Time Is Passing and Slipping Away

By | January 8, 2017

Time Is Passing, so what else is new?  I know you have heard it before. But when the phrase is said in your presence, does it cause you to act, react or think in any way?  Hey everybody, thanks for the visit.  There was a time when the phrase Time Is Passing were just words I hear in verbatim.  But as time passes in my life now, the phrase is so important.

I often feel like I wasted so much time on meaningless pursuits.  So from experience let me say “Time is Passing” is a phrase you do not want to catch up to you.  So the best thing you can do is live life and not exist in life.  See, time caught up with me, and I do not want it to catch up to you.

Time is PassingTime is Passing-make the best of it

Take a look at your life, observe and analysis your way of life.  I am not asking you to look at your wants and needs; that will come if you follow my lead.  I understand that you might want more to your life but remember you could have less than what you have now.  Moreover, make gratitude and charity a constant in your life.


Observe the way you perceive your life being.  Are you there yet? Do you have the wherewithal to get to the life you want?  To answer these questions, you have first to become in tune with your true feelings and the energies it holds. To do so, you will begin to make a path the life you want.


Analyze what your feelings are saying to you.  Learn to decipher your inner thoughts.  You feel this way for one reason or another. If your feelings are negative feelings or energies, free your mind of the negativity.  If your feelings are positive energies, then the path to discovering “you” will light up.  If you believe in yourself, you will take your meaning of life to the next level.

Time and Business

When in business the value of time is a necessity.  Time is Passing is a phrase that is said only as a term for motivational purposes in business.  A difference in hours can be a make or break deal in negotiations.  Deadlines, projections, proposals, and scheduling all have time being a major factor in their decisions.  The way business value time is the way individuals should value time.  Firms that do well manage their time.  If you want to live well, value your time.

Take Your Head Out of the CloudsTime is Passing-do. It let it pass hou

It is a new day people, never before has self-awareness been on call to deal with life like we know it to be now. Everyone for their sanity needs self-awareness to defend the manipulation coming at us on so many fronts. Education, Religion, Government, Business, Sexual Preference, and Family are all personal decisions being influenced by outside forces.

Find Yourself

There is help out there for finding your meaning in life.  I do not believe the meaning of life can have one definition that fits all.  We are all the same physically, but mentally we differ.  The studies in the arts and sciences have narrowed down research specifically on the mind and body.  Mind and body research led to the study of the forces or energies that make us act the way act. The onus is on you to take their findings and educate yourself on how to better yourself and live well.


Time is Passing do not let it catch you and pass you by.  Learn how to live your life and not just exist in life.  You do have a purpose go and figure it out. The time you spend on the meaningless and being what you call ordinary could be time spent on becoming extraordinary

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best. Remember Time is Passing.  So remember it’s value. May you be blessed and prosper. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or questions and I will get back in touch with you.

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4 thoughts on “Time Is Passing and Slipping Away

  1. Regina

    Great thought provoking post. I love how you said when your feelings are positive the path to discovering you light up! This couldn’t be more true. What you focus on you get more of. Positive = Positive.
    I remember a time when all I worried about was time, and that took all my time. I wasted so much of my energy worrying time that I just couldn’t move. Until I read a book called “The Compound Effect” which teaches that little shifts to what we do with our time and money can not be seen in 3-6 months or even 8-10 months, but in 12-18 months those little shift would compound into great shift, movement and success in our lives. I guess I was so impatient before I read this book I would never take the time to wait on this. I would get disappointed and give up on whatever I was doing after a month or so of not seeing the results. But time is going to pass either way and time wasted you can never get back. Now I trust the compound effect and see great success in my life now. Thank you for your post. Have a abundant day!

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank you responding. I appreciate it. The majority of people deal in meaningless pursuits. What makes you different is that you recognize it for what it is so now you can act accordingly. Your kind word are inspiring thanks again.

  3. Steve

    Really identified with your comment about spending so much time on meaningless pursuits! There’s been a lot of that in my life too. I’ve sort of learned to be a bit kind on myself though – sometimes you have to go down a path to know that it’s not THE path! You have a great writing style by the way, your article really engaged me and it sounded it was written from a place of love.

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