Best Online Businesses For Beginners

By | September 11, 2018

I have chosen my five Best Online Businesses For Beginners. Greetings everybody, do you have a passion that you think will interest others? The Best Online Businesses for BeginnersMaybe you think my five Best Online Businesses For Beginners does not fit what you have in mind. In fact, that conclusion possibly is the best answer anyone can give. Because only you know what motivates you most.

Furthermore, many of the people including myself in this industry have good and bad experiences in two or more online businesses. Therefore, through trial and error, as we cut our teeth in the industry, we came to a realization. 

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You can follow structure, strategy, and all the building blocks of a foundation from successful entrepreneurs. However, only you know what that business will be. The basis of an online business begins with one having a vision of helping others. Moreover, focus, desire, passion, gratitude, and persistence are the seeds that grow success with a home.

Online businesses are primarily home-based and are a sole proprietorship. The more you know about your product or service the better. Maybe you think my five Best Online Businesses For Beginners, may not fit your type of business. But it is not about your business choice.  Moreover, it is about your business platform.  Your online business will have to have a platform.

So in all actuality, it is not about the best online business. The focus is always on creating an online business when it should be on choosing the right business platform. Your business can be one of many or very unique.  After all, a passion can come from any type of desire.  However, there will never be a platform for every passion or business.

Best Online Businesses For Beginners

Considering the news we hear about the economy, this is the best time to earn a paycheck online.  If you can connect to the internet, you can start a business online.  The internet offers you a wealth of opportunities to start at little cost.

By focusing on your passions, you’ll be able to target your audience and get your online-based business started. The perfect online business would have to be easy to start and low in cost.  Unless your vision for the business is a unique one, it should have a track record with proven ability to generate income.

Online Business Platforms

First of all, starting an online business means having the most optimal way to present it to the world.  And finding the most optimal way to manage your online business.  Startups might think hiring  (IT) professionals to run your online store a bit of a headache. That’s why using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology as a viable alternative is the way to go.

By off-loading the architecture and backend duties that are critical to maintaining an online store, you can focus on the core aspects of what makes your business tick.  Here are the top SaaS platforms  with there effectiveness in regards to SEO according to E-commerce Platforms

SaaS E-commerce Platforms and SEO Scores

  • Magento 100
  • Shopify 98
  • WooCommerce 98
  • BigCommerce 91Best Online Businesses For Beginners-ways to make money online
  • Squarespace 91
  • Volusion 88
  • 3DCart 88
  • GoDaddy 78
  • Weebly 72
  • Wix 68
  • MoonFruit 51
  • 1&1 40
  • BigCartel 33
  • PrestaShop 28
  • ZenCart 12
  • osCommerce 10

Online Platforms for Business

Presenting your business online, be it products or a service as a beginner is with the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Furthermore, the Wealthy Affiliate Program is by far the best place to build a foundation for an online business. Also, your target audience is best found by using a website, and SaaS (Software as a Service) in combination with a marketing strategy that will diagnose where your audience is. Here are some platforms for marketing your online business:

Marketing Platforms

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Independent Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Community and Group Networking
  • PPC
  • Paid Marketing

Here are my five best online businesses for beginners?

  • Freelance Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Teaching Online Courses
  • Consulting 

I can not tell you what is the Best Online Businesses For Beginners. Only you know your passion and vision for marketing. You can be instructed on how to use the sources available to create and run your business, and that is what I provided you with.

I am inviting you to join my join my marketing team now!  Furthermore, get the intense training, websites, 24 hr. support and all you need to create an online business for free  Also, stay with our team after the free training and opt-in as a member and we will teach you how to run your online business using your passion, and ideas at its optimum level.

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    Hi Maurice,

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    You have hit on all the major points as to why you should get online and start your own home business. Really well done. Thanks for a great and informative post.
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