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Publishers Clearing House 

An Overview

Publishers Clearing House was founded in 1953 in Port Washington, New York, by Harold Mertz, a former manager of a door-to-door sales team for magazine subscriptions.  Moreover, the company started in Mertz’s basement with help from his wife LuEsther and daughter Joyce.

Its first mailings were of 10,000 envelopes from Mertz’s home in Long Island, New York, and offered 20 magazine subscriptions. 100 orders were received. Moreover, within a few years, the company moved out of Mertz’s basement into an office building and started hiring staff.

It recently has been on a campaign to shed its 20th Century analog brand and get digital. Furthermore, its strategy includes acquiring “digital properties and talent” that can help modernize the operation, senior vice president Mark Cullinane said in a statement.

It’s acquired LiveToWin, a mobile app developed by Boston’s Online Convergence Corp. that publishes polls, videos, and daily sweepstakes contests on mobile platforms to promote brands and products.

Publishers Clearing House History

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Value, Variety, and Convenience

While the heritage of Publishers Clearing House is magazines, the company has evolved into a predominantly merchandise business.


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Ownership & Charitable Trusts

The philanthropic spirit of the company’s founders lives on with nearly half of the company’s profits going to benefit charitable causes ranging from the arts to social services to the environment.

Publishers Clearing House Mission Statement

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To entertain, inspire and delight with winning opportunities, games and relevant, compelling offers.

Meet the Prize Patrol


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Meet the PCH Team

At PCH, we work hard to inspire, entertain, and delight consumers with winning opportunities and exciting values tailored to their interests.

Meet the Prize Patrol

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Where does Publishers Clearing House get its money?

Posted On Mon. Mar 23rd, 2015
By: The Courier

Q: Where does Publishers Clearing House get the money it supposedly gives away? — Mark Donaldson, Findlay.
A: The private company in Port Washington, New York, claimed $750 million in revenue in 2012 from its sale of magazine subscriptions, books, CDs, jewelry, vitamins, flower bulbs, and other merchandise, mostly through

It sold about eight million magazine subscriptions annually in the 1990s, getting commissions of 74 percent to 90 percent from publishers hoping to cash in on renewals. However, we couldn’t find more recent figures.Publishers Clearing House deals
It also is heavily into social media, including video games, online coupons, a daily lottery, and an instant lottery. An app lets people play constantly.

Furthermore, PCH earns additional money collecting data on Web users, exposing them to ads, and developing mailing lists for sale.
Its “Prize Patrol” has been publicizing sweepstakes winners on TV since 1988.

Winners usually don’t get a lump sum, allowing the company to make payouts from various financial instruments.
Of course, winning is a longshot. For example, the odds in a recent “$5,000 a Week for Life Sweepstakes” were about 1.75 billion to one. — Various sources.

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Publishers Clearing House is America’s most trusted and respected sweepstakes, marketer. It was in 1967 that the company first launched a sweepstakes campaign, and not surprisingly, a chance to win money generated a significant response.
Sweepstakes offers have been a source of entertainment and excitement ever since, driving high user engagement for online media programs. More than $240 million in prizes have been awarded…and still counting!   


Share your opinions.  Get rewarded.

PCH online surveys is an exciting way to get rewards from Publishers Clearing House. Companies worldwide need your help to improve their products and services. Furthermore, in return, you can earn rewards for answering their surveys. You can be well rewarded just by voicing your opinions.

Beware of  PCH scams ex.

Think of how many times you’ve entered a contest to win a car, money or maybe even a vacation.  However, one Chicago man thought his dreams of winning big were coming true. Everything seemed to be adding up, and the letter he received in the mail even had the official Publishers Clearing House.

Posted: Apr 15, 2015 11:16 PM EDTUpdated: Apr 20, 2015 11:16 PM EDT

It also had the signature of the Publishers Clearing House president, and even the return address was the same as the official company.

However, when 78-year-old Benedicto Magahis called to collect his third prize winnings of $650,000, there was a catch.

Magahis called the phone number listed on the letter, but the man on the phone told him in order to claim his prize, he needed to pay.

“One-thousand for processing and then $1,200.00 for taxes, all those things,” Magahis said.

The Original Publisher Clearing House

The real Publishers Clearing House said they are aware of the scam, and many others like it. Furthermore, they have dedicated a page on their website to track the scams and work with the Federal Trade Commission to bust scam artists.

Magahis was given a bogus account number, by the man on the phone, to pay off his two credit cards.

When each of his banks gave him a confirmation number he thought it had worked. So, he sent the man money and gifts totaling close to $3,000.Publishers Clearing House vs scams

However, it wasn’t until a few weeks later that he received a letter from his banks telling him the account number he was given was fake.

Magahis credit cards had not been paid off. In fact, he was now in the red.

Steve Bernas, President of the Chicago Better Business Bureau said this scam is not new.

“That’s part of the whole scam, what I would call the tip-off to the rip off is they try to gain your trust. That’s the most important thing they can do,” Bernas said.

Publishers Clearing House says you never have to pay for a prize. If someone tells you that you need to pay, it’s probably a scam.

Top 1,371 Complaints and Reviews about Publishers Clearing House

Facts and Questions

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