What Is Marketing Online And Its Use

By | November 6, 2017

When asked What Is Marketing Online?  It is not enough to say that it consists of quality content, images, and banners with links to the site of the manufacturer of the product or service. It is a website designed to make money. However, let’s dig deeper into the guts of an affiliate website to find out how it is intended to make money.

Furthermore, to have an affiliate website, you essentially become an affiliate marketer. The majority of marketers do so with a website as the vehicle to deliver their ads and promotions to the masses.

When answering What Is Marketing Online? It starts with a website, that is essential. Moreover, the effort to keep it optimize and maintained will affect the amount of traffic and your ROI. For an in-depth description, one needs to look at all the components that make up an affiliate website.

Keep in mind the site should be constructed to use specific content that is determined by the consumer’s place in the purchasing cycle to be most effective. To know a buyer’s place, the marketer of an affiliate website must stay up to date with the current and if at all possible the future technology and the trends that may apply to the industry.

 Currently, there is software that used by expert developers that can give marketers real-time information and allow back and forth dialogue. You might ask “what if I have all the components mentioned above in place, who and how will people see it?

What Is Marketing Online And Its Use

What Is An Affiliate Marketing website and how it is used

There are more components to the makeup of an affiliate website. Although an affiliate website promotes products and service, there is another promotional part, and that is developing the site itself. Just because you have your affiliate website up and running doesn’t automatically mean traffic will follow, “build it and they will follow” don’t apply to websites.

Your marketing prowess, perseverance, and facing your fears must be at the highest level. That is right, to market with expectations of success you have to bring your A-game. The most successful affiliate websites have their site fit the product or service.However, if your business plan is to find an affiliate program first and then search for a product will be frustrating. Affiliate websites more than likely are home-based businesses, and to have success with a home business takes time.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme; it takes work.  Moreover, if you apply yourself, you will find that you can make the money you need and even more to live the lifestyle you deserve all in an entirely legal way. Remember that hypothetical question “who and how will people see my website”?  You get the most traffic to your site by having it rank in the search engines.

To get the best ranking your website has to be SEO compliant and know what search engines want, and you must earn their trust. The sooner you learn these three components, the quicker you will be ranked. You want an affiliate website with a good reputation, and you have to have it if you want the consumer’s trust and loyalty.


Rank is all about the battle between you and your competitors to be on the first page of the search engines. Here is a feature snippet from the Google search engine; N2) Google page rank is a method used to determine if a page is relevant or necessary.

Google PageRank (PR) is a measure from 0 – 10. Google Pagerank is based on backlinks.

You can enter any page URL into a  page rank tool to see it is ranking. Before a post or website can even be considered for a high rank it has to SEO compliant.

SEO Compliant 

Essentially, SEO compliance is what it seems. Google wants websites to follow specific standards in regards to content, type of links; it is accessibility, is it relevant, visibility, design, and visibility. When you are in good standing, you get more attention from Google. If you are not in good standing, you are in a hard battle to recover from it. Webmasters Guide Lines

How to Become SEO Compliant

N2) SEO compliance looks at what Google deems permissible and what is against their guidelines. Here is a quick guide to becoming (more or less) SEO compliant in a matter of minutes.

  • Content.  Occasionally to perform a quick read-through of your site’s content to make sure it matches up with keywords and links.
  • Check URLs. What you can do is analyze and review your site’s URLs.
  • Meta Description. While your meta description may not directly affect your site’s SEO, it does have an indirect effect on click-through rate.  Meta description
  • Heading Tags. These are what search engines use to learn the subject of a page. Coded as H1-H6 with H1 being the most important.


A crucial factor many believe is the excessive use of bold italics and underlined words, be careful, keep it in mind.

  • Search engines use title tags as a factor in their algorithm ranking. When checking your SEO compliance, spend some time with your titles by viewing each page’s source code. The title-tag should be at or near the top of the page and not exceed 50-60 characters in length or 512-pixels.
  • Keywords should be towards the front of the title while company name should come at the end. When working with title tags, brevity is a key. Search engines are frustrated by long title tags and will dilute the importance of keywords as a result. By all means, avoid duplicate title tags.
  • Credible Links. With each of Google’s new algorithm updates tries to make less use of backlinks, they matter  Pay attention to how you acquire them and make sure they are natural and valuable. Therefore, the key here is to go for credible links and to avoid blatant malpractice. No spamming,

So if you had to rank the key anatomy elements of a web page what would they be? Below is how I would rank them from most important in order

  1. Page Tile
  2. Quality content
  3. <h1>
  4. <h2>
  5. <h3>
  6. <p> tags that are bold
  7. in page link text
  8. page description
  9. page keywords

Focused on and optimized for keywords and phrases that relate most to the products, services, and the audience that you are trying to target. Don’t go overboard adding too much will hurt your ranking


Earning the trust of your customers is not something you leave unattended once you attained it. Therefore, you have to nature it in every interaction with your prospects. Trust-building and maintaining it takes a sustained effort. Hence, when you are trying to gain trust and combine it with a product or service that the customers want.

Show how you are adding value when trying to solve their problems. If you do not earn the trust of the client, they will buy from someone whom they do trust even if the offer is not as good as yours. Therefore, understanding your customer is key to business success. Listen to what they want and need.

There are free analytics tools online to help you better know your audience, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Survey Monkey
  • MicroPoll

Now you have an in-depth answer to the question What Is An Affiliate Website? Do you want an online business operated by a website? Join my marketing team now!

We offer intense training that is free to start. In which time we will train to set up an online business. Furthermore, when you become a member, there is more training in combination with us teaching you how to run an online business. If you read my review you will see all that we offer including discounts and bonuses.

What is marketing online? Find using this pogram

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Thanks for stopping by. Moreover, I wish you all the best with your online business, and, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let us communicate, share a comment or question, and I will get back in touch with you.

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N1) MatthewTNelson Partner, Interactive Media Director at FirstTracks Marketing- See more at http://digitalmarketingfrontier.com/is-your-web-site-seo-compliant/#sthash.9pvZ9NaK.dpuf



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    Thanks for providing such a thorough breakdown of marketing online, Maurice.

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