Unity Of Self For The Better Of All

By | May 29, 2017

unity for humanity

Hello to you all.  Let’s talk Unity, and how to use it to literally change the world.  I have so many thoughts in my mind about this topic and journey, so I hope I do not start ranting.  First of all, this journey demands you find the balance between the positive energies within your inner core and the positive outside energies you attract.

For this purpose I define energies as; the thought process and experiences you allow into your life.  The thought process, being the thoughts you accept as truth.  And the outer energies being the experiences you allow to enter the thought process.  Most noteworthy is: there are negative energies on both sides of the gap as well, and it is incumbent on you, that you stay positive.

How? You ask.  As simple as this may sound it is far from being simple.  The way to bridge the gap is to quit faking who you are and be real.

James O’ Dea author of “The Conscious Activist.” says: ” For most of us, the journey towards becoming more personally integrated begins when we detect the gap.

The gap is the person we present to the world as our authentic self, and the person that runs amok in our off-camera inner world.”  Understand, having an open mind, self-awareness, and commitment is the only way to even having the possibility of wholeness.  Therefore, I say “let inspiration and motivation guide you in your journey.”

Because the will to become whole requires action and self-scrutiny, your thought process about yourself and others will change.  Therefore, the quality of life on both sides of the gap will change.  Consequently, once you are a whole person, you will also have discovered your destiny in life.

Unity Of Self For The Better Of All

unity over greedAll I assume, want to stop the cruelty, violence and the dangers of the world.  To do so, we have to keep it real and act on your beliefs.

And that is the reason for writing this article.  The person who is self-aware and has bridged their gap and made whole is in a position to be a success.

However, with your destiny in hand and success at your door what do you do?  Well, anyone who discovers their purpose in life has an obligation to give it to others.

Success, on the other hand, ask: what will you do with your success?  The journey of one who has found success is like anyone who has found their purpose in life.

Yes, success can be full of generosity and compassion. But the generosity and compassion are nil when greed raises its ugly head.  The options are to chase power and greed or follow the wholeness of your conscious.  Are you strong enough to “keep it 100”?  Can you walk the walk?

Remember what this article is about.  The human race in developed countries today I believe are becoming more consciously aware and are free-will thinkers.  And many may ask: why power and greed are still the leading force behind the ways of the world?

The Bigger Picture

unity and coexistingUnderstand, this is not about you, it is about coexistence; a policy of living peacefully with other nations, religions, etc., despite fundamental disagreements.

This is what is at stake.  Even though I have mainly written about the individual so far in this article, it is not about the individual.

There is no room for selfish reasons in this manifestation.  Your wholeness is part of a collective effort that will grow as each one of us grows.

James O’Dea says: “We cannot afford divisive activist agendas or an ingrown spirituality that focuses exclusively on personal transcendence.

We are called upon to cultivate a wisdom that can help us manifest human capacities including powers of consciousness that will address the current catastrophic rebellion against the laws of Nature and the soul-destroying surrender to the gods of acquisition and wholesale greed.”

Act Within your Wholeness

unity through your voiceI am not talking about war or rebellion it is not about that, it is about making your subconscious your conscious.

When you integrate your positive inner and outer energies and discover through self-awareness your wholeness will reveal a new story of yourself.

And it is when your story integrates with the collective story it becomes a paradigm to the story of cultural transformation.

It is the story of the individual merging with others forming a story of us coexistence

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8 thoughts on “Unity Of Self For The Better Of All

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Hey Todd, I appreciate you responding, and being in agreement. You seem to have a level of self-awareness above many. Now, if others follow our advice we could create a big world wide change.

  2. Todd

    Very nice topic you have here. You did well not to make it to one sided. I have to say that this is a topic I am passionate about as I see to many folks dragged into the Hate or Fear based strictly on what is on the news or what is talked about by others. You are correct when you talk about positive energies. Most people are truly un aware of how powerful energy really is as it is all around us and part of us.. Remaining true to who we are and having the courage to have the Unity you seek is great. We all should follow .

    Nice information I book marked and will be back

  3. Damien

    Well said! Too many people act or think out loud about what they believe the world wants to see or hear.
    You can take this article into many perspectives. You can truly make it your own.

    As long as you keep the thought of unity in mind. Speaking your mind can be a great thing. Let this thought of unity or “simply co-existence” dissipate, and speaking your mind can become a disaster. Perfect this tiny conflict and you can become a great benefit to society and succeed as an individual.

  4. sheri

    I agree. I think being in unity with ones self is a growing experience. I have found that the pressures others place on us shape us sometimes into something we don’t like and do not want to be. I have learned in all that i have gone through that I am really strong and am able to overcome the outside voices and find the peace that I need to move forward in this journey. I also realize that I have a great influence on the people around me and making sure what I do and say really counts is of the utmost importance.

    Thanks for your post.

  5. Keli Tucker

    I read your post on unity and found it very interesting. I will try to choose my words carefully as not to offend anyone who will read this comment on your site. I feel that the problem in the US is that everyone thinks that we are superior to citizens of other nations and we are not being brainwashed by our government through our media. People must have an awakening and realize what a foolish thought it is to think we live in the only country that does not use propaganda to control it’s citizens, make us act and react in certain ways and even turn us against one another. Once people have an awakening and begin to see the truth, then they must adjust their mindset to be more accepting of others. This will lead to a more positive mindset and a more peaceful society. One Love. Trust me, I’ve been below rock bottom. Anyone can turn their life around. Start by believing in yourself and you will grow to believe in more. Your thoughts become your words, which become your actions, which becomes your destiny.

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