Your Next Step To Discovering You

By | April 14, 2017

Your Next Step is to find the true you.  Hello everyone, as always I am glad to have you back.  By the end of this article, you will be confident and understand that believing in yourself is priority one.  Hence, priority one is; discovering the purpose in your life’s journey.

Yes, we all heard this saying before.  However, I want you to embrace that believing in yourself is not just a phrase, wish, a dream, or a want that is far reaching.  It is a fact: believing in yourself is key to a successful life journey.

I am going to show you how to take Your Next Step: believing in yourself.

Furthermore, I am going to tell you how to strengthen your self confidence so it lasts a lifetime.

Moreover, you will see how your self-confidence will manifest itself effortlessly as you take back control of your life.

Moreover, the journey to discovering what defines you will require you to open your mind and explore life paths that exist but are unknown to you until now.  This journey will manifest all the endeavors you pursue if it is an endeavor that brightens a light to your success.

Your Next Step

Finding your true self is discovering why you were put on this earth.  To know your purpose in life is discovering  destiny.  Leading to  an inner feeling of peace with yourself and your decisions.

However, you need self awareness to let go of the negative energies you attract, be it people, your day to day encounters and habits.

It takes a strong mind to overcome all the roadblocks that are often disguised as being something good for you.

Why You

Why are you here, me or anybody for that matter, here on earth?  I am going to tell you what I believe.  The scriptures says God created the heavens and the earth.  And God was pleased by his creation.

Your Next Step I what is important So, God created man in his image for his pleasure, and charged man to govern over all that he has created on earth.  To live by Gods declaration individually we must be at the ready so to receive Gods guidance.

When you master mind control and are totally aware of self, only then will you discover your destiny that God has planned.  And for those who believe in the Big Bang theory I have no answer to why we are hear.

I cannot find a purpose for us being put on earth if we evolved from some metamorphic occurrence.  I believe there is a superior being because without such, life is meaningless.

Mind Control 

Your initial step in discovering your purpose in life is to know how the mind operates.  The brain is the organ that encompasses your mind.  Your mind is the stimulus that stores your inner beliefs and the outer beliefs you attract from your day to day encounters.

Together, the internal and external stimuli you attract produce a thought process that you either choose to accept or reject into your subconscious and conscious state.

The mind attracts good and bad vibrations. Therefore an open mind will not make quick decisions.

You need mind control to discern what is happening, and have the belief in yourself that the path you choose is best.

An example of such a scenario is: having the mind send stimuli to the brain to taste a lemon. The taste buds on your tongue are stimulated.  It is your thought process to accept or reject the lemon.


Understand, I speak not from any pedigree of education to substantiate what I have to say.  This article comes from my heart and what I hold true.  Derived from my life experiences research and studies.  Also, as I offer this advice, with open arms, I will appreciate any input that is relevant.  I am not asking you to join any bandwagon or fight any cause.

All I want is for all of us to think for ourselves, through self-awareness.  Your Next Step to find the true you, which will lead to great personal rewards once you have discovered your destiny.

You can express your thoughts or offer your goods to a worldwide audience.  Thank you for the visit. It is appreciated.  Tell everyone and me your thoughts below.  I will respond.

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