Organic Searches Is A Good KPI

By | November 4, 2017

Organic Searches is a good KPI. (Key Performance Indicators). Okay, what tracking metrics are you using to track and analyze your organic search result?

There are a few analytic tools you can find online that have metric capabilities to suit your needs.  

Search engine optimization and organic searches are major functions that need monitoring for any campaign in a timely and consistent manner.    

Organic Searches is a good KPI and can determine how well a site is ranked and how to improve on it.  Google has changed, so has the method of determining SEO performance. 

For marketers to understand how their marketing performance measures up. The metrics to key on are; organic traffic per search engine, landing pages.

Moreover, the length of time during a visit, bounce rate, top keywords, traffic volume by Universal Search, and engagagment.-top performance indicators by Maciej  Galecki

Google and their ever changing algorithm have added another twist. The time of tracking keywords that are driving traffic via organic search will soon be eliminated.

As Google is encrypting all keyword data, apart from paid search.  So no longer measuring traffic by search terms

The image below is a timeline of how Google has evolved in recent years.

Organic Searches Is A Good KPI-chart of how Google has evolved

Organic Searches is a good KPI

Effective inbound marketing uses organic search traffic KPI to show how strong a campaign is ranking with authority.

Furthermore, always put organic search and quality content in your online marketing efforts

Organic search is best for consistent relevant traffic delivery. In some cases paid search ads outperform organic search, in conversions.
However, not overall traffic distribution. (Paid Search only accounted for 10 percent of total overall traffic).

Organic Searches Is A Good KPI- chart showing Google changes for keywords

Organic Searches Is A Good KPI- chart showing Google conversions rate

Loop Marketing

Closed-loop marketing is software that allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

And  to gain insight on the number of leads and sales you can generate through organic search.

Closed-loop marketing is the best solution for measuring your SEO efforts; it shows the impact of your SEO efforts on the bottom line. Something that search engine ranking can’t.

Your Content

Any talk of SEO now must include the importance of consistent quality content creation.

Content performance is a good indication of SEO performance because you can see how your content impact is generating leads.

And how the leads are translating to ROI. You can also get a good indication of what posts are generating the most interest and driving the most traffic.

Key performance indicators are very important when tracking the success of your campaign. Join my marketing team now!

Our training is intense and offers a complete package for setting up and running an online business.

The training is free to start where you will learn how to set up your online business.

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