Success In Life Is By Interpretation

By | January 20, 2017

Success In Life Is By Interpretation-transformationSuccess In Life Is By Interpretation.  Hello to you all, let us connect.  Let us interact in a comment and response dialogue after you read this article.  Your comment will get others thinking about bettering themselves.

I believe Success In Life Is By Interpretation or translating the laws of attraction.  Success in business, relationships, presentations, negotiations, and life are dimensions energy.  The energy you attract will manifest itself in a successful or unsuccessful way.  The energy you manifest depends on the energy you accept and reject.

Listen to this:  I have a specific goal in life, and everything I do daily, I hope it gets me closer to achieving this specific goal.  I keep this goal in my conscious mind all the time, I mention it in every bio I write about myself.

My goal is what I talk about every chance I get.  I proudly tell others my journey to achieving my goals is what pumps my heart.  My fight is when I have a string of positive thoughts, negative thoughts come with them.  I promise I am going to tell what my ultimate goal is, but first let me finish my story.

Everybody knows depending on my actions in the present and in the future will result in me reaching or not reaching my goals.  Right?  But that sentence is incomplete.  My actions have to be defined.  I have to have a reason for my participation in any endeavor I am apart of.

See, my intentions are good, but there is some self-doubt or negative energy that pops up.  In the game of life there is this piece that is part of the game that makes it difficult to win.

Success In Life Is By Interpretation

This piece is the ways of the world.  When self-doubt arises, I find myself unconsciously watching TV, napping, or doing some other meaningless task.  I know there is a time for rest and relaxation but it should not come when it is time to work.  If I am not working when I am supposed to, I am losing the game.

I need ways to fend off recognize self-doubt for what it is.  The ways of the world are deceiving and discerning.  If I have no self-awareness or built-in defenses strong enough to fight this worthy combatant I will be another lost soul.

Success In Life Is By Interpretation-successI am in a battle to keep everything I deem important.

It is no coincidence that bad moods, sadness, getting sick from emotions or having no energy happens.

My subconscious mind sends me signals about the negative energies, I just have to be able to interpret the signal.

I will recognize the type of defenses I learn through research and study.

My defenses are meditation, being around like minded people, breathing techniques and dodging drama.  When I apply my defenses the negativity lessens.

My mind control is stronger because I have self-awareness, help, and a strategy.  I  can see how the laws of attraction can work for or against you.  In any endeavor I undertake, I know it is just energy and it is I who is in control.  That is my story, and here as promised is what makes my heart pump.  My goal is two-fold.  If I accomplish the initial goal my ultimate goal will be automatic.

My Goals

My goal is to first have success with a home business.  And secondly, leave a legacy for the blessing the supreme architect of all there gave me and my wifey.   That blessing is our five grandchildren.  We plan on providing our grandchildren with every opportunity that will make the productive members of society.

Through Faith, Hope, and Charity my grandchildren will be success stories.  My grandchildren will see how I help others and get inspired by doing so.  Success In Life Is By Interpretation is something attainable by anyone who believes in themselves and has an open mind.  The defenses you learn from authority figures in a position to teach you that energy is everything and how to use it is key.

Whatever you consider success in life to be is your decision.  However, I believe true success is finding your destiny.  And once sound you are obligated to give to the world.  If your definition of success isn’t as encompassing as mine, it should be an idea or passion of yours that can help others.

Create an online business from home using your vision. Join my marketing team Now!  We will train you for free. And if you choose to become a member, we will teach you how to apply the training with even more training, for running your online business. Furthermore, you will have access to all that the program offers.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business and remember Success In Life Is By Interpretation May you be blessed and prosper. Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you.

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  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    You are joking right? If you are an affiliate marketer I assume you want to be successful. If so just apply the same method to your business

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I have been an online marketer since April of 2014. I have generated some residual income but nowhere near where I want to be. My family is onboard but it is my grandchildren who will interrupt me every chance they get. But I do not mind. I will take e everything you mentioned into consideration.

  3. Maun

    Hi Maurice, this is a great article about how we interpret the meaning of success in life. I just want to how success in life and affiliate marketing are related.
    I will come back for more information about affiliate marketing here!


  4. jewels44

    Hi Maurice, I think your site looks good it has a lot of information. It’s also very easy to navigate through. I did have a question for you tho have you succeeded in making any cash online yet? How long have you been at this? Looking from your site it looks as though you have been at this quite some time. How does your family feel and have they accepted the fact that this is what you want?

    You have a very good thought up plan as I seen , but the name wasn,t very catchy to me, are you in the niche of affiliate marketing, information, digital, not sure what your niche is? I was thinking World Business Solutions Keeping your letterhead but changing them around and giving yourself something authoritative.
    But i really do like the way your going with this site though you could be very huge in the information business. You are also pretty good with computer and setting everything up you should be golden once you get that i popping name out there.

    Keep building and good luck on your journey i hope you do succeed and i would love to hear from you again and feel free to comment on my site as well

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