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By | August 5, 2017

Hi everybody, hope you are having an awesome day.  Once Upon A Time, I wrote online content within a marketing context that went nowhere. I mean no rankings, no comments, and no shares. I felt as if no one never seen my content.

So I jumped into action, images, SEO check, grammar check, spelling check. However, when I did my research on content I found the best content to get a response is to deliver your content in a storytelling manner. 

It is true, people when reading wants to get caught up in the writing. Therefore, the best way to keep someone reading your pages. Is to put it in the form of a Once Upon A Time story.

You can do this with storytelling content. To be even more accurate, with some quality storytelling content, because as humans, we communicate with stories.

Content delivered in a storytelling format keeps the reader interested with compelling curiosity for its conclusion.

When publishing content the intent is to answer how to, explain why, help, entertain, and or engage an audience.

Furthermore, publishing can be done using one or a combination of the above-mentioned platforms. And the best way to deliver a message full of content. Is by writing within a storytelling format. 

Why use it, how to use it, and what style to use. Content that engages and has the attention of an audience will impact them into sharing and commenting. Which leads to ranking. See people love a good story. That’s reason enough why we should write in a story telling manner. Now let’s dive into how to write and what style to use.

Once Upon A Time

Set The Tone    

Time goes by so fast that you have to make a conscious effort to stop, exhale and smell the roses. For example: When you take the time to view your surroundings, you will discover there is a story to be told. I mean look back appreciate, and learn from everything that passed your way.  

A charitable action in times like this seems to place one in a state humbleness and focusing on what’s right in the world which is a wonderful state of mind to be in when writing. 

Read some inspirational books, or just read. And you will get the most from your reading when it comes in the form of storytelling content. No matter what the subject may be if it is told in a compelling story type manner. It will be successful in term of readership.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Once Upon A Time -storytelling infographicA story gets someone interested through anticipation, emotion, and mental visualization from how the story is delivered just by the story we choose to tell.  People will share a real story.

As a literary & anthropological experiment, Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn wanted to see if they could resell cheap knick knacks (Avg. cost $1.25) on eBay and turn a profit by adding personal stories to the item descriptions.

They purchased around $129 worth of thrift-store items. Like a ceramic horse bust or a cow shaped coffee creamer container. And had over 200 writers contribute rich, creative stories to attach sentimental value to cheap knick knacks.

In the case of the horse bust, the item cost .99 cents. The author added a (quite amusing) story about her father – the dopey drunk, hazing of exchange students in France during the 70’s and his disturbing experience with a horse.

The horse bust resold for $62.95 – A 6258.58% increase!

Each item sold at a similar profit margin & overall the project brought in nearly $8,000 combined. When someone speaks people do listen, it for how long?

Is your writing compelling enough to hold someone’s interest? 

In a study by Uri Hassen of Princeton University, they found that when listening to another speaker tells a story, the same areas of both the speaker & amp; the listener’s brains would light up in an MRI.

“The results showed that not only did all of the listeners show similar brain activity during the story, the speaker, and the listeners had very similar brain activity despite the fact that one person was producing language, and the others were comprehending it.”

Keep Thier Interest

Keep a prospect’s interest from beginning to end, and you will have a conversion to loyalty. Further research on mirror neurons suggests that many of these changes can last for weeks, months, or even years when reinforced through repetition.

Researchers in Spain found that written language that targets the senses or motor functions would fire off neurons in the corresponding sensory & motor cortex in the brain.

“Metaphors like “The singer had a velvet voice” and “He had leathery hands” roused the sensory cortex. […] Then, the brains of participants were scanned as they read sentences. Like “John grasped the object” and “Pablo kicked the ball.” The scans revealed activity in the motor cortex, which coordinates the body’s movements.”

This is why just reading…“With his long nails, the boy proceeded to scrape down a blackboard.” makes most people cringe.  Storytelling is not a tool for selling; it’s a way of building relationships with customers and of loyalists.

Editorial director, Michelle Manafy says:  Certainly, content marketing presents an excellent framework for delivering valuable information to audiences. And tactfully reinforcing companies’ value to them in the process.

However, it can be incredibly difficult for organizations to move away from selling features and price. Instead of focusing on a compelling, engaging tale that conveys why your consumer should buy, read, engage with your brand.

Introduce us to a hero.

The majority of products and services are for use by people. And people like to read about people. While cars are pretty fascinating machines, for example, the story of a dad mastering the carpool.

With the savvy of a professional racecar driver is one that is instantly relatable. 

Create a character that the members of your audience understand, aspire to be, or would love to meet. And you can create a near-instant connection that will pull them into your story.

Tapping the most efficient medium

J-P De Clerk says:  “Any medium can be used to tell a story, including blogs, film, print, social channels, and multimedia. Each medium elicits a different reaction from your audience, so tailor your stories to fit.”

Set the stakes

A The key to success is knowing which story to tell in which medium. Short, snappy messages work best on television and the Internet, while online conversations, conferences, and seminars need a personal connection. To be a good storyteller, you must listen to your audience so you can genuinely understand their desires and concerns, their beliefs and attitudes.

You must continue to monitor as your story unfolds so you can gauge the reactions of your audience. Let this help determine how your brand evolves.  As your objectives and goals shift, you must plan new initiatives that propel the story forward and inspire renewed calls for action. Emotion, authenticity, personal connections and driving to work.

That’s what storytelling is all about and in this regard, the old storytelling infographic from Fathom-to the right, is still relevant. The rules of storytelling haven’t changed that much, the scale and integrated approach have. But it still starts with listening. I can help you with your marketing content. Join my marketing team now! 

We offer free training, two websites, twenty-four support for technical and business matters. Also, you have access to the chat room, webinars and all the tools needed to create an online business. When you become a member we will teach you how to run an online business and give your added bonuses.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your content creation and online business, and may you be blessed and prosper. Please let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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