Why is America So Divided When We All Know Better

By | February 25, 2018

Why is America So Divided?  That is a loaded question because America is divided on so many fronts, one answer does not fit them all. There is the division because of nepotism, racism, cronyism, between rich and poor, business and ethics, equal justice, war, church, and state.   

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What are the causes for the divisions in the segments of American society? You might disagree, but I conclude that the cause of all the divisions in America is propaganda and American greed.

Why is America So DividedWhy is America So Divided is it racism

In America, propaganda, subliminal messaging and widespread media tactics focuses are on greed.

Moreover, greed is the component that feeds the masses who just follow their lead instead of thinking for themselves.

The manipulation by the powers that be in America (AND THE POWERS THAT BE IS NOT JUST THE GOVERNMENT) and accepting their message as truth is like sheep following one after the other to slaughter.


Racism in America is so prevalent and continues to be because it does not address nor does America acknowledge the real history of how they came to be. Maybe I am looking at the whole situation through tinted glasses. Some will argue that it is being acknowledged and addressed. Perhaps so, but I say it is only when circumstance calls for it to be necessary.

Racism is a division in itself, and when the government ignores its hand in its existence adds fuel to the fire. In lies the roots of the majority of the divisions in America.  

History shows that stronger nations were able to conquer the weak through war and power. Moreover, in doing so, the conquerors set the standards, laws, and ways of the land as they saw fit. One can argue that America came to be through lies and deception.  

I cannot say with any certainty, but I see the word his-story as a compound word that is self-explanatory and is why the past is just someone’s story. Hence we have the word history. 

When you study the past you have to do it with an open mind accepting no research as fact but someone’s interpretation. Look at both sides of any situation and follow your heart.


Why is there racism and so much greed in America?  It is because when the founding fathers, I mean when the Europeans arrived in the Americas there was acceptance from the inhabitants.

The inhabitants taught them how to live off the land, or they would have died off otherwise. Instead of being grateful the Europeans over time deceived, caused a disease to spread among the inhabitants. 

Now let us look at the why conquerors take and manipulate from those that are not necessarily weak but think on a different and more humanitarian plain. Is some truth to the saying “he who has the most toys win.” That seems to be the case when you look at nations fight for dominance and power. However, that should not be all that matters. 

When you take a nation and claim it as your own, and there is no allowance for the conquered beliefs to coexist with yours, you have the beginning of division that will cause uproar and rebellion. Conquerors of lands cannot look at or have respect for others, and their humanitarian beliefs they cannot there is no equality in that scenario. 

Not When You Know Better

What can the powers that be do to help stem an uproar?  If visiting nations oceans apart were able to learn and respect their differences. Moreover, share, and trade in a way where both had something to gain how much uproar would occur?

The truth of the matter is America is built on lies and deceit and what is worse is they built and grew and continued to exist on lies and deceit. Okay yes, other nations ten times older gained dominance and power by doing the same thing.

 That should not happen to a smarter more advanced people. In this day and age the game of subliminal messaging, rewriting history to make the masses believe wrong is right, has been exposed.

Can America Unite?

Why is America So Divided this is a graph of American division.Robert Reich, University of California Berkeley professor, author and former Secretary of Labor  says “So what, exactly, explains the national distemper?”

“For one, we increasingly live in hermetically sealed ideological zones that are almost immune to compromise or nuance.

Internet algorithms and the proliferation of media have let us surround ourselves with opinions that confirm our biases.


We are also segregating geographically into red or blue territories: the chances are that our neighbors share our views, and magnify them. So when we come across someone outside these zones, whose views have been summarily dismissed or vilified, our minds are closed.”

It is ironic that less than two decades ago, we thought that the Internet would bring us closer together and turn our planet into a kind of small village. Without a doubt, digital technologies have empowered citizens and democracies. 

However, we see these empowered citizens express lots of different opinions. Furthermore, while their diverse opinions contribute to civic engagement, the ensuing dialogues are often anything but civil.

The Internet is now amplifying voices who previously was a struggle to hear. Moreover, helping like-minded people can find each other and self-organize as activist communities who share a common interest or passion. 


The powers that be in America should move forward with bettering humanity as the focus.  I know freedom is not free, but the price we pay for it I  think would lessen if we change our ways.

The past has come and gone, and from history, we can learn to be better. Let me leave by saying a house divided will not stand. If you want to have a voice in what matters, this is the information age and it is the time to empower yourself.

No other time has there been a way to communicate with the world like there is today. Moreover, one person can make a difference. You now have a soap-box to express your opinion, product or service.

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