What Does Procrastination Mean For Marketers

By | January 6, 2018

What Does Procrastination Mean For Marketers?  If there were warnings on a medicine bottle that held the cure for procrastination, it would read: “Failure to take heed of the following, will lead to procrastination poison.” The following warnings are; “Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow.”

“There is no time like the present.”  “Tomorrow is promised to nobody.”  “My how time flies.”  Some infamous quotes are they not?  I am sure you heard them all before.  Procrastination may be due to many issues, ranging from emotional, health, self-doubt, home, school or another particular problem. 

Procrastination if left unchecked can lead to depression and other emotional problems.  “We procrastinate because we give in to feel good,” said Tim Pychyl, associate professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa. “If a task makes me frustrated or bored, avoidance lets me escape those negative emotions.”

William Knaus, EdD, a professor at American International College in Springfield, Mass. wrote the book on not writing the book. Co-author of Overcoming Procrastination; Procrastination is an automatic habit process that leads to a needless postponement. “It is automatic,”

Procrastination has an impact on online marketers that will devastate their business if left unattended.  A generic definition of procrastination is; an act or habit of putting things off, especially something requiring immediate attention?

What Does Procrastination Mean For Marketers

Marketers online in themselves have embedded characteristic traits that do not serve well with procrastination. Procrastination Stops:

Learning                                      Dedication

Progress                                       Patience

Motivation                                  Scheduling

Ethics                                           The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Persistence                                 Focus

Taking Charge                           Hard Work

Many online marketers are sole proprietors. Working alone can affect you if you are not self-aware and mentally strong. Procrastination 

Effects Of Procrastinationwhat does procrastination mean-procrastinate now, and pay later

Research shows that people who procrastinate have injured immune systems and suffer, colds and flu more than the average person.

They also suffer from gastrointestinal, and stress-related disorders such as insomnia.  Procrastinators can change their behavior, experts insist: it takes much self-work, but in the end, it is worth the effort.

Daydreaming about the things you need to do is easy and accomplishes nothing.  It takes commitment and immediate action to stop procrastinating.  

Remember how much better you felt inside and out when you would have a plan and took action necessary for attacking your goals, and then seeing the progress and the light at the end of the tunnel?

When you can overcome the fear of success, you will be amazed how taking control of your thoughts will launch you into turning that power and knowledge into successful actions.

Tips to stop procrastinating what does procrastination mean to marketers

  • Don’t shoot yourself in the foot to make yourself feel better. Waiting until the last minute creates a problem: not enough time to do something well.

However, waiting until the last minute also creates a convenient excuse.  Indeed, procrastination allows us, in advance, to blame our failures on something other than ourselves.

  • The internet is an endless treasure trove for procrastinators. However, the band can also be the benefactor.  Use apps like RescueTime or Antisocial to keep yourself off Instagram and on task.

You can also set a periodic alarm—say, every 15 minutes—on your smartphone or device (or even a good old-fashioned kitchen timer) to snap your attention back to what you are supposed to be doing for the duration of your designated work time.

  • Vindication for procrastinators came in the form of a 2005 study from Columbia University and McGill University.

Researchers found that the kind of procrastination you engage in can make a difference.  Passive procrastinators match our traditional understanding of procrastination: they are stuck by indecision, can’t start, and cope poorly.

  • Active procrastinators, however, make a deliberate decision to put off doing work until the last minute to maximize motivation or performance.  If you procrastinate because you do your best work under pressure, you are an active procrastinator.

In the study, the research team found that active procrastinators looked more like non-procrastinators and less like passive procrastinators.  Moreover, regarding using time purposefully, active procrastinators believe in their ability to achieve goals, coping efficiently, and most of all, making an excellent overall performance. 

So, no need to wait until the eleventh hour to see what works best for you. Identify your procrastination as being either passive or active. More importantly, install countermeasures and act on them.

Face Your Fears

Know that procrastination is a coping strategy to deal with unhappy feelings that will place you in a comfort zone. Recognizing that you are a procrastinator, is essential to changing this lack of action.

Procrastinators settle into a comfort% zone unwilling to leave.  Furthermore, not facing one’s fears will stop progress no matter the venture. Recognition, taking progressive action and staying on schedule is key.  Before you know it, you will turn procrastination into motivation.  


It takes self-awareness, positivity, and belief in oneself to be successful as an online marketer. It is probably not the best thing to be alone with your thoughts there are negative connotations.  Surround yourself with like-minded people 24 hours a day.

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See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all the best in acting on your procrastination. Moreover, may you have blessings and prosperity.  Moreover, please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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12 thoughts on “What Does Procrastination Mean For Marketers

  1. Charissa

    Hi Maurice – thanks for taking the time to write this. I definitely needed it today! I always have an excuse and wait to the last minute to finish things. Thinking back to the rare instances when I got ahead of myself on a project, I felt SO much less stress overall. I felt GOOD knowing I could slow down on the next task, since I didn’t have to rush. I will definitely think twice about putting things off now – thanks again.

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Lia, thanks for responding it’s appreciated. And the points you have touched on is something everyone should consider.

  3. lia

    I’ve been struggling with procrastination for the last 10 years and read countless books and self help methods. Here is what I’m having best results with. First of all, procrastination bulldozer method has worked wonders for me. I highly recommend you apply it. Secondly, whenever you have a task that takes less than 5 minutes to do, do it right away. No delays. I’m really starting to take control of my life now. -)

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

     Thank you for your input . I am sure it will all who reads it.

  5. Maurice Jackson Post author

     Thank you for your input and you’re right facing your fears is the solution

  6. David

    Hi Maurice,

    As you say, procrastination leads to many undesirable outcomes. Are there any easy to implement solutions that people can do right now to help them to stop procrastination?

    Your “face your fears” section reminded me of a book I read ages ago called “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. I don’t actually remember any of its contents, just the title of the book. I guess I must have taken away the most important part of it anyway, change ahead and just do it anyway.

    Onwards and upwards,

  7. dreamgirl93

    I think I’m not one of those people who struggle with procrastination as I have discovered ways to deal with it. I am having results with planning every half an hour of the day the night before. Also when I do things on a routine, I don’t usually procrastinate, for example waking up and getting ready for work every day at the same hour. I recommend you apply this. When things are part of your routine and you do them on a sequence every morning, at the same hour you will tend to procrastinate less. This keeps me highly motivated. I’m usually known to be a very organized and efficient person. -)

  8. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thank  you for commenting and your input makes a valid point as well discipline will take you a long way.

  9. Flavia

    I love the medicine quote you used!! I definitely found great insight reading your post. The way I beat procrastination is I remind myself to be discipline. To not give into my feelings when I’m not feeling like it, but to get it done anyway.

    I agree with you on what you said about facing your fears. Someone told me to ‘do it afraid.’ Like you said, it will turn into motivation.

  10. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Hi Regina I must say I do like conversing with you. I agree with your input on procrastinating, I also I think the fear to succeed is also a factor.
    Thanks for responding.

  11. Regina Medina

    Thank you for this post Maurice. I think one of the underlining thoughts or feelings people may not recognize that feeds the procrastination is low self esteem. If you truly VALUE yourself you will want to do the best for yourself. I have found that over the years as I struggled with putting things off it was mostly because I was afraid of success or maybe didn’t really believe I deserved it. But as I built my self up now I know I deserve success and much more. Now I don’t let anything stand in my way and I take precious care of me and my life. this includes my schedule. I tend to put the hardest items of the day first, that way I feel accomplished and complete by 2pm.

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