Road To Success Can Be Easy Or Hard

By | February 13, 2017

The Road To Success. Hey everybody, once again glad to have you.  Is the fear of success real?  Is the Road To Success easy?  Because one pursues their passion, will the journey come to an end that much sooner?  No, it doesn’t, but it is easier than the alternative.  I came to realize that the journey to success no matter how you define it will have ebbs and flows.

And even though everybody blazes their own Road To Success, there are common rules that every success story follows. I am pursuing my passion for affiliate marketing. When looking back, I see now that I had to overcome the fear of success. Not only that, following my passion does not make the journey easier if I continue to doubt my ability to succeed.

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“He is able who thinks he is able.” ~Buddha

Success, no matter how you see it, is achievable once you have discovered your purpose.  It is not something you choose, your purpose chooses you.  Your calling will be heartfelt, you will feel it at your core.  Once you no your purpose you will have a clearer vision of your path to success.
Road To Success-fear

Negative Energies

  • You are not completing your projects (this could be at work or at home).
  • You talk about what you are going to do more than what you actually do.
  • Working furiously on several projects at once, not really focusing deeply on any one of them.
  • You still have exactly the same things on your vision board that were there five years ago.
  • You second-guess yourself often.
  • Distraction is your middle name.
  • You don’t think your work is ever quite good enough.
  • And the big giveaway…you’re on the verge of ‘success’ and things start going really wrong.
  • Fear of Appearing To Be Nonspiritual
  • Fear of Standing Out
  • The Fear of Change

Why we fear Success

Success is feared because the high priority and the stress we put on ourselves have to it.  If you can identify with any of the negative energies mentioned above, then you have found what is weighing you down.   Road To Success-fear not

Like anything else worth obtaining, success must start with a good foundation.  Success may be flaunting because of a faulty foundation.  For instance, when you build a house, you lay a foundation and do all the things that are proper according to code and specs.

Then you plan to erect a two-story residence.  What if in the midst of building your foundation you cut a few corners or in our case our destiny,  you decide to make a change and build another floor, the foundation won’t hold.

If the foundation is not solid, success like of house of cards will come down.  When you don’t have the proper foundation and motivation success will not happen.  Even if you have success and want to race anything forgiveness can, but not vindication.

If you want to succeed to win approval or phrase,  that’s the week motivation. I’m not saying it’s a bad motivation I’m just saying that it’s too weak.  If your motivation is for vindication it will not happen.  These are tips that have helped me get over the fear of being successful and finally believe in myself

1. Be positive.

Negative thoughts are like MiracleGrow for fear and self-doubt. Stay away from negative people and you will decrease the amount of negativity in your life at least by half.

Practice daily gratitude, write down all the positive events in your life, practice mindfulness and you will notice how your negative attitude will start melting away.

2. Continually remind yourself that you are part of something larger than you.

You do the right things, you help people around you, you make being a good person a priority, and you know that this isn’t just about you—it’s also about the bigger picture that you’re part of. These thoughts always give me the courage to try something new and believe that my life is successful because of the doing, not the outcome.

3. Take time to find your destiny.Road To Success-confidence

Do you have a lot on you? I’m sure you do, and I know that you are doing your best at doing what you have to do.  But do you know who you are, are you happy?  Do you know your passions?

Do you take a time to reflect on your life and figure out your purpose in this world?  Unfortunately, most of us get so caught up in responsibilities and goals that we forget to enjoy our lives.

4. Create your success library

Sometimes when we lose trust in ourselves we just need a little bit of inspiration to push us in the right direction. There are plenty of ways to find inspiration, but we forget about them when we need them the most.Road To Success-actions to change behavior

Create a library of quotes, save articles and success stories that have inspired you, create a library of inspiring movies and videos, or create an album of your fun and happy memories. Turn to this library whenever you have self-doubts.

5. Learn.

If you have a fear of something you just have to educate yourself about it. It is like walking into a dark room. At first, you feel scared and don’t know what to expect but once you turn the light on, everything gets clear and simple.

6. Live in balance.

No matter how important success might seem to you, it is still important to follow it with balance; otherwise, your journey towards success will turn into an obsession that will ruin everything that you truly love in life.


In conclusion, the greatest fears and the greatest successes will be there for all, in an individual and a collective way for all to embrace.   As you learn to handle both your right to success and recognize the energy of fear, then you can more readily see the success you deserve.

And as you become more self-aware, you can reduce the negative energy you attract. Yes, there are a number of reasons success can be fearful.  And if you understand that, you can face these fears, then you’ll be more able to move past them.  Furthermore, you are now in a position to continue your life path and share it with the world.

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See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best on your Road To Success. And may you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.                                                                   

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21 thoughts on “Road To Success Can Be Easy Or Hard

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Bill thanks for responding it is appreciated. Distractions is what we all face, just gotta make a business plan and a mission statement, and have focus to achieve both.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Ms. Regina I would like to take advantage of your comment talk to all my other followers. I want them to know you bring value when you turn a comment into a short message for them to look and evaluate what their purpose in life is. Thanks for taking the time to respond, it is appreciated

  3. Bill808

    For me, I have two things to overcome. Actually there are a lot more, but two is enough to deal with.

    Doubt: I’m doing all this work and nothing is happening. Is their a better place to put my effort. All I can do is follow my mentors. They have done what I want to do. So I just gotta do the work.

    Distraction: I spend to much time studying and not enough doing. I have to strive for balance and block out time for family, recreation and work. When I’m working I have to be focused on those thing that make me money.

    Meeting people and showing them what I am doing makes me money. Everything else is busy work.

  4. Regina Saucedo

    HI Maurice,
    Another great post!
    The road to success is really the road to learning to live out our purpose, which takes courage and the ability to adapt to change and growth. I can relate to what you said about the fears and self doubt. I used to spend so much time working so hard with very little results. I often felt defeated, disappointed, exhausted, and hopeless. What I realized was that I was my own worst critic and that all the energy and resistance I created by holding those negative beliefs about myself and my journey were just the very things that kept me from obtaining the life I wanted to live. I learned to be loving, encouraging, and faithful to myself. I learned the importance of holding positive inner dialog. I learned to value my time and energy and not expect others to. I learned to take baby steps and saw results take time and patiences. I learned that being uncomfortable had to be my natural state of comfort if I wanted to grow. If you don’t believe you, no one else will. And we must challenge the limits and not limit the challenges.
    Thank you again for sharing. Much Love

  5. khan

    Hi Maurice, i like your article as it is very informative for me. People like me was scammed so many time in the past that i think even genuine site a scam.

    Definitely this is not my fault as i was looking for opportunity but those sites have used people like us but what can i do and other similar people do to root out that fear.

  6. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks Jean, I appreciate you taking the time for this positive review.

  7. Jean

    You know, in the past year, I have come to realize that I have lived with the fear of success for many, many years. I truly believe that people are afraid of success, whether it be conscious or subconscious.

    I did many of the things you described, like not finishing projects, distractions, too many projects, etc. That pretty much described me to a T.

    But, since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I am much more focused, and able to be on task. I still feel I may have that underlying fear, but I am recognizing it and moving forward.

  8. Maurice Jackson

    Hey Khan, first know that I appreciated you taking the time to respond. And you are right, there are scammers by the dozen. Once you are on the web and been on it for a period of time with a business, you can spot a lot of scams in your niche because you are an authority. As for others they need to do a couple things before diving in any new adventure, such as; going to the BBB and look at how many complaints they have received, your own extensive research, get opinions from others,etc…. I have a page on how to avoid scams

  9. Sarah

    Thank you for this very timely article. I spent many a year undervalued and lacking the confidence to understand that I could succeed in this world on my own merit. Over time, and with patience, hard work, and lots of learning, I realized that I had the ability to not only succeed, but to exceed my wildest expectations. Great post, you’ve got the right information and the right attitude! Sarah

  10. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Marc, thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. In this case you are not the Lone Ranger. So many of us are willing to stay in amour comfort zone. Stay positive and believe in yourself

  11. Marc

    Hi Maurice,

    In my case success has only come in small forms and I always wanted more for my family. Success today does feel like a brick wall and it is very hard to break through or at least go over it. I have tried so many money making ideas over the years, especially when I was younger and none of them went anywhere. Part of that is on the product but most is on me. I just could not finish because of fear. What you put in your post is so obvious and I need to follow through on my latest endeavor for myself and my family. I do not want it to be put up on the shelve like all those others. It is fine to have hurdles and I know I always will. I need to just jump them. Your post is helping me jump those hurdles.


  12. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Randy, thanks for responding its appreciated. You and me both, and I assume many others did not realize that we are standing in our own way when it comes to being successful.

  13. Randy

    Hey Maurice
    Great article, It is hard to believe that we can be afraid of success but it is true. Anything that takes us out of our comfort zone we don’t like. So being unsuccessful can be a comfort zone because we don’t have to do any thing to change it, just do nothing. I have experienced everything you have talked about guilt and doubt every day. You have to be committed and determined to overcome the hurdles that come with starting a business.

  14. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Peter thank your for responding it is appreciated. Know that I am inspired by inspiring others, I am glad to see that this article helped you in some type of way.

  15. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks for responding with such a positive review it is appreciated.

  16. dannyboy

    Looking good! you really know your stuff, I found your and its looking good, I willl be coming back, to check out your latest articles, keep writiting as good as you do and remember that the better content the better you can make people com visit your site, keep it up!

  17. Peter Mantu

    Hi Maurice, I have to admit that there is much more to learn for all of us. After going through your post, I couldn’t help but remember by one of the many great leaders called George Addair and it goes like this: “Everything you ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear”.

    Today I learned another one by visiting your site and I would really like to thank you for sharing such great information with the rest of the world. I wish all the success you deserve!

  18. Jessica

    Hi Maurice,
    Your post reminded me of what Jim Rohn said in the story of the sower. That no matter how good the seed, there is always someone who just won’t believe it. I think that comes into fear of success. We tell ourselves all of these excuses as to why we can’t join a program where we see others being successful and there really is no excuse not to join. Do you find it is still hard to reach some people that you thought for sure would join? I am glad to see you have in-depth analysis of what to look for so that in the future we can all know when we are just experiencing an irrational fear of our own success.

  19. Jessica

    Hi Maurice,
    I think I too have had a fear of fear of success. I seem to always think that something I am working on is never quite good enough so I never pursue it further. I am glad you have outlined some of the issues here and that you have ideas as to how to overcome it. It does seem strange that we would fear success but we humans are a very strange species.

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