Our Children Trust Us About Money

By | June 24, 2017

Our Children Trust in us is crucial if we plan to pass on any of the beliefs we hold true. Furthermore, the trust in our children will be stronger.  We all want the best for our children; it is why we cater to their needs.  Through consistently instilling family values, training and, education, we form the foundation for the type of character our children will build on.

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When our children lose the trust in the family values, training, and the education you provide. The bond and foundation that your child needs to build his/her life on are broken. Consequently, the child will look elsewhere for the trust which every child needs for the betterment of their development.

We must be diligent when we watch our children as they age. Note any changes in your child’s demeanor and take action. Because peer pressure can be detrimental just as idle time is the is devil’s workshop. Both can sabotage the success of our children. You gain your child’s trust through interaction, your actions, and belief in their choices. Our children have to put a value on their activities and know the value of what is essential and meaningful. I want to write about Children and money and their trust in you to teach them.

Our Children Trust Us About Money

Unique is the tone you use and the way you communicate your desires will matter in the influence you want your child to take from the conversation. There are ways to get a child’s attention and have them openly wishing to be a part of plans.  A child is like anyone else.

We all want to feel like we are a contributor to a bigger picture.  We all like achieving goals through our diligence. Moreover, when our achievements produce a bonus we thrive for more. So we as guardians must set the stage for the child to be open to what we want to teach them about money.

Children are eager to learn and the younger they are, the better. However, our children and money require an additional and more direct approach. Our children’s trust with managing wealth is gained by letting a child observe how you handle finances and let them be in on discussions about money.

Our children trust-infographic of different age groups dealing with money

Let your children know they have a voice in family matters. Tell them you have their back no matter what. Earn your children’s trust before you try to teach. Show your children that you are firm in your decision making. Be honest, listen, not so judgmental and admit your wrongs.

Remember a child’s home is his haven and make sure that it is just that by giving love and expecting nothing in return. If you want to lead by example, let me offer a way you can do all this from home. Join my marketing now! We will take any idea, product or passion from you or your child and train you both for free on how to create an online business.  

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