The Wealthy Affiliate Scam

By | January 29, 2017

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam.  Welcome to you all, If you haven’t been introduced to affiliate marketing, but have an interest, then make sure while you are on the outside looking in, that you have a clear understanding of what it is all about. (Affiliate Website Marketing)  So you can judge for yourself, about The Wealthy Affiliate Scam.  

There are scams and there will always be scams, I don’t care what business you are in, for every new technology that arises there will be a scammer out there figuring a way around it.  There are a lot of legitimate affiliate programs out there,  but the scam sites out number them.

Other affiliate marketers, including myself understand that your first instinct is this a get rich quick scheme.”  There are an awful lot of them out there, and we do have to be careful. But you will soon discover the fact that you can make the money you need with the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam-ways of promoting Not only the money to get by, but to enjoy your life in a simple, direct, worthwhile, and fully legal way.  The Wealthy Affiliate Scam is a myth, it is not a technique that is about to go away anytime soon it is unique.  Its future is as far-reaching as the internet itself.  And as new technology evolves, so will the WA Program.  Affiliate marketing along with all the avenues it provides to make money will be there in the mix.

I see newbies come into this industry, wide-eyed and with a one tracked mind.  They have heard how people make vast amounts of money as affiliate marketers through affiliate programs.  So they dive in with both feet and take their shot at it.  In a month’s time those same newbies have moved on.

A lot of start up campaigns begin with good intentions.  However, to dive in with both feet without testing the water is a foolish undertaking.  Even if you think you can do it, it is still best to know what you are getting into before you start.  Online marketing is not a quick journey to success, it is a marathon.

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam   

The reason the newbies are out of the game within a month, they did not do their homework; such as researching the industry for the best program that fits their specific craft.  Furthermore, newbies will often fall for a get rich scheme, or they believed the hype. Understand that you can become successful, but there is no instant gratification. (Guide to Affiliate Marketing).

This does not have to be you. Why?  Because if you follow some simple steps before committing you can save yourself a whole lot of grief.  Within the Wealthy Affiliate Open End Education Program you start training with a value of $5,000.00 for free.

Here are some things to avoid The Wealthy Affiliate Scam-scam smart

1 Real affiliate programs don’t cost anything

2 Promises you big income, with little work in no time

3 Avoid the hype (showing success with lavish lifestyle, and cars etc..)

4 The foolproof method

How to avoid:

There are plenty of great affiliate program sites that actually do offer some fair commissions. To check the program you’re considering for scam activity.  Search the link, they sent you to identify your website for commission, and see where it goes. If it’s a pop-up, you aren’t receiving that revenue. It’s also a good idea to research the company before partnering with them.

Anyone can be successful in affiliate marketing. Most people who try will not be very successful in affiliate marketing because lack of commitment. That’s been the truth from what I’ve seen. Having realistic expectations will help you from allowing yourself to be distracted – and fooled – by the hype.  That’s why I know The Wealthy Affiliate Scam is just talk.  Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Program is legit if you are legitimately seeking an honest career.

Other hints that your “partner” is taking advantage of you are as follows:

1. They do not have contact information listed on their site.

2. A fee is required for you to sign up as a partner.

3. You can’t find information about their affiliate program anywhere.

4. They promise you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5. The fine print specifies that payments are not given to an affiliate partner.

Also, FYI there have been a ton of negative reports on sites like PTC Bank and Profit Clicking.

Make your friends and family aware of this scam by sharing it.

Here is an example of a scam shared by a guest post on VB news website (the site is down at the moment)

So here is what was happening:


1. Someone comes to and finds a product they want to buy.
2. They add the product to cart and start to checkout.The Wealthy Affiliate Scam-avoid scams
3. At checkout, they notice a “Discount Code” field.
4. They open a new tab and Google search for “ABC Discount Code.”
5. They click around the various affiliates who claim to have an “ABC Discount Code.”
6. When they visit, the so called “affiliate program” drops a cookie and tag the user as coming from their site.
7. They fail to find a discount code that works and come back to ABC and finish their checkout.
8. Because the affiliate program tagged the user, their reporting system claims that they referred the sale.

So basically, the affiliate program are claiming commission on a sale that was going to happen anyway, and they did not provide any value to anyone at all.  This is why I referred to them “scammers.”  They know what’s going on and they’re happily keep taking your money while posing as your partner.

Being Prepared

Any seasoned marketer will tell you that if you do not have a plan coming in, you can be pulled in so many directions your head will spin.

There is not one direct path you can follow to earn revenue as an affiliate marketer when you see the different avenues that’s out there, all of which sound promising, you become overwhelmed.

This is what allows scammers to be more prevalent than legit affiliate marketers. They know your deepest desire is to make money and they attack.  Like I said, there are some good programs and people out there.

But in my experience, they’re the exception and not the rule. The scammers are ruining business for the rest of those legitimate ones.  I’ve chosen the Wealthy Affiliate program as a legitimate site for newbies and seasoned marketers.  There is no validity to The Wealthy Affiliate Scam.  I am not here to sell but to inform  so just check it out for yourself if interested.   The Wealthy Affiliate Scam-thumbs up-2


Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all the when choosing an affiliate program. And, may you be blessed and prosper. Let’s communicate, share a comment or question, they are important. And I will get back in touch with you.        

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  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I appreciate you responding. Having you and others validate the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate shows it is worth consideration.

  2. Greg

    Great stuff, I’ve ran the hamster wheel of online opportunities and I would recommend everyone use sites like yours to get more knowledge before pulling the trigger. As far as the Wealthy Affiliate community, I agree, that is a pretty awesome group

  3. Anis Chity

    Hi there, thanks for this informative post, there are many scams out there, Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them, it’s a great training indeed I’m a premium member and I really love the community!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  4. Ryan

    Hi Maurice, great post and thanks for your open an honest overview on affiliate marketing – much appreciated. Great reminders on what needs to be avoided. thank you

  5. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you for the feedbacK iT is appreciated it’s like motivational
    fuel. and, may you be blessed and prosper

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