Talking To Yourself Is Normal You Are Just Fine

By | May 10, 2020

Talking To Yourself Is Normal, you are not crazy. Think of it as a mindful conversation with yourself.  Say it is decision time and you have to make the choice to live life as it exists for you now or subject yourself to a process that will transform you into a whole new person, encompassing your internal and external being.

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Before you freak out, this is not a physic reading. Self-awareness is what I want you to gain. I will not suggest reading horoscopes, talking to the psyche, or looking at a crystal ball. All I ask is: have an open mind and digest the information I am giving.  Let me encourage you to leave a comment at the end of this article.

Talking To Yourself Is Normal

Talking To Yourself Is Normal.  We all do it.  Especially when the topic is about yourself.

Talking To Yourself Is Normal-of course I talk to myselfIn any situation involving decision making that person is talking to themselves.  Or as some say that person is thinking.

We all think that is a given. Talking To Yourself Is Normal is a given also.  Could it be they are one and the same?

Well, when you are thinking you focus on a particular subject.  Therefore, you are confronting a circumstance you have encountered.

Maybe it is something you want to know more about, an assignment, or a question.  However, often when you talk to yourself you are reacting to internal thought.  A question or circumstance you ask yourself.


Talking To Yourself Is Normal, it shows: you have some self-awareness. You are in-tune with your essence. Your essence is what defines you.  It is the light within you that makes you who you are.

Furthermore, your self-awareness improves and your purpose in this life is revealed when you become whole you make your essence your conscious. Talking To Yourself Is Normal-stay humbleThe Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology results from a study in which 20 volunteers were shown pictures of objects and told to pick the one with a banana.

Half did it in silence and the other half said spoke out loud the word “banana” repeatedly. It showed self-talkers found the picture a little faster. It’s found that children learn better when they talk through a new skill instinctively.

We lose this as we grow up and hear talking aloud madness.  For business owners, it pays to be self-aware. Moreover, self-awareness is the outcome of discovering your wholeness and understanding the essence within you.  

Also, successful business individuals have the self-confidence to make the hard choices and move forward, right or wrong. Talking To Yourself Is Normal-you are not crazyHowever, the startup business person and the rest of the ordinary people as I see it, need to accept the challenge to discover their true essence.  Freewill thinking is required to grow internally.

According to psychologist Linda Sapadin, talking out loud to yourself helps you validate important and difficult decisions.

“It helps you clarify your thoughts, tend to what’s important, and firm up any decisions you’re contemplating.

As Sapadin puts it, “Saying [your goals] out loud focuses your attention, reinforces the message, controls your runaway emotions, and screens out distractions.”


In conclusion, we all should revert back to our human behavior as children.  And disregard what adults think about talking to yourself. Talking To Yourself Is Normal. 

Thank you for the visit. I appreciate it.  And all the best in finding the light: or essence within you. Furthermore, when you become to think freely, and know your purpose in life.

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16 thoughts on “Talking To Yourself Is Normal You Are Just Fine

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    You are absolutely tight. Mindful mindful compassion will your life to a higher or better way of living.

  2. Regina Saucedo

    Thank you! This couldn’t be more on point. My favorite sentence as you describe this is “Mindful compassion for myself”! Yes!! Self talk, self love, self care, all essential for success on all levels. Much love!

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    A conversation with yourself combined is only part of self-awareness. Mind control practiced daily and once obtained, is when you find your purpose. So be careful. Thanks for responding.

  4. Nikos

    That’s a very nice article like always. Self-awareness and self-confidence are important if you want not only to succeed but also to define your goals. Now i had never thought if talking loud to yourself is normal or not but i guess every one has it’s own way.

  5. Joana Marie

    I thought I am crazy every time I am talking to myself because I need to make a decision if I will grab some online business that cost much money on me before I get the income or profit revenue I want to get. Thanks for the info that talking to myself is like a self awareness on making a big decision in my online world or business I want to be.

  6. Brandon

    I don’t always talk to myself, but I definitely do do it. I had no idea that it was actually normal though.

    I like that it means we are self aware though, I never thought of it like that, but you make me feel sane and normal now. Thank you 🙂

    But I definitely agree with you that it helps us clarify our thoughts so we understand what we are trying to tell ourselves.

    What a great article, this is an eye-opening post. Cheers!

  7. Krystle Zee

    Talking to yourself is pretty useful in a lot of situations. I know I do it a lot when I’m frustrated or unmotivated. I find that it helps to calm me down. It could also be used to find a totally different perspective on a situation; there are times when a certain thought makes a lot of sense when you’re just silently thinking it, but the moment you say it out loud, you realize that it sounded silly! I’ve caught myself with that a few times; it’s really helpful when you’re composing essays, reports, emails, etc.

  8. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I think you are right on all points. Talking to yourself under any condition is fine. Thank you for responding.

  9. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for the kind remarks and the response. I appreciate it. It is inspiring to know that you have helped someone in sometime away

  10. Carmen

    I love this website, nice to know that just because you talk to yourself, your not crazy. I talk to myself all the time and I do seem to come up with answers a lot faster than usual. I’ll have to bookmark this website so I can return and check out more later. Thanks for the information! very helpful.

  11. Paulina

    Great article!
    I talk to my self all the time!
    Sometimes when I see little children talking to themselves I think about how an adult could not do that without people thinking he’s crazy. So we usually keep our talking in our minds, but maybe it will be good sometime to talk to my self in the mirror… like when I was a kid… what do you think?

  12. Arooj Asif

    Very nice description. One of my aunt used to talk to herself all the time. Now it looks normal. We are used to it. But I have noticed that by the time passes, this kind of people get more sensible and undersstanding towarcs their own behaviour. They come to know how to control their emotions in front of others. Thanks for such a great explanation

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