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By | May 7, 2018

Open the Door. Hey, everybody, I hope I caught you all in good spirits.  If not, realize that no man is an island. So Open the Door that surrounds you with the positive things, thoughts, and like-minded people, and then your spirit will rise.  You can make it happen, or as they say nowadays “turn up.”

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Moreover, when you manifest the reality you want and create the circumstances you see yourself in down the line, you have to Open the Door.


However, you do not know it yet, but you are about to take an incredible, fulfilling journey.  When you are sufficiently self-aware, you have made control of your life’s journey.

You will never again say “well these are the circumstances” because the circumstance is just situations that you choose to place yourself in.

Open the Door 

When I was in the workplace, you know the “9-5”, I felt pretty good about what I carved out of my life so far. Hey, I was living the American Dream; a job married with two children. However, all the while I was not fulfilled on the inside. The outward possessions did not carry any value. I had to stop living in a predefined lifestyle and find myself.  Moreover, I did.

Open the Door To A Better Life face your fears

That was not an overnight epitome. It took a life-threatening incident that led me to realize ( I hope your awakening does not take a life-threatening incident) that it is not the external things in life that matter.

It is the internal feelings that you possess that makes you whole.  My accident left me with limited physical abilities.

However, it also made me face my fears instead of subjected to them. Fear of failure will stop success; it is the failures that make us successful.  Yes, you have to be strong-minded to be successful along with a lot of other attributes. View each attribute as if you are knocking to open the door   

 A Door Opened  

Do you believe that when one door closes in your life, another one opens?  I believe this parable. Along with applying my self-awareness to the process of changing my life, It was made clear that I have to look the life I was living. However, I could not dwell on that.  The dwelling will prevent me from seeing an open door. The past should be left in the past and thought of as a learning experience.

Open the Door To A Better Life It Is There For The TakingMy learnings experiences and the process of thinking internally, let me turn a negative into a positive. I looked at my current situation and took note everything that has a positive influence on me.

Number one was family. I now have grandchildren, don’t get me wrong, I love my children dearly but I love these kids with all my heart, they keep it pumping.  

Naturally, there is no question that I will do anything and everything for them.  My “wifey “and I have a comfortable lifestyle. So we want now is to give our grandchildren the things that will make them well-rounded individuals. My current situation as I mentioned earlier left me with physical limitations.  

Well along with that my income became fixed.  In the past, my ego and negative thoughts would have crept in my mind and sabotage any plans on leaving a legacy for the blessing (my grandkids) that the supreme architect of all there is have given us.

Still not having the plan to help my grandkids I would pray and meditate this kept me focused on what I wanted.  Keeping a positive attitude takes determination, the people you consider to be successful and have a positive attitude, are the ones who see the glass have full, they come by this frame of mind by surrounding themselves with positivity.  They read books about positive attitudes and inspirational quotes to strengthen their beliefs and stay inspired.

A Blessing in Disguise

I would typically get on my computer daily to stay up on current events, play games, and Google search.  Moreover, while searching, I discovered that there are ways to make money to make money while you are at home.  It sounded intriguing, so I dug a little deeper into the subject.

A Blessing in Disguise Find YoursA lot of my research produced ventures that sounded too good to be true, quickly I trashed all of those.

Moreover, I researched even deeper, I also went online and began asking people in the industry about affiliate marketing which I was considering.

It offered many avenues to make money online in a fulfilling and legal way.  That was no passion of mind, and I just wanted to open another door.

My passion is my family, that is “real talk.” When you know what makes you whole, and your “why” in life, no negative force or your ego will stand in your way.  Affiliate Marketing is a low-cost high-profit industry I just found a way to harness my passion.  

I open the door that put me going from a fixed income to making my reality. If you are beginning in affiliate marketing, I am inviting you to join my marketing team now!

The program will give you intense training and everything you need to create an online business. Moreover, when you opt-in and become a member, you will be taught how to run your online business. Furthermore, as a member, you will have full access to all that the program offers as shown in my review.

See You On The Other Side 

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 Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best for your online business. Moreover, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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  1. German

    Honestly, I was so inspired by your article, so I decided to bookmark it. It’s a great read, if you feel there are forces or people who’re trying to supress you by their authority.

    I’m glad I’ve read your post as I’m experiencing difficult times in my online business ventures (loneliness), and I would need some moral support.

    Amazing work, Maurice 🙂 Best of luck in your endeavors!


  2. Alenka

    A great and a very moving article. Having experienced the similar regarding significant, unexpected changes in life, I wholeheartedly agree with the belief when one door closes the other opens! So important to keep our minds open to new possibilities. The Wealthy Affiliates are a fantastic community and whoever accepts your invitation will be more than happy that they did! So many opportunities and such amazing training are not to be found anywhere else! Very glad you are enjoying your (new) blogging life!

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