You are of no use to no one if do not act on your thoughts this is what I call a dull conscious.

The Humanitarian

How Wounded Is-the humanitarian Having concern and helping improve the welfare and happiness of others defines a humanitarian.  Humanitarians have a high moral compass.

Individually they make a huge difference and exemplifies action with humbleness. World leaders could change the moral compass of the world order for the better if they follow the lead of a humanitarian.

But the fight for power, dominance, and greed will never lose out to change with an emphasis on equality for all.  It is a pipe dream to think the masses who advocate for change in the treatment of the less fortunate will stop greed.

Morality Is Fading Fast. I am very happy that you took the time to read this article.  Furthermore, it would be gratifying to hear your opinion or concerns about the moral compass of our world.

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9 thoughts on “Morality Is Fading Fast Too Fast

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I took in every word of your with a vibrant energy running through me as I read. To answer your question, I tried to write this article to get others thinking but mainly to take action. But sadly this world order could care less about intregity and morals as long as greed and power rules. It will take a new world order.

  2. Elizabeth

    I too am concerned. I turned fifty-five today. I am well-aware that people my age have always been convinced the world was going to heck in a hand basket, but in the modern age things seem particularly severe.

    There is so much suffering in places like Yemen, Syria, Venezuela and the Donbass region of Ukraine. (That’s not even a full list!) Do we have no compassion? The situations in these nations are quite unnecessary.

    Then there is the social unrest spreading in Europe, South Africa and Turkey. (Again, not a full list.) Each of these nations is facing very different challenges. Still, these conflicts place them at risk of civil war. Why risk this? Surely the people in power are not willing to permit that – are they?

    Don’t get me started on what a tinder-box Asia has become of late. Yes, North Korea may nuke the U.S, Japan or even the Philippines. Why? I. DO. NOT. KNOW.

    Not OK. American politics are particularly divisive right now, and both major parties have significant members who are stunningly, brazenly dishonest. What’s sad is that we voted for these goofballs! We must be a nation of idiots, to keep sending such dishonorable people to D.C.

    Then there’s our “entertainment.” What’s wrong with us? Our “entertainers” have potty mouths and the people who write for TV shows produce vacuous filth. Why haven’t we all pulled the plug on our televisions? We should bring the entertainment industry to it’s knees, but we haven’t done so yet and I don’t think we will.

    As a Christian, I am convinced that this is a consequence of an erosion of our first amendment rights to practice our religion and communicate freely.

    What do you think? What should we be doing to restore ethics around the globe and here in the U.S?

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    As always I appreciate your comments. And here as you write about an awakening by all who consciously are aware of being under the laws fo those with no integrity, I think is happening.

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for this profound comment I appreciate very much It definitely defines the phrase:”The meek shall inherit the earth, and the ones on top will be on the bottom and those on the bottom will be on top.” Well said.

  5. Regina Saucedo

    Love this blog! And I agree Maurice with the need for compassion, intuition, and an open mind for the evolution of this current state. The common denominator of compassion, intuition and open mind are that they all are within us. In order for us to be able to co-create the shifts in morality that are currently needed we must shift the way we see ourselves, the way we feel about ourselves. We must infuse compassion in to our own experience and not keep blaming the world around us. The wounds of or nation are collective and the healing of it must be collective. Whatever we focus on will create our reality. This is a perfect focus for the times we are in. Much Love and Gratitude.

  6. David Donahue

    Interesting article here. You make some valid points. I believe those who dominate power in the world do not do so individually but collectively. That’s why the lone man struggles so much. And those who work in the name of Greed will always overpower those who live humbly. Its a sad state of affairs but I also believe those who live a humble live will reap the rewards at the end of the rainbow and those who live by greed will sink to the depths when the time comes for them. Well thought out here

  7. Furkan

    I agree what you are saying about power everyone seems to be after it and it is truly horrible. And I really believe that humanitarians can make a real difference but it won’t be easy since they won’t take the power easily they also have to fight for it.
    Do you think would not this (fighting for power) change many people including humanitarians?

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