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By | September 14, 2017

Hey everybody, as usual, I am glad to have you back. In this article, I want to show you how content marketing is done. Better yet, I will show you What Is Great Content for online marketers. I will help you master the process.

Once mastered, your content marketing along with other components of your campaign will generate significant residual income. It takes time, but in time, your content will build the readers trust, which will convert them from readers to customers to buyers.

Content marketing is a platform that offers solutions to a customer’s needs.

It introduces the customer to what the benefits of a product or service are through helpful, and informative quality content.

Content that also engages in a manner that makes them feel like you are talking to them.

Alternatively, at the very least, have them feel like they are a part of the process. It also counters objections that might deter a consumer from buying. Online marketing and content marketing go hand in hand because it is where consumers are, online.

They are looking for solutions to solve their problems and satisfy their needs. Successful online content marketers write with intent, use relevant content at a high volume, that is of value and with no sales pitch.

What Is Great Content For Online Marketers

Problem Solving. Content, Consistency, and Creativity are the essentials of content marketing. 

  • Content  Focus your attention on High-quality content. With your expertise and problem-solving content will cause your prospects to trust you consequently, leaving them wanting more.
  • Creativity  Every piece of content you write has to solve a problem for your audience cares and tell a story-Story Telling Content.  Do this on a consistent basis, and your audience will know they can expect more content and will click through.
  • Consistency  People who try content marketing make prospects were not wanting to return by producing content that doesn’t benefit readers, that is too much irrelevant content and overselling.

What Is Great Content For this is an image of what all content entails

Position yourself for success if you want to find more customers, your interactions with them should show you are worth doing business with. 

Yes, it is about authority, but not about being a know it all not willing to compromise. 

Your audience is someone who is smart and understanding a trustworthy friend.  

When in doubt, remember Paul Newman’s axiom: always take your work seriously; never take yourself seriously. Remember, you are not trying to make the consumer purchase anything at this point.  You are building content that last and grows to support this sale and much more.  

You can use a good CTA to ask for purchase but be subtle and do this only after you have a relationship.  Now, you have all this quality content; it is time to bring the marketing side into play. Moreover, find various ways to get that content to the masses that you target.

The point when you begin striking this balance consistently is when you begin to generate income and start making a profit.

The 10-Step Content Marketing Checklist

What Is Great Content For. This is an infographic for content strategy

In its most straightforward definition, content marketing is communicating with potential customers in a manner that they will enjoy and pay attention. Furthermore, your content should demonstrate that you are a good person to do business with.

Combining those two “simple” factors can be a little tricky to execute. So here is a checklist to make sure you are building your content marketing on the right foundation.

Consider this the list for you to build the foundation of a solid content marketing campaign. Check these off, and you will have the right framework to create a successful campaign.

1. Have the expertise about the topic

To create a content marketing platform, you need to understand your topic of focus.  Your platform comes from what interests and engages your audience. You can start with what interest you, then from there find your target audience.

If your site is brand-new, start with about ten posts that point to your fundamental beliefs and values about your topic. Think about what you would want every single reader of your site to know about.

2. Make your content worth reading.

This one is tricky. We have seen marketers claim their content is “high quality” because it is original, different, or they know something about their topic. There’s much lousy, unreadable content that conforms to those three standards.

How can you tell if your content is worth reading? Content is worth reading if people read it. You do not decide. Readers decide. That means you analyze and diagnose to see what gets the most traffic, the most links, and the most social shares, and the most comments.

Content worth reading usually:What Is Great Content For? This is an image stating this blog sucks

  • Has a headline that’s appealing and draws your audience.
  • Is genuinely useful, focusing on problems readers care about and is of value.
  • Is formatted to engage and hold attention.

Leave any one of those out, and you will find content marketing hard. If, after a hard look, you realize that your content sucks, all is not lost. Partner (now) with a writer who’s great at creating terrific content, but who struggles with some other area of business that you are good at.

There is no way around this step. You either create content worth reading, or you do not create content.

3. Secure your content.

Make sure your web host takes security seriously. Keep your site software (WordPress or whatever another tool you might be using, including your theme and all plugins) up to date.

4. Place your high content in a great theme

The right premium WordPress theme can give you a beautiful, professional-looking design at a very attractive price. It will provide other benefits as well, including improved security and code that doesn’t get in the way of your SEO rankings.

5. Don’t go too long without making an offer.

A well-crafted landing page will offer value and focus your prospect’s attention when its an overview of the product or service. Moreover, it keeps the selling in its space, away from your primary content. Whatever your offer may be, make sure it benefits the prospect In a simple call to action.

6. Go to social media

Social media audiences will do some mouth to mouth advertising as soon as you give them something worthwhile to talk about.

Just like building the foundation of a beautiful house, if you do the steps in order, you will have something substantial that will serve you for many, many years to come. I can help you with your online business. Join my marketing now! We train you intensely for free on how to set up an online business.

Why did you ask? We weed out those who are not serious. Moreover, let the cream rise to the top. We train the serious-minded future and seasoned online entrepreneur. So no matter what your past may be, if you have a passion for running an online business, welcome we are here for you.

Furthermore, when you become a member, we will give you everything you need for us to teach you how to run an online business and where you will also receive bonuses.

See You On The Other Side


Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you have blessings and prosperity.  Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question, and I will respond

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  1. Riley

    Very good post, such a great topic and you covered it so well. I struggle with content terribly so this was perfect for me and right on time. Thanks for such a thorough post “What is great content for online marketers” really hit the mark !!!! riley roman

  2. Maurice Jackson Post author

    thank you for responding. I do appreciate you taking the time to do so.
    For me, the right fonts is determined by Google and the SEO standard- title h1, keyword- h2 subtitles-h3 and content is in paragraph

  3. Sylvia

    I really have enjoyed your article because it really reflects the fact that when we write we actually doing it for the reader and not for ourselves.

    I do write a lot myself and I always think about the reader what they like to get out of it what I am writing about. I also like to engage with my readers and in most cases, they left me to know if they liked, even really understood, the content and what they do expect the next time.

    Just a question, lately I have read and heard about the importance of using the right font. What are your thoughts on this?

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I appreciate you responding and the complement Sharon. And I am inspired and grateful that I could help in some type of way

  5. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Maurice,
    What a great indepth post and what you talk about is truly reflected in the way you are writing it as well! I really enjoy blogging and engaging my readers and like to think I do have good quality content, however like you say, that is the readers decision. I know if I am doing a good job as my leads from my Call to Actions reflect this. Again great post – thanks for sharing!
    Cheers, Sharon

  6. claudette

    This is great information, particularly the four essential elements of great content. I am new to blogging and I struggle with creativity and I’m beginning to learn more about consistency. I have a lot to learn in this area, but your article definitely helps pull all this information together. It explains a great deal of the mechanics of content. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Michelle

    Hello there, Maurice,

    What can I say – only the truth – YOU NAILED IT!!

    Your article is concise and to the point. It is so true that there is a lot of content on the internet and some are just plain – unreadable – there are other words I could use to describe it, but I digress.

    As a writer myself, it is not and should not be about me; it is about the reader – it is what they consider important enough to sit down and immerse themselves in. AND, yes, no reader for your content equates easily with no income for your business. You have to ‘sell’ the content that your reader is willing to ‘buy’.

    Great pointers and thanks so much for the reminder.

    Much success on your journey.

  8. Norman Richards

    Hello, your post is really great and has the perfect ingredient that any affiliate marketer needs to succeed in online marketing. These are some very powerful points that you are sharing. Thanks a million for a such an awesome post that is such a great help.

  9. Clyde

    Wow! What a great post!

    Just when I think I am getting the hang of things and think I know what I am doing, I find this post.

    There is so much to add to my knowledge base and I have bookmarked this post to keep me reminded of writing my content!

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