What Is Success In Life

By | October 23, 2019

What is success in life? It can be interpreted in many ways. See, success is finding your purpose in life and pursuing it.

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They say it is an independent interpretation from one individual to another. However, I’m here to tell you that the only thing that is individual about one’s journey to success is the path taken to get there.

Our purpose in life is to help one another we are obligated to do so, that is true success. We have an advantageous and unique talent over all other species.

And that is the ability to think and decipher the meaning of who, what, when, where and why. We also one major trait that is a common character for all species and that is unity. All of the other species in the world survive, thrive and live by working in unity.

Yet, the human species does not recognize or acknowledge unity enough to make is a major component of our being or build upon this simple fact. 

It has been quoted that the supreme architect of all there is gave dominance to man to govern what he has created. However, as it stands we can’t or refuse to govern ourselves on a unified front to achieve our obligated goal.

All other living creatures succeed daily. Why can’t we? Are we not thinking, or trapped by the powers that be? I think it is both.

What Is Success In Life

Success meant for allIs your life governed by monetary gain? If so you have been bamboozled. Would you like to have a materialistic fortune? Then you are misguided.  If all of the aforementioned questions were answered with a yes, then you are not thinking.

Is power fortune and fame are what you want, then you are trapped by the powers that be. If you still have an open mind when reading this post, then let us dig deeper.

All humans are connected on a spiritual, scientific, and energetic level. When these connections are applied in our everyday occurrences or our way of living, all the things you desire will fall in place.


The universe is a massive force of energy that incorporates all there is made by the supreme architect of all there is. It is so massive it has no limitations.

I do not believe there is an exponential or dimension that can accurately define its size or the number of galaxies it holds.

Moreover, this energy both negative and positive connect atoms to atoms to form, all galaxies, planets, stars, vegetables, and mammals there is. Each following a destined path to fulfilling their obligation except for humans.  


Success in life is awarenessWe all have heard the rhetoric about “the path less taken.” Here is my narrative on the quote.

We live in a selfish, greedy, and materialistic world. With propaganda and subliminal messaging to further perpetuate this way of thinking.

It is why we as humans have been referred to as sheep because we follow blindly to the ways of the world or status quo. The above-mentioned applies to those following the path most taken.

The path less taken is comprised of people with an open-mind, self-awareness, freewill-positive thinkers, self-confidence, risk-takers, focus, and most of all a belief in themselves. Such traits as these are necessary because one’s greatest adversary,-is their subconscious thoughts.

One’s subconscious thoughts have in most cases more negative energy because we have been programmed to be that way. The ways of the world are the reason why.

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