Technology And Marketing

By | March 28, 2019

Technology and marketing. The two go hand-hand with online businesses because online marketers would be out of business without technology. Marketing is the transaction of goods and all that it entails in delivering the goods from merchant to customer.

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The execution of the marketing process and the technology it requires are the duties and the job of a marketer. Marketers today can make use of technology and available software to perform their duties on a higher scale than ever before. 

Moreover, the steady evolution of technology will change the workplace for all industries as we know it. Technology gave us the Internet. And the internet arms the customer with information about the products and services they want to buy long before they enter a retail store or with any online shopping experience. 

Technology And Marketing


For salespersons of the past or pre-internet era, the slogan ” the customers come first ” still applies today. But that slogan is much more profound for marketers today. “One-third of execs said customer experience was their No.1 priority when differentiating their company,” said Mary Hamilton, Managing Director, Digital Experiences, Accenture Technology Labs, during a CES panel 2026.

However, in 2018/19 all marketers know that they must focus on individualized experiences that the customer wants. Marketers must market their goods in a way that points out the why of what their companies do as opposed to what they do. Once a company embraces the brand’s purpose, it attracts customers and shows that the marketer has knowledge of the product or service.

Technology Raises the Bar For  Advertising

technology and marketing THINKING WITH GOOGLE

Good advertising is delivering to the right medium, it or it won’t reach the right audience or have the engagement marketers crave. “We’re in an engagement spiral. Participation culture is on the rise among younger demographics,” said Jake Katz, Vice President, Audience Insights & Strategy, REVOLT TV. This shift means that marketers content in a way that audiences can interact with.

Because audiences have so many choices of content to thanks to the Internet. Eric Johnson, Founder, and President of Ignited said, “People don’t really like advertising. Not that advertising is bad. It’s just you must execute it properly.”

Buzzfeed was cited by Joakim “Jay” Baage, Executive Director, Ayzenberg Group, as an example of a brand presenting content in a way the audience wants to engage with it. Buzzfeed, Baage said, used to be seen as clickbait, but now it has evolved into news channel with the stories presented in a way the readers find engaging.

Social Media Impact 

With technology comes trends. Social Media dictates what is trending. The trends resulting from evolving technology have consequences that marketers must take advantage of. The more up to date technology will coincide with what is trending. Therefore marketers must stay on top of technology trends for the apparent benefits of giving the customer what they want.


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