Unlimited Horizon You Can Get There

By | February 20, 2019

An Unlimited Horizon is within your reach.  See the human species is the most complex and complete species of all the species in the world.  Our way of living is equal to the lower leveled species when it comes to living.  Living as a harmonious unit we aren’t even close.  

Is it because we do not have the mental capacity to live in harmony?  We do but as long as we continue to live, act and socialize in the manner we do, we will never come close to living in harmony.

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Therefore, to have harmony alone within yourself or within our world requires reaching for an Unlimited Horizon.  The world as we know it limits our ability to think for ourselves.  

Therefore, as a result, we accept things as they are.  Even though we may have a unique perspective on whatever it may be, we continue to like sheep and follow the leader.  Why step out the box when you can be just ordinary?  After all, we are already at the top of the food chain.

Unlimited Horizon 

unlimited horizon-the law of attraction Animals fight for territory, power, dominance hierarchy and amongst each other for survival.  However, humans have the mental capabilities to diagnose and analyze.  Which should, in turn, reveal ways to live in harmony.  

Maybe we do not have the capacity to live in harmony.  After all, for as long as humans been on this earth, we live like lower-class animals when we live in the same manner.  Like animals in small packs, we live and are submissive to a leader.

Furthermore, we choose to live as we do.  Yes, leaders are necessary, because there would be anarchy if it was everybody for themselves.  But as leaders go; if you can define and think harmony, then you can make it a reality.  

I am not trying to simplify the matter, I know it is easier said than done when dealing with humanity.  Everyone can think for themselves and there is where the problem may lie; freewill versus State. How do you control someone’s thoughts?

Expand Your Horizon

See our world is so massive and like likes like.  Because we are at the top of the food chain, does that mean we stop advancing?  Do we just maintain order as best we know how? When maintaining order consist of propaganda and subliminal messaging.

unlimited horizon in the universeTherefore, we need a more universal way to communicate so all of us can get on the same page. Controlling the lives of others, I contend should come from a higher source than someone on the same level. How do we get on the same page?

We need a source who see us and our plight and bring answers for all. We need to find something greater than ourselves to reach for as a people.  

Otherwise, we will continue fighting amongst each other because we refuse to expand our horizons.  Since we as humans control this world.

What do we do to expand our horizons?  I surmise we look beyond this world.  Since we only use a fraction of our mind and it is reasonable to believe the universe is on a higher frequency than people on earth.  It makes sense to view it as an Unlimited Horizon.

The Universe

unlimited horizon-we are one

The Universe is so massive, I could not try to give you its measurement.  There is no comparison.  All we can say is that is factual, is that the Universe like everything else is energy. Why tap into the energy of the Universe?  It is the new frontier.

And the energy we possess in our body can benefit you alone or whoever takes the journey.

The Universe is the source that will expand our mind control. It will take an open mind, self-awareness, understanding the law of attraction, belief in yourself and practice.

The journey to the new horizon takes time like any other discovered horizon.  Except for the journey tapping into what the universe offers is not physical, it is mental.   To even attempt to attract energy from the universe and have the manifestation from the universe, you need a purpose to discover your destiny.  

It is important to know what you are in search of.  How could you expect to receive what you want when you do not feel, define or know what it is. When you are in tune with yourself only then can you see what the universe offers?

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all the best on your journey to an Unlimited Horizon.  Leave a message or question about this article I will respond to.  May you have blessings and prosperity. 

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6 thoughts on “Unlimited Horizon You Can Get There

  1. Maurice Jackson Post author

    You are a exactly right. I feel more and more people will realize the old way of excepting things without questioning or having any input does. Of work. And when they do they will become more aware and free will thinking will be the result.

  2. Regina Saucedo

    Really can appreciate this post. Unlimited Horizon is exactly what is available to us at all times. I remember a time when I thought there was just this limited space I had access to, so glad I woke up. I love when you said “How could you expect to receive what you want when you do not feel, define or know what it is.” That is so huge and yet seems so simple. People are running around playing roles instead of stopping and just tuning into who they really are. UNIQUE is old school in todays society of sheeple. If everyone would just focus on getting to know themselves and being clear consciousness the whole world would be transformed. And people would live much more fulfilling and happy lives. They would attract exactly what they want and choose clearly what they want. I think folks have gotten used to be told who they are and what they can have. Time to wake up. Thank you for sharing – Much love

  3. Chappy Krauthoff

    The new frontier can be had if one likes to read and wants to improve themselves. You post here is a good place for many to start from.

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    There are so quality books many out I doubt you will be wrong no matter which one you choose. Thanks for responding

  5. Furkan

    I actually try feeling relaxed these days because I create a business but I really need to expand my horizon. I will probably read quotes or book to get some inspiration. Do you know a good source for it?

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