Positive Thinking And Attitude Together Creates Self Awareness

By | April 6, 2017

Positive Thinking And Attitude together, once harnessed will determine the strength of your passion.  Alone positive thinking brings one to the point of possibility.  The possibility that your thoughts will manifest into reality.  Alone attitude is useless because it is blind to any possibility, be it positive or negative.

Therefore, it will aligned with the strongest will you possess.  But not until you control your attitude, will the reality you seek happen.  When the two are woven together to form one unique pattern or way of thinking  only then will your self-awareness guide you to your destiny.

As long as your thoughts are positive, unselfish and bring no harm, your business or whatever your focus may be can be successful or brought to fruition.

Coach Davender Gupta’s has a mission is to power passion-driven entrepreneurs to develop the clarity, commitment, confidence and courage to execute their ideas and create the future.

Coach says:  “A dream is a just a wish to someday change the present. Add commitment, and the dream becomes a vision that challenges the status-quo. However, to accelerate this vision towards a new reality, you must overpower the inertia of the comfort zone through bold, massive action.”

Positive Thinking And Attitude


Positive Thinking And Attitude can create self awareness When you have complete self awareness, no one person, place or thing will penetrate, tear apart, change or confuse what you hold true.  Positive Thinking And Attitude combined will bring self awareness, but as simple as I make it sound it is not.

Your self awareness is what everybody wants in more ways than one.  It is sought after by those who understand that self awareness is a valuable phenomenon.  Why is your self-awareness coveted by all?  Because anyone who discovers your weakness can manipulate, fool, and ultimately turn you into a follower.

When your self-awareness is loses strength, gradually your thoughts are no longer your own.  The internal negative vibrations you fought to fend off are now penetrating, tearing apart, changing and confusing everything you held true.  Why is it your self-awareness everyone wants to covet?

See there are internal and external vibrations.  There are negative and positive vibrations.  Both negative and positive energies are in us; our internal vibration.  We acquired our internal thoughts from our environment, friends, family, and our other mind boggling encounters.  The external vibrations have the same make up.  They are vibrations we have yet to encounter or attract.

Law of the traction

trust the process Positive Thinking And AttitudeUniversal Laws, also referred to as Spiritual Laws or Laws of Nature are the unwavering and unchanging principles that govern every aspect of the universe and are the means by which our world and the entire cosmos continues to exist, thrive and expand.

The definition for the law of attraction is; the belief that whatever you focus on will manifest itself. or in short “like attracts like. ”   There is a new paradigm coming; freewill thinking.  This once catchy phrase is now a real concept aligned with the law of attraction. 

The combination of freewill thinking and the law of attraction is within all of us, many practice it, is but a few master it.  The magnetic power of the Universe gives birth to the law of attraction. The law of attraction calls for an open mind and a belief in the fact that there are more powerful vibrations that we have yet to explore. The law of attraction can manifests everywhere and in many ways.

You can practice the law of attraction in different ways to focus on what is important to you.

  • Visualize. Energy flows where attention goes
  • Do a Meditation
  • Read Material on The Law of Attraction
  • Look at Affirmations on Your Phone
  • Update Your Journal
  • Spread Positivity.
  • Have a Vision Board
  • Speak In a Mirror


Positive Thinking And Attitude are game changers in the game of life.  You to have the mind control to power over the negative and positive forces that will confront you everyday.  Through the vibrations of the Universe sending you positive energies by way of the law of attraction, your journey to achieving the things you need, and desire will manifest themselves into your reality.

In business the process of Positive Thinking And Attitude is a must.  Your competitors and startups are using the process of mind control.  As you can see, mind control can be taught. In business you can learn something everyday to start or revise your business strategy.

Having all the tools under one umbrella is great for organization and revision. Finally, from start to finish is what the online marketing program I am going to introduce to offers.

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See You On The Other Side

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4 thoughts on “Positive Thinking And Attitude Together Creates Self Awareness

  1. Regina Saucedo

    Love this blog Maurice! Law of attraction is so real as the universe is always saying yes to us. We just need to be in complete awareness of what we are asking for. Self awareness is the most important of all subjects right now as we are constantly being intentionally distracted from ourselves. Thank you for sharing…Much Love!

  2. Christian

    Great article Maurice! I’m totally agree with you. I’m also a believer of law of attraction. One of my favorite law of Buddha is “What You Think, You Become”. Thanks for the valuable informations.

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