What Is The Future Of Humanity In The Digital Age

By | June 16, 2017

What Is The Future Of Humanity?  Is a very important question and needs an answer.  With technology being in every aspect of our lives.  We all should be aware of the affects it will have on the human psyche.  Also, there is know question that the advancement in technology has brought in the the digital age.

Not only economically, but there is a shift in our social, emotional, mental, and educational approach to life as well.  What Is The Future Of Humanity?  If  we define humanity as; the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence. -taken from Dictionary.com LLC

According to this definition I contests that the future of humanity is in danger of  being less of a factor in the governing world order.

Ramsay Brown: A computer programmer who also studies neuroscience and is a co-founder of the start-up  “Dopamine Labs.”

Mr. Brown understands how the brain works and knows how to write code that will get the brain to do certain things.  Ramsay Brown and his colleagues write computer code for apps used by fitness companies and financial firms.  Most noteworthy, the programs are designed to provoke a neurological response.

Furthermore, Mr. Brown knows when to make you feel a little extra awesome to get you to come back and stay into the app longer?  However, when all human activity is centered around computerized  which has no moral or humanitarian input in its computations, do we as humans follow blindly without questioning  where this leads.

Computers are designed  to make calculations and or generate responses to entice an emotion.  So, with the millions of applications at our disposal we are engulfed in a dependency on computers to have all the answers.

What Is The Future Of Humanity 

What Is The Future Of Humanity With AI And technology

As a whole technology could possibly take the human race in one of many directions from destruction to tranquility and everything in between.  But I want to focus on technology and it’s affect on the humane factor.  The desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness and benevolence toward one’s fellow creatures.

These are traits that are apart of human nature and I believe technology will alter them in someway.  Technology changes faster than the brain can adapt.  Therefore, in our rush to use all this technology, we neglect our moral conscious, and human nature to  take a pride down Technology Lane.

Emotional Affect

Our emotions can affect every part of the body.  So, with the added altering of our emotion that technology brings, we need to alerted to this affect on us.  I do not know of a way except through self-awareness and having some mind control.  Where many may miss this cause and affect technology has on our emotion, it would be nice   to have warnings via: media, printed visual and the like.

Social Affect 

There is no denying that technology has made our life simpler and it created advances in health, food products and education.  But on the social front there has been a shift in how we interact.  We are not in isolation from socializing, when we are communicating online, we are socializing differently.

We interact now with more like minded people. Manuel Castells a writer for MIT Review coined the phrase “Me-Centered Society.”  Meaning we now focus on individual growth and seek out with similar interest.


Depending on technology for problem solving we lose the human factor.  Not only that machines are taking away jobs.  Depending on how we use technology, it can affect us positively or negatively.  Therefore, human nature and intellect will deteriorate over time if this goes unchecked.

Free-will thinking will be challenged and probably frowned upon.  The digital age is changing the human psyche.  Therefore, if there was ever a time for one to know their purpose in life, it is now.

I would encourage everyone to discover their destiny.  We all have a purpose in life.  Moreover, the best way to use the Internet is for you to help others in the best way you know how.  So, take your passion, idea, or product and share it with the world.

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14 thoughts on “What Is The Future Of Humanity In The Digital Age

  1. Keli Tucker

    Hello Maurice,
    This is an awesome article! You touched on some very important points that some of the greatest minds in the world today are talking about. Technology is wonderful, but it seems to be dumbing every down a little. When I was younger I knew all my best friend’s phone numbers, now I have to look in my phone to find my Dad’s and people act like that’s normal! But, with more and more people on the Internet today, it truly is a great chance for people of any socio-economic background to get ahead! There are so many companies with “cloud based” offices now and people love working around their family, on their own schedule and in the field they love. You are right, there are good and bad things about technology and even Stephen Hawkins who uses technology to speak and invents new technology is afraid of a world run by computers some day. Overall, I’m so happy to have found a way to work from home. I have made monetary sacrifices, but have no doubt I’ll recover in the long run! Keep writing and you will soon be grinning day and night from your online income!

  2. Elizabeth

    I couldn’t agree more about both the threat and the potential for good that technology presents us all.

    Living with a constant moral awareness is critical, I believe. Constantly searching ourselves and seeking to be the best people we possibly can be is very important.

    Ultimately, while we all require a certain affluence to live comfortably, what type of humanity we foster within ourselves is critical to our value to our families and communities.

    Great points Mr. Jackson,

    Thank you for the thought provoking post.

  3. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Ronnie, you make very good points. People especially parents I think need to communicate with each other and their children on a more personal level. You know eye to eee contact

  4. Maurice Jackson Post author

    Thanks, Marith for commenting. You know this post was just to get people thinking about the bigger picture

  5. Marith

    Hi Maurice,

    I can’t disagree with what you are saying here, but I think you are consentrating mostly on the negative parts and not enough on the positive. Technology is like everything else in life, it need to be used with discretion. Too much of anything is never good for you.

    For me, technology is easy access to news, entertainment, family and friends, knowledge and much more. I work as an online freelance translator and spend a lot of my time online. I am aware of the dangers to the psyche that you mention and it’s up to me to avoid getting trapped. A lot of people might not know about this, that is why articles like the one you wrote here is importent. We need to be educated on every level of the new technoligy, and I am sure the future has much more in store for us, good and bad.

    Would love to read more about this, so looking forward to more articles from you on this topic, thank you.


  6. Ronnie Jordan

    I do realize the impact of technology and what it can do to us as a human being. It has taken our children and pretty much changed them from how children use to be like playing outside with friends during the summer months. I noticed that they would much rather be engulfed in the newest game than get out and get some natural exercise and mingle with their peers. But that’s the way of the world.

  7. Frank Turner

    I find this posting very interesting. I had never really considered the impact of technology on the different aspects of all of us that you have mentioned here. The issue of desensitization is one thing that I have heard of but mostly in relation to the violent video games and how that may make it easier for someone to decide to take violent action against another

    The other issue you talk about are very interesting and also somewhat concerning. I am glad that you have written this. It is educational and informational and I am sure that anyone that reads will be much more knowledgeable about the very important topic.

    I hope that you will continue to write about this and help us to find ways to express our concerns and also how we may be able to take action if we feel that is necessary in certain areas.

    Great job, please keep writing about this.

  8. Maurice Jackson Post author

    I appreciate this in-depth response. There is nothing I would subtract from Not even you link. Which is where I am headed now. And I am sure it will interest a lot others.

  9. Donnie

    Hey, Maurice!

    No doubt that technology has had a huge impact on the human psyche, and not for the good! We ARE desensitized. There HAS been an emotional and social effect on us in many ways.

    Just the other day on the news I saw a woman, probably in her fifties or so, who was checking something on her cellphone as she walked down the street. With her attention focused on technology, rather than her surroundings, she failed to see an open utility door into the ground. She fell into about a six foot hole where men were working, and was seriously injured! All the time you see people on the street, more focused on technology than anything, or anyone, around them!

    You are exactly right in your analysis as described in this post. I, too, believe that if left unchecked, technology will be the demise of humanity, probably as Nick Bostrom said in his quote, above! However, I do not personally believe our Creator will allow this to go unchecked! In fact, our very desire for all of this technology, along with a one world order, is drawing his attention AND fulfilling what He has already spoken to us about all of this.

    You might be interested in a post on my own website that is somewhat related to this one, and actually helps explain what is going on in our world presently. It is also somewhat related to another post you wrote, entitled, “How Wounded Is The State Of The World’s Moral Compass?” (Also a very good post, by the way) The post is the only one on my new site, presently, so you can’t miss it! Check it out if you find the time.

    I’ll leave you a link here. if you don’t wish to have it in your comments, feel free to delete this paragraph. The link is, https://hour-11.com/3-amazing-bible-predictions-coming-true-in-our-time

  10. Kevin McNamara

    Hi Maurice,

    Great question. I know now kids as young as 2 and 3 can work their ipads better than adults! Its crazy. Everywhere you go now people are on their phones. This technology is wonderful and amazing in so many ways but socially I think it is bringing really bad habits to relationships.

    As for the future we are getting more and more into technology and I see robots and androids taking most peoples jobs. Thats why it is great we have our blogs to make our money haha! No one can take those away 🙂


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