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By | August 8, 2017

The Network Marketing Pro knows which decisions to make because of the experience and the trials and errors made throughout their growth process.  A network marketer knows the steps needed to have a successful campaign, and the traits of a marketing pro are what leads to success.  

Before I move on, let me make one point clear. Because I have been speaking about the network marketing pro in a third person vernacular, does not mean I speak as one who is not a pro himself.

That would be wrong, do not “get it twisted” as they say now in the cool talk. I have been in the network marketing business for three years now, with no days off.

Devoting all my time practicing and continuously learning the craft is all I have done.  I have award-winning publications that have since been republished. Currently, I am writing an e-book and preparing an online marketing course.  

The Network Marketing Pro

I work from home and have success with a home business.  So yes, I can most defiantly speak as one of authority in this online marketing industry.  I choose to write this way because this article is not about me. I want the reader who strives to be a network marketing pro gets a clear understanding of professional marketing.

What does it take to be The Network Marketing Pro?  It takes continued learning and practice of the craft, that produces lucrative promoting campaigns, and recruiting at a high level.  Many will talk about the network marketing pro as one who makes six figures and knows it all.

Well, for one thing, you will never know it all. That is not what makes a network marketing pro; neither is taking shortcuts to success.  

Those are the ones who are faking it until they make it.  Bypassing the education.  A network marketing pro is a leader who is always learning the craft to maintain a level of expertise.

The Network Marketing Pro-network marketing

Yes, making six figures is great, but you can be a marketing pro who would instead make enough to live comfortably and find solace consulting others.  For me, helping others generates a sense of inspiring fulfillment that’s beyond comparison.

Today’s Advantages

Do you know about the technology that is applied to online marketing today?  It put a new spin on marketing.  In fact, it changed the internet of things. The ever-evolving technology called Big Data, when applied to online marketing, raises promoting online to an extraordinary level that has never been in use before.  

Developing on this level increases the learning curve. It opened a door that gives availability to more knowledge about a consumer and more personal interaction with a customer.  

Having a more in-depth view of the consumer marketers can reach consumers with real-time management along with staying up to date with new technology and with what’s trending in the industry, keeps you at the high end of that learning curve.

The characteristics of the network marketing pro are equal to the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur. They both are in pursuit of becoming an authoritative figure in their fields of business built on the same attributes.

The Attributes of a Network Marketing Pro

The attributes are:

  • Leadership- Leaders guide from honing their craft and harnessing it to a skill that generates income, they guide individuals through a venture to their point of acclamation.
  • Persistence- The mental strength to persevere no matter what. There will be challenging times.
  • Passion- Chasing a passion with monetizing in mind is not working but a labor of love.
  • Take Risks- Step outside your comfort zone this is trial and error, it feeds the growth process
  • Self Confidence- Without it, you are like a fish out of water.
  • Accept Change- Will bend but not break, accept change that may go against your initial plans but are best for your business.


Internet marketing works. It is advertising by way of Facebook pages, blogging, email blasts, sales funnels, classifieds; it too utilizes as many streams as possible.  Earlier on in I mentioned the fulfillment gained from helping others.  

As the network marketing pro, it is embedded in my mission statement. I have touched and been touched by people from around the world, all of which are who are on the journey to have success with a home business.

If you are ready to pursue your passion, join my marketing team now! Our marketing team will train you to build your website and online business for free. Stick around after the training and a member there are bonuses plus will teach you how to run an online business.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping,  I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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4 thoughts on “The Network Marketing Pro

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Hey Laura, thanks for the kind words. They are appreciated. I want to encourage you not to quit. Find a mantra that will push you through hard times.

  2. Laura Cordero

    This was an excellent read for someone like myself – just getting started in this field through blogging. I loved the diagram and have come close to being one of the 80%, about to give up. I hope to refer back to this to help keep me motivated, working hard and pushing through. Thank you helping me to understand what a network marketing pro truly is!

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Justin never give up. If you look at the first image you will see the ebbs and flows of the business. Stay prepared

  4. Justin C.

    This was an excellent read and thanks for sharing. I have owned my own website for a little over 4 months now and i slowly beginning to see results. I am by no means a marketing pro but i do posses the characteristics of one. My passion and willingness to overcome any hurdle in my path are my strongest attributes by far. I see the network marketing pro as a “silent professional” he/she does not boast but is willing to help others achieve their goals. They have mastered their trade and are ready for embrace change as it comes. I look forward to becoming a network marketing pro

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