What is the Value of Time

By | December 24, 2017

What is the Value of Time? Everyone more than likely agrees with the answer I am about to give. Then why ask the question again? Time is the most valuable commodity anyone can have. Moreover, some might hear the answer to the question but don’t know how to incorporate the solution into the goings-on of their lives. Optimizing the value of time is significant enough that is worth repeating it is unmeasurable usefulness.

What is the Value of Time and how to use it

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I know you have heard this question before, and every answer I hope was defined the same way. Well here is my two cents and my reply is more than likely comparable to everything you had heard before when you were asked What is the Value of Time?  Time can and is taken for granted.

Many people treat time as if it is in abundance. However, you cannot withdraw time from a bank, or pick a time from a tree, and you cannot buy or sell time. Understand the time you lose with nothing gained you cannot get it back it has gone forever. So don’t let time pass by without making use of it in the best way possible.

There are 24 hours in a day and out of that 24 hours how much time do you have to get something accomplished? Say for example you divide the 24 hours in a day into three equal parts, eight hrs. For work, eight for sleep, and eight hrs. For relaxation.  Time is never used in this format correctly; that example is to show how quickly time passes.

What is the Value of Time?

What is the Value of Time it is precious

What is the Value of Time?  I know what time is worth, but your response might be “how can you tell me what my time is worth.”  The value of time may vary from person to person depending on the life journey of an individual.

However, it does not matter how you value your time personally the value is the same for everybody, the cost of time is how you use your time.

Whatever position you are in at the moment be it of a high status or a deficient status, it is the use of your time that places there.

After all, you have read so far why do we put little importance on the value of time? I believe it is because we live in a part of the world where we think time, water, and electricity are in abundance, so we deem their value as unimportant. To me, those with less appreciate the value whatever they have. What do you think?

Time is fleeting

Man, how time flies. Have you ever taken the looked how fast time goes by in a person’s lifespan?  Listen to this video and hear how Muhammad Ali break down how time flies.

Muhammad Ali

 Wow, time flies by so fast who would ever think to explain it in the manner like Mr.Ali just did.  His explanation is an eye to how valuable and precious time is. We are only on this earth for a little while, and if you do not spend your time wisely, you will have little to show for your time spent on this planet.

The bullet list below originally appeared on James Clear’s blog.

  • People who spend their time doing more profitable work make more money.
  • Spending time investing in others build better relationships.
  • Creating a flexible career to enjoy more freedom.
  • People who spend their time working on high-impact projects contribute more to society. Whether you want more wealth, more friendship, more freedom, or more impact, it all comes down to how you spend your time.
If you are like me, you probably want the things listed above (friendship, freedom, impact) and others too (health). However, you cannot have everything at once, so you need to understand how to effectively manage the tradeoffs that you face on a day-to-day basis.

What is the most valuable thing on earth? Bishop Jeremiah the Hermit

Time, because everything is acquired in time and all of a man’s business is conducted by time. You could have food, clothing, fabulous homes, wisdom – have all you want, but if you do not have time, it means – you have nothing.

What is the worst thing on earth for man?  The loss of time. Because by wasting time, we cannot acquire anything;  we cannot have anything;  by losing time, we lose everything. We even lose ourselves.

Another question: What do people value the least? Moreover, what is the most disorganized and the most squandered thing on earth? Time. Well, all of the above is my answer to the question What is the Value of Time?  I would love to hear from you and hear your answer.

As precious as time is, it is important to make the best of it in the best way possible. Furthermore, the only way to achieve this is by discovering your destiny. Through self-awareness and following your core beliefs. When you know your purpose in life you will come to realize that we are all here on this planet to help each other.

Despite all the wrong in this world, we all can make a positive contribution to change the wrong. The internet has provided the way to give your message to the world. Be it through a product, service, or message the information age allows you to help yourself and others at the same time.

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    Could not agree more! Time is truly the most valuable assets on earth. It is the one thing that you cannot take back. I am totally agreeing with you that you must use your time wisely if you are a wise person. Most successful people know and understand how to use their time wisely. They understand the real value of time, and they do not waste their time. Successful business like you have certainly understood the value of time. Thx for the post.

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    I enjoyed reading your article about the value of “time” it is surely very important to let people know to remember the time is so precious, if we lose it it is gone for ever !
    Great thoughts.

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    “A stitch in time saves nine”, ofcourse if you do anything on time you achieve many great things… And its on YOU how you get time to do things on time… I liked your article to make us remember the value of time…

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