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By | January 12, 2018

Why Facebook marketing? Read on to see the answer. Greetings to you all once again, hope I have caught you in good spirits. We live in changing times, from the industrial to the digital age. Digital age equals digital marketing.

Digital marketing equals social media, and social media equals Facebook Marketing.  You know as well as I, the way we communicate as a people have drastically changed since the onset of the digital age.  Moreover, it is that change that will affect the way you and I interact.

Why Facebook Marketing?  At any given time 3 billion are logged into Facebook.  It is where the customers are. M2M, as it evolves, will continue to change socialization.  If it were not for the social networks, we are subject to whatever propaganda tactics from those who run the media choose for us to hear likely delivered subliminally.

Why Facebook Marketing

Why Facebook Marketing for your businessSocial networks have provided a funnel for us to communicate on a global scale. The No.1 social network is Facebook, with 3 billion logged on at any given time.

Therefore, with those type of numbers, it was apparent that digital marketing would follow suit. Facebook, has already paid the groundwork.

You got a ready-built audience tuned in every day by way of Facebook.  It lets people connect, reconnect, share opinions, and promote goods. From a marketer’s view, this is perfect.

You have a two-way relationship with your best prospects and their friends. All you have to do is get your business ready for one Facebook connection at a time.

Who does not know about Facebook?  However, many small size businesses have taken the first step by creating a business page. However, many are challenged by how to optimise Facebook’s ability to build brand loyalty and drive revenue. It is where businesses must be to tap into this global network.

Facebook introduced targeting options to the ad features, giving marketers the ability to reach target audiences.  With the release of four essential targeting tools, Facebook is becoming the leader in online advertising for business. These four targeting types include Demographic segmentation, Location targeting, Interests, and Behaviours.

Four Essential Targeting ToolsWhy Facebook Marketing demographics

1. Demographic Segmentation to Capture the Desired Audience
The demographic feature available in the targeting ad options gives advertisers the ability to target Facebook users in compelling ways.

When utilized correctly, this advertising tool can hone in on audiences ready to respond to the brand’s image and message.

The advertiser can now use demographic targeting to direct their ad to a specific audience.

Moreover, it is based on their relationship status, education level, workplace, age, gender, life events, languages, and various other segments.

With the vast array of demographic targeting options available, small businesses right up to enterprise level corporations all can direct their brand, products or services to an interested audience ready to convert.

2. Leverage Traffic with Location Targeting
Understanding where to reach your audience is a crucial aspect when targeting your ads. Facebook understands the importance of location targeting and now gives advertisers the power to direct their ads based on Country, State/Province, City, and postcode.

These location categories ensure both national brands and small businesses are reaching an audience in the area they market, with the visibility of the ad only displayed in the locations specified by the advertiser.  In selecting specific locations, marketers also can choose multiple countries, states, cities, and postcodes to target a single ad campaign – reducing the need to create various campaigns for several locations and areas.

In addition to the location filters, Facebook has introduced Radius Targeting, which enables the advertiser to target their audience located within a certain distance from any specified city. This tactic has the available options to target people within 10, 25, or 50 miles from the given port.

Market With Interest In Mind

3. Reach New Markets with Interest Targeting
Interest targeting would be considered the most potent technique regarding reaching new markets and defining your ideal audience. These audiences’ interests are from their activities, hobbies and page interests they have liked on Facebook.

When displaying your ad and conveying your brand’s message to an audience with an interest in your industry, it is more likely your ad will persuade or influence the audience to engage. Also with an increasing engagement rate, we are more likely to see improvements in conversions and the long-term achieve increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

Interest targeting gives the advertiser two options when creating an ad; Broad Category Targeting and Precise Interest Targeting. Broad categories are predefined targeting groupings, drawn from users Facebook likes and interests. This option may appear as an efficient way to reach a vast audience; however, this targeting method often leads to more expensive users, less willing to convert.

On the other hand, we have Precise Interest targeting, which allows the advertiser to capture an audience based on their profile information including interests, liked pages, apps they use, and other timeline content. This targeting method is considered the best return on investment, with a broader audience ready to convert.

4. Increase Conversions with Targeting Behaviour
Behaviour targeting hones in on consumer insights for the marketers desired audience.  Furthermore, giving advertisers the immense power to reach out beyond their existing customers and tap into new markets with various purchasing behaviors.

Purchasing behaviors are just one of the types of behavioral targeting options incorporated into Facebook ads, with mobile device usage, financial actions, digital activities and many more choices available.

The Bottom Line
Using these advanced Facebook ad targeting options gives advertisers the ability to increase audience reach. Moreover, direct their brand to a targeted audience willing to make a conversion. This form of advertising is another improvement from Facebook, designed to increase the relevancy and engagement rates of ad campaigns.

REMI NICHOLSON– Target the right people willing to engage or convert at the right time, then Facebook’s ad targeting options are proven to be effective and are increasingly becoming a vital part to a business’s online marketing strategy.  The site has over 4 billion users, and at least 1 billion of those users visit the site every day in the U.S. alone.


Why Facebook Marketing See The Growth Of its Audience


Facebook Visitors

Not only are consumers spending their time on Facebook, but they are also spending their money. About 38 percent of respondents have purchased as a result of a share or like they saw on Facebook.

With this information readily available, it is clear that business owners understand the need to have a social presence. As of the last count, over 25 million business pages currently exist on Facebook.

However, with more and more people joining the site, the ability to organically reach consumers in their newsfeed is steadily declining. The amount of content is outnumbering the amount of space that the newsfeed allows for. Which makes it very hard for businesses to get their posts seen by their fans.

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