Self Check Yourself To Your Destiny

By | September 15, 2018

Self Check Yourself To Your Destiny. All of us start life at different levels when it is measured by social and economic standards. It is not your social or economic well being that should be the definition of you. The inner you, where your core beliefs are held are in a constant battle with the outer energy you attract. One must find the strength to become more self-aware and act on their core beliefs. 

However, when one is in pursuit to discover their destiny, which should be an everyday quest, the ways of the world will be there at every turn distracting us from our true callings. Unless you have some mind control above the level of the average person it is going to take focus dedication and determination to find your life purpose.  

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The things you do in life should be driven by passion. The things we pursue are mainly driven by necessity and greed. Unfortunately, necessity and greed are the driving forces in this world order. Yes. there is something to be said for living comfortably with exceeding wealth. However, would you rather be lonely at the top by subduing to the ways of the world? 

Or find happiness by using the advantage given to you to discover your destiny?  To live life your way and having success with a life purpose and happiness will rely on one making their subconscious their conscious.  Many people here the phrase “if your mind can conceive it, it can become reality.”  There can be unquestionable truth to that phrase. However, the ways of world order blind us. Which leads to the saying “one cannot see the forest for the trees.”

Self Check Yourself FOR A TRUER LIFESelf Check Yourself To Your Destiny

What you see in your mind needs an organized strategy to put on paper.   You can make the transition from mind to reality if you believe and are in tune with what you want out of life.  Often times people use mentors and follow the path others took to become successful which is okay.  After all, no man is an island and we are social by nature.  But there will come a time in your journey where you will have to put your personal spin on things for it to be original.

What you read so far you probably noticed my reference to the subconscious more than once.  It is because when you can interject your subconscious into your daily thinking process you are advancing your control over your mind.  Remember how I open end up this conversation.

I said it ain’t easy being us and mind control and your subconscious is the reason why.   Mediation, yoga, spiritual awakening when working in tandem with quantum physics, astrology, numerology, and geometry are vehicles to achieve mind control.  Life has a way of knocking us down or blocking our path to the light that shines in us all.  The onus is on us to get back up and clear the path.

Circumstances and Consequences

Self Check Yourself AND BE TRUE TO YOURSELFThere are consequences to what we do.  Furthermore, consequences cannot be the cause of our circumstances.

Circumstances are the results of the decisions you make, consequences are the result actions you take.  The only thing I think you can contribute to circumstance is your environment.

Step out of your environment or comfort zone and you suffer or reap the fruits of the consequences because that is the course or the action you take.  

Life is no longer just a stage where you pick a life course and shine.  We know that it is much more to choosing is destiny because are studies and learning has advanced since Shakespeare.

Finally, in conclusion, take this opportunity to Live Life Your Way and the life you deserve, it is your rite.  Learning How to Set Your Goals For Success can be your start. Furthermore, I encourage you to empower yourself.  Moreover set goals for the betterment of finding your lifestyle.

On your own schedule create wealth while helping others. and live the life you deserve. Using your vision to discover your purpose in life.  Everyone’s purpose in life is to help others in their own way, what is your way? We will show you how to turn your passion into a success with a home business.

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Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best in living finding your destiny. May you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or questions and I will get back in touch with you.

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  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for responding. You are exactly right that is true happiness; getting rewarded for doing what you love.

  2. dan

    Thanks for this great talk about living life your way. i agree the best way to become truly happy is to do something self directed and get rewarded for it!

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