Personal Mission Statements

By | March 4, 2017

Hey everybody, glad to have you back.  Personal Mission Statements are different than mission statements.   Just like businesses use mission statements to outline their goals and purpose. A personal mission statement works on the same premise.

Furthermore, personal mission statements are the backbone of mission statements.  As a business owner it is important to use a personal mission statements with your business strategy. Because you strengthen your mission statement when the foundation is a personal mission statement.  

Personal Mission Statements

Do you know what’s right for you?  We inspire one another to set goals, organize, live life to the fullest, be creative, follow your dreams.  While all of these are worthy undertakings, the messages can get a little confusing.   

However, how do you choose?  A personal mission statement should help you focus on why you decided to start your journey. Some people call it their “why.” Your personal mission statement is your vision, gives clarity, direction and meaningfulness to life. There is no practicing, read and live it everyday.

I let everyone know that my mission is to help everyone who want a successful online business, and why the Wealthy Affiliate Program is the best program to get the job done.

While viewing my site, I read the paragraph where I tell my viewers about my mission. My mission and the reasons for why I promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program.  And when I read it, it was rejuvenating.

In my mind, I know what my mission is.  However, the mind is a learning tool that is constantly taking in information.

That is why a visual motivational tool is necessary.  Therefore, put mission and personal missions to paper.  To see themevery dayy plays positively on the mental psyche. 

Personal Mission Statement-it's your obligation

Putting It All Together

personal mission statements-create your personal mission statement


 I want you to part of my marketing team now!  We can help you with your business plan. Just put the question out into our community if you want to create a new plan.  Alternatively, if you have questions about an existing plan, you will get multiple responses.  Using your vision, we will show you how to turn it into a successful home business 

See You On The Other Side 

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper.  Let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you. 

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About Maurice Jackson

Hello, my name is Maurice Jackson I live and, started my business in Detroit. My intentions are, to help any and every one with affiliate marketing as a home business, become a successful professional. My first career was working for the city of Detroit as an inspector, where I thought I would retire. But life brings change and surprises. I sustained an injury that led to an earlier retirement than I had planned. With that said I reinvented myself in April of 2014 and, became part of an affiliate program. Within the time of my reinvention leading up to the present, I am generating lots of traffic to my website and it grows every day. ROI has been minimal but then again I invested nothing to start. I am at the point of letting my site mature, as I keep writing quality content about it. In this business, you have to pay your dues. Furthermore, I and the rest of our family (become a member and you will see the family side of it) of 109000, including the founders of the program (yes they participate), will see to it that we all will be making a substantial amount of revenue as members

18 thoughts on “Personal Mission Statements

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks Jean, I appreciate you taking the time for this positive review.

  2. Jean

    I never even thought about having a mission statement. On my about me page, I guess I do give the purpose of the website and what I am trying to do. Would that qualify? I think some people do lose site of what they are really doing, which should be helping people with their problems. The money will come if you focus on helping people.

    I really think you have given an easy approach to doing this.

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Sue, thanks for responding, I appreciate it. You are right a mission stmnt can come to be a very useful tool in your business plan. It helps me to see it visually everyday, and try to live up to the content it has. This will also help one to stay on point when distractions can interrupt your focus.

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    SC, thanks for responding it’s always appreciated and inspiring

  5. Wifey

    We have it posted in the kitchen too!! The visual is helpful and important. Great article. Lov ya, Wifey

  6. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Chris first off, I appreciate the comment. To start your mission statement, you would begin knowing that it is meant to set the ground rules that will lead to the success you desire, be it in business or your person wants. If it is meant for a family then you would want to sit down as a family unit and do it together.

    The powers that be within your business will collectively write a mission statement to coincide with your business plan

  7. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for responding, I appreciate it. It is inspiring to learn than that I could help some one with this article

  8. Neil Brooks

    Hi Maurice, I really this.

    I have been thinking about my own about me page recently and one of the elements I would like to improve is the section ‘Why’.

    This article has some great advice that I can use, and I love the graphic showing the summary ‘crafting your personal visions statement’ which makes thinking about the personal mission statement very easy to work with and visualise.



  9. Mike

    Hi Maurice
    I see the Personal Mission Statement as a good way to take stock of where you have come from, where you are and where you hope to be going. It involves some introspection and then some revelation, neither of which are bad things. The PMS is part of the planning, I believe.

  10. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Challaine, thanks for responding. I appreciate it and to receive complement like yours is inspiring

  11. Challaine

    I loved how you were right in there with religious text. Some people shy away from that because they are worried what “others” will think!
    Great site! Lots of content 😉
    Being in the online business industry that we are in it is important recognize that it takes more than just a product to enable success. Being in this industry is tough and you show the pro’s and the con’s of how to make it. I wish you the greatest success!

  12. Sue Tay

    Hi Maurice, this is the first time that I have ever visited your site. I found your article about having a personal mission statement very informative and useful. For many years, I had worked in multinational corporations, so a company’s mission statement is something that I am quite familiar with. I even had the opportunity to participate in a brainstorming session to develop the vision statement for one of the companies I had worked in but that was more than 10 years ago. So when it came to trying to craft out a mission statement of my own I had great difficulty. With this guide on how to write a personal mission statement, it will make my task easier. I hope that I will be able to show you my mission statement and have your comments. Thank you.

  13. SC

    Having a personal mission statement is a very good idea – I like the thought of having a written statement to always be able to refer back to. It’s easy to forget your initial driver when you start getting into the detail of building a website. I think I could benefit from following your steps and write my own statement.

  14. Chris

    Great advice on how to write a personal mission statement – I had no idea where to start before I stumbled on this article earlier today!
    I have to write for co workers at the moment and I’m dragging my heels a bit with confidence
    Where would you suggest I start first?

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