Time Management Activities For An Online Business

By | August 10, 2020

Time Management Activities in business be it online or offline can be defined as having the ability to plan and control how you can best be productive during the course of a day. There are different formats that one can follow for better time management. As an entrepreneur, effective time management involves planning the time you devote to your business so that it performs at its optimum level.

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Well, now that we can define it, how do we apply it in our lives? Multitasking is the term we use now to equate to are the use of time in any particular day. Today everyone probably wishes for a clone of themselves just to stop and exhale.

Understand, you must apply the full meaning of the word “productive” to manage time.  Otherwise, the value of time is diminished.  Furthermore, you must include your personal life for a good balance in life overall.

Like many of us who are out here trying to make a change in our lives for the better, we must have control of an essential part of our lives. Moreover, that is time.

Ever wonder how it is that some people seem to have enough time to do everything, and others are always rushing? They are using their time more efficiently with excellent time management skills. It is that, or they have a personal assistant.

Time management seems like a simple process to follow. However, trying to put it into practice can be difficult. It requires you from the start to take the time to prioritize and organize. Then with a few changes, you will find your day, week, and month, fall into place.

Time Management Activities

time-management breakdown

Poor time management can cause procrastination, as well as self-control. Managing your time include planning the future, setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and noting how you spend your time. Time management advice is not too difficult to incorporate.

You can improve your time management skills by using a range of tools and techniques for specific tasks. One element of effective time management is a productive environment. Setting priorities and reducing distractions daily.

What is important is how you commit and maintain focus. Learning in small increments for a period with repetition. If you read every time management book ever was written or go to every time management seminar offered, you will be able to boil all the technique “stuff” down to only a few things worth doing. Let me save you some time and talk about a few essential time management skills:

Let me save you some time and talk about a few essential time management skills:

Technique #1: Make and use lists. There is not a single time management discipline or system on earth that doesn’t revolve around making and using files. You cannot carry it all in your head.

  •  My Schedule. For the entire day by day for the week or if possible for the month.
  •  Prioritize. By month, week, and day if possible. As what to do first, second, and third.
  •  Organize. Organizing is the key to proficiency. Having things in place when needed can cut reduce the time spent unproductively.
  • Stick-to-it. Distraction can quickly derail and efforts to manage time.
  • Have a list-making system working for you. If you are not making lists, you probably aren’t making much money either. wheel of time and the priority matrix

Technique #2: Your Planner. Know with automation at the ready, preplanning is easier.

The file cabinet should be a little dusty, holding a few necessary hard copies.

Your automated files, for example, Have a folder for each month.

Moreover, each folder has space for each day of the month. Now with such a setup in place, you can fill in events that need to list by the day at the ready. With a reminder in place, you can concentrate on your daily activities.

Technique #3: Benefit of downtime. Everything is mobile now. From sending and receiving anything and everything. There is no excuse to waste time while waiting in an airport, or being stuck in traffic, etc..

This is not the time to mess up your proficiency. Take this downtime to think, read, meditate, listen. Most people use their downtime to returning calls, texts or emails, or to talking on the phone. It is a mistake. You will be doing it hurriedly and without proper preparation,

the wheel of time keeps turningDisciplined use of the time everybody else wastes can give you an edge. For most people, these minutes do not matter. However, they can. So when you say to yourself “it is only 10 minutes,” you miss the entire point of time.

Poor time management can cause procrastination, as well as self-control. Managing your time include planning the future, setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and noting how you spend your time. Time management advice is not too difficult to incorporate.

The Key to Good Time Management

Understanding the difference between urgent and essential. Critical demands your immediate attention, Importance matter. And not doing them may have severe consequences for you or others. Reading funny emails or checking Facebook is neither urgent nor important.

So why is it the first thing that you do each day? See by minimizing distractions help you recognize and avoid other things that may distract you as well from getting your urgent and important tasks done.

This distinction between urgent and important is the key to prioritizing your time and your workload, whether at work or home.

10 Common Time Management Mistakes


Many of us know that we could be managing our time more effectively, but it can be difficult to identify the mistakes that we are making and to know how we could improve. When we do manage our time well.

However, we’re exceptionally productive at work, and our stress levels drop. We can devote time to the exciting, high-reward projects that can make a real difference to a career. In short, we are happier!

In this article, we are looking at ten of the most common time management mistakes, as well as identifying strategies and tips that you can use to overcome them. These ten mistakes are:

Mistake #1. Failing to Keep a To-Do List

The trick with using To-Do Lists.  Many people use an A – F coding system (A for high priority items, F for very low priorities). Alternatively, you can simplify this by using A through D, or by using numbers.  If you have large projects on your list, then, unless you are careful, the entries for these can be vague and ineffective.

For instance, you may have written down “Start on a budget proposal.” However, what does this entail? The lack of specifics here might cause you to procrastinate, or miss key steps. So make sure that you break large tasks or projects down into concrete, actionable steps – then you will not overlook something important.

Mistake #2. Not Setting Personal Goals

Do you know where you would like to be in six months? What about this time next year, or even ten years from now? If not, it is time to set some personal goals!

When you know where you want to go, you can manage your priorities, time, and resources to get there. Goals also help you decide what’s worth spending your time on, and that is just a distraction.

Mistake #3. Not Prioritizing

Your assistant has just walked in with a crisis that she needs you to deal with right now, but you are in the middle of brainstorming ideas for a new client.

You are sure that you have almost come up with a brilliant idea for their marketing campaign, but now you risk losing the thread of your thinking because of this “emergency.”

Sometimes, it is hard to know how to prioritize, especially when you are facing a flood of seemingly urgent tasks. However, it is essential to learn how to prioritize tasks effectively if you want to manage your time better.

Mistake #4. Failing to Manage Distractions

Whether they come from emails, IM chats, colleagues in a crisis, or phone calls from clients, distractions prevent us from achieving flow, which is the satisfying and seemingly effortless work that we do when we are 100 percent engaged in a task.  If you want to gain control of your day and do your best work, it is vital to know how to minimize distractions.

Mistake #5. Procrastination

Procrastination occurs when you put off tasks that you should be focusing on right now. When you procrastinate, you feel guilty that you have not started; you come to dread doing the job; and, eventually, everything catches up with you when you fail to complete the work on time.

Mistake #6. Taking on Too Much

Are you a person who has a hard time saying “no” to people? If so, you probably have far too many projects, and commitments on your plate can lead to poor performance, stress, and low morale.

Mistake #7. Thriving on “Busy.”

Some people get a rush from being busy. The narrowly-met deadlines, the endless emails, the piles of files needing attention on the desk, the frantic race to the meeting. What an adrenaline buzz!  The problem is that an “addiction to being busy. Rarely means that you are effective, and it can lead to stress.

Mistake #8. Multitasking

The truth is that it can take 20-40 percent more time to finish a list of jobs when you multitask, compared with completing the same list of tasks in sequence. The result is also that you could do tasks poorly, emails are full of errors, lack of concentration.

Mistake #9. Not Taking Breaks

Remember, too that you and your health are important. Just because you have lots to do doesn’t mean that doing some exercise, going for a 10-minute walk or making time to eat properly is n’t matter. You should not ignore your physical or mental health for more ‘necessary’ activities.

Mistake #10. Ineffectively Scheduling 

Are you a morning person? Alternatively, do you find your energy picking up once the sun begins to set in the evening? All of us have different rhythms, that is, different times of day when we feel most productive and energetic.

You can make the best use of your day by scheduling high-value work during your peak time, and low-energy work (like returning phone calls and checking email), during your “down” time.  One of the most efficient ways of improving your productivity is to recognize and rectify time management mistakes.

wheel of time has to be managedWhen you take the time to overcome these mistakes, it will make a huge difference in your productivity – and you will also be happier, and experience less stress!

When you take the time to overcome these mistakes, it will make a huge difference in your productivity – and you will also be happier, and experience less stress!

One of the most efficient ways of improving your productivity is to recognize and rectify time management mistakes.  When you take the time to overcome these mistakes, it will make a huge difference in your productivity – and you will also be happier, and experience less stress!

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    I always take time to plan out every minute of the day, from what I have to do to my breaks, I write down everything on my down time and then prioritize. You might think this is time wasting, but in reality, it saves you a lot of time. Time will not repeat itself. So get up and do what is to be done!

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