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By | August 3, 2019

Online business opportunities from home. Well, where do I start? The possibilities are endless. With the technology afforded to us, any business can be run online. However, running an online business from home is a totally different animal.

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I am going to give you a list of online business opportunities but first, before the list, you must know this. If you are planning on doing it alone you will not succeed.

Furthermore, here is a more important list you must see to help determine if you are capable to run of the online business opportunities that I will list later in the post.

What’s needed: 

  • Perseverance-There will be times when you are up against it and you will have to fight your way threw.
  • Solidarity-Working alone can get in your head and cause your thoughts to drift.
  • Wearing many hats- Can you balance a personal and business life under one roof? 
  • Problem solver-maintaining you pc, updates, prioritizing and staying on schedule.
  • Risk-taker-Having no comfort zone learning from mistakes, and knowing when to make a move.   
  • Strong mind-set-Avoiding distractions, staying on schedule and staying focused.

Online Business Opportunities From Home


If you chose to continue reading this post I can assume you have more than just a mere interest in running an online business. Well whatever type of business you choose, I wish you have a blessed and prosperous journey.  

Here are some great business opportunities that will allow you to work from the comfort of home:

Written by Sujan Patel

1. Professional Consulting

Market yourself as a professional consultant who assists others in launching and building successful businesses through online sites One who has a glowing track record in setting up or helping to grow businesses can use expertise to make money from home.

2. Home-Based Child Care

Why not pocket a little extra cash by providing childcare to friends and neighbors, too? Childcare is and always will be essential to many families, and daycare centers don’t come cheap.

3. Tutoring

Demand skills you have that you can teach to others. I believe tutoring, training, and mentoring fall under the same platform. Other skills, from teaching language to music, to helping with reading or writing, are all easy to turn into a business.

4. Senior Care

Like childcare, care for the elderly is an essential service that will always be in demand. Seniors will outnumber any other age group in the near future. What’s more, those that need it often do better when able to remain in their own homes, instead of moving into assisted living?

5. Private Chef

If you’re skilled in the kitchen but don’t fancy the long hours and stressful environment that’s synonymous with full-time restaurant work, you might want to consider working as a private chef instead.

Online Business Opportunities

Online business opportunities also afford you all the benefits of working from home, but even better, many of them allow you to work from absolutely anywhere (which has never been easier or more fun, thanks to the ever-growing coworking industry).

6. Freelance Online

Want a way to start making money in minutes? Sites like UpworkFreelancer,  and People Per Hour allow you to do just that.

Another valuable (but often overlooked) resource for finding freelance work is Craigslist. “Craigslist has a whole section devoted to Gigs you can join to make additional money,” says Carl Sednaoui, Director of Marketing at MailCharts.

Bear in mind that some skills are more in demand than others:

  • Writing
  • Graphic or web design
  • Financial services (like accounting and bookkeeping)
  • AR/VR
  • Development

7. Develop Apps

Across all markets, more than 80% of mobile minutes are now spent using apps. It may be competitive, but if you’ve got the skills, there’s big money to be made either in developing and distributing your own app or developing apps for others.

8. Leverage Amazon

While the working conditions of Amazon’s own employees regularly come under fire, there are plenty of ways to make money through Amazon without being on its payroll.

Thanks to services like Amazon Fulfillment, it’s easier than you might think to sell products from home since Amazon will pick, pack, and deliver your orders for you. The service can even enable you to import and export outside your home country.

9. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is the platform for selling goods such as arts, crafts, jewelry, and much more. Basically, if it’s handmade, vintage, or just a little bit different, Etsy’s the place to find it (and sell it).

10. Sell Courses

Sites like Udemy and Coursera allow you to create, sell, and profit from courses you’ve created yourself. Few of the courses are accredited, but that’s reflected in the price students pay.

They’re also far more popular than you might think. “Online courses are huge right now,” says David Hoos, Head of Marketing at The Good marketing agency. 

11. Be a Virtual Personal Assistant

Working as a virtual personal assistant takes minimal skill and is easy to get into since there are always businesses looking for people to take on day-to-day grunt work without the cost of hiring an assistant in-house.

12. Become a Social Media Influencer

This one might sound like wishful thinking, but countless people are making substantial amounts of money simply by having a large and engaged social following.

Federal Business Opportunities

May sound surprising in the age of corporate giants, but where possible, the U.S. government supports small businesses by contracting work out to local independents.

This means there are always opportunities for the “little guy” to get their foot in the door with the federal government. You can view a forecast of contracting opportunities here.

Other Online Business Opportunities

If none of the opportunities above sound like something you could leverage, here are a few other lucrative business opportunities that could be the right fit for your skills:

13. Become Part of the Gig Economy

The gig economy isn’t for everyone, but for the right person, driving for Uber or Lyft, or renting out an empty bedroom in their home through Airbnb are great ways to make a little spare cash.

14. Be a Personal Trainer

Health, fitness, and general wellbeing are big business. That means those with the skills to help others be their best are in high demand. That includes personal trainers, for one. 

Personal training is an unregulated industry, but that doesn’t mean your 3-year gym membership qualifies you to help others improve their strength and fitness. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could cause somebody serious injury.

15. Get Into Real Estate

In many states, you can complete the required training, become a licensed agent, and start a new career in just a few weeks or months. While it does require an investment of time, money, and effort, it can be well worth it.

You can be your own boss, work a flexible schedule, and have the potential to make a lot of money. While there is no shortage of real estate agents in the industry, there’s still plenty of space for agents who genuinely want to do the best they can for their clients. Learn how to get a real estate license here.

16. Gather Lead Data

Almost all B2B companies have a need for leads. What they don’t all have is the time to acquire them.

While there are numerous services offering up automated lead data, the quality of those leads is questionable at best. That means there’s good money to be made sourcing qualified leads for time-strapped, growth-focused companies.

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Thanks for stopping by.  Moreover, I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you. 

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