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By | July 29, 2017
 Are you having to make the decision between deciding on an affiliate network program, or defining What Is Affiliate Programs? Hey, everybody. I’ve been in the affiliate marketing business for only 3 years.
But understand, I came in committed and with a passion for it. And I personally after researching, chose an independent affiliate program and never looked back.

Affiliate marketing is easy to get into, but not easy to do. With that said, one of the major things I believe will lead you down a successful journey is finding a solid independent or network affiliate program. Longevity, references, a trial period, commissions and ratings are signs to look for.

Affiliate marketing for me, started with 12 hour days for 6 months to position myself to be successful.

This is “Real Talk” other marketers like myself went through the process (give or take a few hours).

Hey, if it was easy anybody could do it. Moreover, to do, it will be worth it. Here is some more “Real Talk.”

Here are some interesting facts about Affiliate marketing

  • 78% Affiliates use SEO as their marketing strategy
  • 69% Affiliates promote consumer related products
  • 60% Affiliates work from home
  • 50% affiliates earn less than $10000/year
  • 47% affiliates promote less than 10 products
  • 3.3% affiliates earn more than $500,000/year
According to Forrester, the affiliate industry is on track to reach $4.5 billion by 2016. And many predictors don’t expect it to slow by 2024 (or at any point in between). However, the affiliate marketing landscape will change. But, by thinking strategically about the opportunities, brought on by Big Data, real time customer interaction and seamless marketing. This new technology will allow the experiences consumers demand. 

What Is Affiliate Programs

Independent Program

Independent Programs are best suited for marketers who promote their own product or service. Or promoting goods that they are very familiar with. You can focus, diagnose, compare


  • Having a direct business relationship with that program.
  • The only thing positioned between the affiliate program and their customers is you – the affiliate marketer.
  • By having a direct working relationship with the affiliate program, there’s the opportunity to negotiate your affiliate commission.
  • I cannot speak for all independent affiliate programs, but my affiliate program offers everything from free websites, hosting and even a free marketing boot camp.  The network community is a family you have to experience for yourself to believe it.


Promoting products for independent programs does have disadvantages.

You might want to promote affiliate products from multiple independent programs.

Tracking affiliate sales, commissions, and other metrics can become a daunting task if you’re promoting several independent affiliate programs at once.

Also, promoting several merchants at the same time means having to deal with several contact persons. I recommend to all marketers who are working independently, to take on campaigns one at a time. And only until a campaign is self-sustainable should you move on to the next.

Affiliate networks provide:

  • Impressions
  • Clickthrough rates
  • Sales
  • Commissions

Some of today’s biggest and most active affiliate networks are Commission Junction.com, Amazon.com, LinkShare.com, and ShareASale.com  If it’s convenience and access to hundreds of affiliate programs you’re after. Then no question, network programs are the way to go.

So, which of the two should you choose? Independent merchants or affiliate networks? The important thing for you to take away from all this is that you should choose whichever can bring you maximum convenience and profitability.

A step by step independent training program to help you easily launch and grow your own affiliate internet business I signed up for this one.  The Wealthy Affiliate Program.  However, there are others,

Selling affiliate stuff from affiliate networks

With an affiliate network, you can choose from a number of programs to promote across a wide range of categories, and, everything will be taken care of, so all you need to do is promote and sell. An affiliate network provides affiliate marketers with a central reporting and tracking system which shows all the data that marketers need for any specific period.

Tips when choosing 

1. Multiple Payment OptionsWhat Is Affiliate Programs the ways to pay

Since nearly all affiliate networks will give you multiple options for receiving payments, this point is more for independent affiliate programs.

This is a very important aspect of choosing an affiliate program. If you can’t get paid then what is the point.

When I sign up for an affiliate program, I make sure that they have multiple options (at least two) for getting paid. In most cases, they’ll have Paypal and check options which I’m cool with.

2. Know what you are promoting  

When I say positive feedback, I’m not only talking about positive feedback for the product or service. That’s important too for the sake of your credibility.

Recommend a product that customers have been complaining about and you’re probably going to get your commissions reversed and your readers angry with you.

Just be sure to check out feedback on the product if you’re going to promote it or better yet, get your hands on a copy of the product and try it yourself.

I’m also talking about positive feedback on the affiliate program. If you’re on a network then you’re safe but if it’s an independent affiliate program then you need to check.

3. Affiliate Support

Having a strong support system should be a priority. Indep

4.Multiple Ways to Promote

In a lot of cases, an affiliate link alone may be all you need to successfully promote a product.

Sometimes an affiliate program will provide you with lots of other creatives or promotional material such as:

  • banners
  • deep links
  • email copy
  • articles
  • keywords
  • pdfs to give away

When this happens you know that they care about your success and this is good for both parties. When an affiliate does well, the advertiser does well too.

One thing to keep in mind with multiple creatives is that there are other affiliates who will be using the same stuff so you should use them as a guide and not just use them as-is.

It’s just not going to look good if you’re sending out the same emails as hundreds of other affiliates; SEO is not going to work if you’re posting the same articles and so on.

What Is Affiliate Programs/training

5. Training & Tips

If a program has affiliate training then this is also a great indication that the advertiser cares about your success.

There are many programs that will send you email tips and training so that you can be more knowledgeable about the product or service they provide and in tune with current affiliate practices.

Some are quite unique. I’m signed up to some affiliate programs and here are some of the things that I get in some of the training newsletters.

  • article nuggets (ideas for articles with insight on why it works)
  • best selling and upcoming releases (from a site that gets major tv exposure)
  • video content you can use in your promotions
  • Some affiliate networks also provide training for affiliate but I suggest training and tips from the advertiser you’re promoting.

Networks like Linkshare and Shareasale automatically let advertisers email you once you’re signed up to promote their program and this can be quite valuable. Wealthy Affiliate has a great training “boot camp” that goes in depth on building a site to promote their service as an affiliate.

6. Adequate Commissions Per Sale

Finally, look for programs that pay out enough commissions per sale for me to see a good return.

This is especially important if you start a site that you’ll have to work on to rank in the search engines and get traffic. Until you get a good ranking then you’re probably not going to get that many sales.

As a rule of thumb, try to stick with affiliate programs that pay at least $20 per sale (especially if it’s something from Clickbank).

Another thing to consider is using affiliate programs that pay on recurring billing. Membership sites use this payment model instead of giving you a one-time payment and there are lots of recurring billing programs on Clickbank.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to teach everyone how making an affiliate online business a success.  By instilling in its members that they are a community that is here to help each other.

And this is what they do, with over an 890,000 members from around the world. You will see and be pleased as members and the founders as well. Live. advice, help, motivate and answer questions, it is remarkable.

This is uncommon approach is what allows around the clock support.  See the founders insist on members helping each other and we do, this allows you to build your network within Wealthy Affiliates network. They made this community, a family, again it’s remarkable.

If you have intentions of following your purpose in life or want to find your purpose in life. Then I want you to join my marketing team now! You will get free training two websites, and twenty-four-hour support, that will train you in setting up your online business from choosing a domain name to the point that you are ready to launch.

Furthermore, when you become a member you can have access to weekly webinars, chat room, activities board, build your own network. And we will teach you how to run and operate your online business from the free training you received. And when I welcome you we can talk about finding your destiny. Only if you are interested.

See You On The Other Side

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Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you be blessed and prosper. Please let us communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you

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