Power Is In You To Be Better

By | June 7, 2019

Power is in you. We all have a desire to find our place in this world. If you don’t you should. But it seems the majority of us sell ourselves short. We put limitations on our ability to achieve.

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What I mean by that is; some of us focus on material gain only. Thinking that this is the key to happiness. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting material things in itself.

make a differenceHowever, it will not bring you peace nor define why you were put on this earth by itself. In fact, it is selfish and small-minded. When one is ready to venture out into this world on there own, they are in most part stepping into the unknown.

Moreover, it is understandable that without guidance or direction, one will surely take the easiest path to fulfill an existence that brings comfort. But there is much more to life. With your found comfort you will find something is missing.

Even though you might not admit it, there is an unexplainable emptiness you will feel stemming from your sub-conscious. Your sub-conscious, be it right or wrong holds your true beliefs. It is the power in you that determines what action you will consciously take.

Power Is In You To Be Betteryou have the power

Power is the ability to act or produce an impact. Therefore, it can be saught after redeemed with what you think is power. That is where I believe a dilemma occurs.

The motivational speaker Tim Storey says; we live our lives in one of three ways: to the almost, most, or utmost. Your toughest battle to discovering your destiny mind control.

The second toughest thing one has to confront to knowing your destiny in life is the ways of the world. What I mean by that is; the powers that be or those who govern the world has a different agenda. An agenda that blocks one from their journey to discover their destiny.

The part of the world where I have spent my entire life is in the United States. Which might explain why I feel the way I do. See, here in the US greed is subliminally emphasized. Greed is synonymous with power. And I am afraid that in the coming future, this may be the new world order. 

By interpreting your sub-conscious, and conscious mind, along with having the self-awareness to know where your body and thoughts are trying to lead you, will put you on the path to finding your purpose in life.

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2 thoughts on “Power Is In You To Be Better

  1. Charles

    that’s very true
    Everybody have power, even more than we could possibly imagine
    I think if could all think with the heart and not the brain, it will be different
    I personally think that motivation and asking thing from your heart is more powerful than waiting for solution and asking with his brain.
    Very nice article
    Everybody is design to be powerful and successful, it’s all question of determination for my point of view

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