Muhammad Ali

By | September 17, 2019

Muhammad Ali, not that he needs an introduction. I wanted to write something within my niche today, but there’s something on my mind that’s blocking me, and I can’t get rid of it.  So I thought I’d write about what I hold close to my heart.

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What I am writting about is Muhammad Ali. I have to pay tribute and homage to Muhammad Ali;  I dare call him just a man, to me he was so much more. Chills come over because I have so much admiration for the way Muhammad Ali chose to live his life.

I mean he saw things so clearly, he refused to be clouded by false truths, persuasion, or the traps that come with being popular. Like Martin Luther King Jr. Muhammad Ali did not live for the now but the hereafter, and he wanted to deliver the message.

Muhammad Ali

Like Dr. King that we too should see things as they are by that I mean the racism, the politics, the media propaganda, the injustice, or simply; just the ways of the world.

Muhammad Ali the legendAll the while keeping our eye on the bigger picture of living in this world while not becoming a part of this world.  

Muhammad Ali is a man with no formal education, but was self-taught and used boxing as his vehicle to bring awareness to what essentially boils down to doing what’s right rather than wrong.

Muhammad Ali by having faith in the Supreme Architect of All That Is and acting on that faith whenever he confronted all things and actions that were wrong, displayed the type of courage that is rarely acted upon.

There are only a few others that we hold in high esteem for doing the same. Muhammad Ali himself said that his illness, accrued because he put himself before Allah. That is self-evident and recognition of Muhammad Ali’s faith. A legend, an icon, an idol, and my hero. Rest In Peace my Brother.

Muhammad Ali I Hear You

I got your message. If you take only one thing away from this article, let it be that despite the odds Muhammad Ali faces his fears head on. He followed and fulfilled his dreams.

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